Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 24 : Morgan Vs Markle

7 thoughts on “Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 24 : Morgan Vs Markle

  1. Violetta says:

    It’s on:

    DM headline:

    “If Meghan Markle thinks she’s won the battle with me, she’s in for a big shock: PIERS MORGAN reveals why he stormed off TV, how he’s worth more than the world’s top footballer… and his new career plans (watch out Team Sussex)”

    1. Asp Emp says:

      She’ll have him cleaning out the chicken coop ! 😉

  2. Violetta says:

    DM headline:

    “Piers Morgan reveals he’s had messages from the Royal Family expressing ‘gratitude someone was standing up for them’ in the aftermath of Harry and Meghan’s bombshell Oprah interview”

    1. Along with the many posts backing him for challenging MM’s claims or defying Cancel Culture, there are logical queries as to whether his demand that Meghan reveal the name of the Racist Royal means that he should reveal which Royal(s) is/are backing him. Some readers outright doubt whether the BRF did at all, since they have a habit of closing ranks to outsiders.

    2. There’s a scene in classic series I, Claudius in which Sejanus proudly displays correspondence supposedly proving he has Tiberius’ approval. It doesn’t go well.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Violetta, RE: your first paragraph….. Oh, this sounds very interesting……

  3. Fiddleress says:

    Thank you for doing this video, I didn’t know what sort of ‘relationship’ Morgan and Markle had had. I find these narc on narc actions simply fascinating. They look like adults but certainly act like kids – with an extra bitchy touch to Markle’s behaviour.

  4. Asp Emp says:

    Piers saying “I wouldn’t believe her if she read me a weather report” – he is a smart mouthed & outspoken guy…… (sounds a bit like someone else I know of 😉 ).

    Piers is being investigated by Ofcom?! Bloody hell. That, in my opinion, is taking it FAR too far.

    Damned right. Why the hell should he apologise to MISS Markle?!

    (06:36) “renter gob”……. laughing……. oh, HG.

    It is an interesting insight to an example of ‘When Narcissists Collide’, explaining the dynamics of the relationship between Piers & Meghan and how this ‘dynamic’ manifested itself between them.

    (09:07) “two people have basically a mutual appreciation club” – it reminded me of similar ‘scenarios’ happening within the work-place, where it appeared the narcissists were all friendly and ‘nice’ to each other, until they eventually ‘collide’. Especially when it appears in (their separate, yet narcissistic ‘perceptions’ – because the ones at work are all unaware of what they are) – that they are ‘treading on each other’s toes’ to the point where there is no return. Maybe typically over a serious / damaging mistake or costing too much / over-spent on the budget type of ‘scenario’. One may have ended up leaving or being ‘scape-goated’ and shown up in front of the rest of the company (via the gossips, of course, and the ‘pity-playing’ Mid-Rangers). Evidence = narcissists in higher positions at work are a nightmare to work with, narcissists cannot always work together either. What a farce! A never-ending carousel at a not-so-fun-fair.

    (09:33) “both feel a need to parade it” – like two peacocks strutting around……

    Morgan was not going to be receiving the ‘fuel’ he once obtained by his ‘relationship’ with Meghan, for one, being ‘going up in the world’ and therefore Morgan would be of less ‘importance’ – he would also lose an element of his ‘control’ with less ‘interactions’ with Meghan.

    Effectively, Meghan’s putting complaints forward against Piers is her ‘asserting control’ over him.

    No doubt, the ‘investigation’ into Morgan may take a while. It may cut the timing a lot shorter if the relevant authorities started reading your work, HG, especially in relation to the Meghan series.

    I really enjoyed this really interesting video into the insights of narcissists, their behaviours and their perceptions.

    Thank you, HG, for your free time & expertise spent on this series (and your other work).

  5. lickemtomorrow says:

    Another excellent rundown, HG, and I love hearing about the narc on narc action. So often it’s we empaths caught up in the mix, so it’s interesting to to hear how narcs impact eachother and how that plays out. Looking forward to Part 2 of this one.

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