Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 39

46 thoughts on “Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 39

  1. Violetta says:

    Comments on Lifetime’s latest Harry & Meghan project (Escape From the Palace, I think}:

    Barnaby Bear, Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island, 6 hours ago
    It looks to be a top quality film, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it won an Oscar or two.

    Hazel Anne Larmour, Newtownards, 5 hours ago
    nobody sane, ever.

    chery1995, beachtown, United States, 5 hours ago
    You’re in top form, Barmy. And don’t forget an Emmy, a World Cup, a Medal of Valour, and the ODQ (Order of the Drama Queen).

    My sister Violet, Room for a Pony, United States, 4 hours ago
    Not to mention the Tony, the Grammy (surely there will be a soundtrack), the Nobel, the Pulitzer, and the coveted Prize for Perfect Attendance from the West Bumblebee Infants’ School.

  2. Violetta says:

    HG, there’s a story going around that when Harry visited sick children during his UK visit, he was friendly until one child asked to see the new baby’s picture. Supposedly, he got an angry expression and abruptly walked away to talk to somebody else.
    Detail: the mother of the child described herself as “P*SSED off.” I know “pissed” means angry in the U.S. but drunk in the U.K. Is “pissed off” used in the U.K. at all?
    If this is not a genuine item, is the person who sent in the anecdote some kind of narc trying to get 3rd-hand fame (met a discredited royal) or munchausen-by-proxy sympathy?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Possible narcissist, narcissistic or normal if not genuine.

    2. JB says:

      Violetta, ‘pissed off’ is a common expression, meaning to be really angry. I use it all the time, the ‘off’ is correct here. To be ‘pissed’ means to be drunk (in the U.K), as you correctly said.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        JB, your comment made me giggle 🙂

  3. Violetta says:

    Comment about the Diana statue in DM:

    “Bet Markle wished she could burst out of the statue, like a stripper out of a cake“

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Violetta, apparently when Harry & William ‘unveiled’ the statue, some lip-readers were able to ‘read’ Harry’s words. Hence the reason why some people appear to be partly covering their mouths – to stop the possibility of someone else lip-reading what is said.

    2. lickemtomorrow says:

      Haha, that’s too good!

      The comments in DM are a hoot, ranging from comparisons to Theresa May and Sean Bean to looking like a man in a dress abducting kids and Diana being shaped like a linebacker 😛

      Awful, awful, awful. She was so beautiful, elegant and classy. He captured none of that. All I can say, along with quite a few other people, is thank God she is not sitting on a bench! That’s about the only relief. Far more thumbs down on this one, including mine. And what’s with the weird kids? Diana loved children, and she was such a natural with them. This whole thing looks unnatural and stilted. The little girl looks like a shrunken woman, not like a child at all, we can’t even see the boy behind her and what is he reaching his hand out to? Also, what’s the story with the shoes? I have so many questions, but they’ll never be answered, and at least if it was a cake it would be edible. This monstrosity will sit there until the woke mob decide it’s representative of white supremacy and tear it down. I’m sure Harry won’t stand in their way.

  4. Violetta says:

    I thought I was over-saturated on MM news, but here’s melting-candle-faced Omid Scobie’s latest salvo:

    “And at the time, the biggest conversation was ‘did this come from a senior member of the royal family, a future head of state?’. If that individual is a head of state, then we as a public have a right to know because of course that is someone that is our head of state, head of the Commonwealth. And if they have an issue with race, we should know.'”

    Almost certainly an approved plant from MM, insinuating because she may have nothing factual to tell, beyond Princess Anne wondering if the baby will have freckles.

  5. Violetta says:

    A blogger thinks “StrongWrite” is Meghan herself, rather than a crazed Stan. I think the prose style is superior to Meghan’s, but the delusions of grandeur and cluelessness about how the UK works, or for that matter, Hollywood, are quite Meghanesque.

    Meghan or sock-puppet, is it safe to say “StrongWrite” is a narcissist?

