The Virtues of Keeping Your Mouth Shut



One of the most effective tools you can deploy against the narcissist is understanding the virtues of keeping your mouth shut.

This Logic Bulletin arms you with information for just US $ 19.99, for a comprehensive explanation as to why adopting these virtues is very much advantageous for you.

The Logic Bulletin covers

Why empathic victims fail ordinarily to remain quiet

What causes empathic victims to open their mouths

A series of methods by which silence should be adopted

The impact of keeping your mouth shut on the narcissist

The impact of adopting the virtues on your No Contact regime

The positive impacts for you by adopting the virtues

The negative impacts which arise if you fail to utilise the virtues

The relationship between the virtues and the narcissist smearing you

The relationship between the virtues and your successful harnessing of help against the narcissist

What the virtues are, how to recognise them and where you should deploy them

This unrivalled information will be provided to you through an audio file delivered by email and forms part of your growing armour to escape and beat the narcissist.

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8 thoughts on “The Virtues of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

  1. jo griffiths says:

    Dear H.G. Is it possible that I am a narcissist? I ask because after listening to one of your vids where you say there are ppl who think they are an empath but they are mmr’s, (usually.) You also said if someone gives away too much info, i.e. job, area they live, even there name, (my name is Jo, I saw no reason to hide it, so I go by that on Youtube,) I was ‘Conniethe cactus.’ I would’ve kept that but couldn’t sign in to Youtube. Well, I’ve always been a bit too open and chat too openly. I don’t expect you to ‘know’ me from my various comments on your vids! I’ve attracted so many n’s all my life. My Mother was definitely one. Two lovely therapists said I was co dependent, but they don’t diagnose, per se. I appreciate your work. I don’t know what I’d have done without you. I still am trapped by n’s. I escape one, then there’s another. Surely I can’t be one, at the same time?? Thank you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome. You are unlikely to be a narcissist since you are asking that very question. To gain assurance and certainty, use this

  2. Seeing clearly says:

    Why is your information getting so expensive? Before I could get a book for 5.99. Now just an audio is 20. I understand completely with how you function and more is never enough. Just a suggestion though, many of us are getting paid on a humanitarian salary. I myself would have paid for many services of yours. Not at the price of my water bill or groceries for the week though. Obviously you don’t take insurance. Oh well

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Every blog article you read here is free.
      Everything you listen to on my YouTube channel is free.
      I have moderated over 382 000 blog comments. Free.
      I have answered hundreds of thousands of questions across my various platforms for free.
      Part of the reason why I charge for some of my information is to stop it being plagiarised as happens with the free material I provide.
      Everything in the Knowledge Vault remains 50% off, which includes the material you have referenced.

      1. Duchessbea says:

        We are all very grateful for your continued hard work. Thank you HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you.

    2. Violetta says:

      1. No one makes you buy anything.
      2. If you are not satisfied with the quality of any item, you need not buy more. Obviously, this has not been the case for most readers. Even on Amazon, the worst complaints I’ve seen are about lack of proofreading.
      3. In emergency situations, the Angels can help. They did with me.

      Would it be convenient for many of us if all the material were free? Quite possibly, but it’s HG’s product, thus HG’s prices. Capitalism.

      We could urge local libraries to start stocking HG’s work to make it available to a larger audience. That wouldn’t solve the price of a consult, but it would:
      a) get him fair royalties; and
      b) give narc victims a better resource than people like Martha Stout.

    3. JB says:

      Seeing Clearly, there’s lots of free stuff too if you aren’t in a position to make purchases. When I first came here, I read every article on here (they go back to 2015!) and then listened to a few of the You Tube videos, and this really helped me. Even just re-reading (when HG reposts the original articles) helps me. I have subsequently gone on to purchase some of the books though, because I am fascinated by what I have learnt so far.

      Violetta, I know what you mean about the proofreading! One of the books I bought said ‘HG Tutor’ on the spine!

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