  6. Violetta says:

    Yankee Wally has a clip of an RF visit to Spain in the ’80s. Captions drew attention to the Spanish RF’s dog being named “Archie” (but pronounced Arky the Greek way). Give credit to MM for deep research .. this, & the Tig (as in Tiggy Legge-Bourke rather than Tiggiano as claimed?).

    What I found most interesting was the way Diana made eye contact with Harry whether she was trying to talk him out of sucking his thumb or just cuddling him, and clearly knew how to hold a toddler. Enormous contrast with not only MM but also with recent DM shots of Emily Ratajkowski, in which she wasn’t even supporting the baby’s head.

    Do girls not babysit anymore? But MM babysat her cousins… I’m just puzzled at the way so many kids don’t know the basics, except trad Catholic families, where even middle school boys can coax out a burp like it’s no big deal, casually shift the baby from one arm to the other if they get tired, and the babies look perfectly comfortable with their older siblings–certainly more comfortable than Emily’s baby or Archie have ever looked.

  7. Violetta says:

    “Lilibet Diana.”

    Over to you, HG.

    1. susano says:

      Why I don’t like the new baby’s name: Lilibet was a special, pet name, for ONE person, given from one soul mate to another. It seems a kind of boundary violation to use that name. I understand that Harry likes the name Lili, but if he wanted to honor his grandmother (after trashing her parenting skills), they could have chosen Elizabeth Diana and still called the baby Lili. This just further demonstrates Harry’s and Meghan’s stupidity, IMO, and the more those two run their mouths, they demonstrate what clueless nitwits they are. Interesting, too, that Doria failed to get a nod in the naming.

      1. Violetta says:

        Princess Charlotte is “Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.” Apparently, Prince George’s code name or self-chosen nickname at one point was “Archie.” Boundary violation in spades.

        Of course, as some comments have noted, there are many diminutives for Elizabeth: Beth, Liz, Eliza, Elsa (nod to Disney), Elsie, Bette, Betty (nice match for Archie, although she’s probably too long in the tooth to produce a Veronica).

        Some articles speculate that this is an attempt to mend fences, but I agree with those who think it is two fingers to the queen–or just one finger here in the US.

        And yeah, there’s nary a Doria, Doris, or Jeanette (known as Netty, which I think is really pretty) for any of her own family members, let alone a D’vontisha Kardashia as an in-your-face nod to the PoC with whom she’s stopped aligning herself, at least for the moment: comments also noted the excess bronzer she used in the UK has disappeared.

        Mind you, if I have correctly understood the type of narcissist she is, she will protest, and believe, that it was all out of good intentions, and she’s very hurt and offended that people are hurt and offended.

        Gleefully anticipating the next Royal Narcissist segment!

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          What intrigues me is the focus on the Queen, and the attempt to make it seem that they are all on board with her, ran back their claims that racist remarks had anything to do with her, and generally assume the expectation that she will willingly throw the rest of the family under the bus as long as she is good with them and they are good with her.

          Am I the only one seeing this?

          It is definitely a triangulation, placing the Queen between themselves and the rest of the family and trying to create a wedge that way. How can Harry, his wife, and children be rejected when they are starry eyed about the Queen and have now ‘nicknamed’ their daughter after her?

          This puts the Queen in a difficult position.

          If anything is going to destroy the Monarchy, it’s this aspect of triangulation. It’s a cat amongst the pigeons of the RF, and I don’t think the British people will tolerate this casting of their Queen as some kind of puppet for manipulation. In that sense, the British monarchy will bring itself down without a strong response to the shenanigans of Harry and his wife. The Queen is elderly, but she has never been a pushover. If there is no pushback on these two, sadly I will say decades of respect will be lost to her long reign and all she has achieved.

          Harry will have destroyed his family. I hope the petulant prince will be happy.

          1. Violetta says:

            He will never be happy. And MM won’t be happy long. Gotta refuel, you know.

  8. Violetta says:

    Comment on a DM article hyping yet another Meghan & Harry biopic (Lifetime channel, which says it all):

    Mavis Splitarse, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 4 minutes ago
    My 98 year old grandmother who has been constipated for the past six weeks watched a trailer for this trash & her bowels were instantly cleared, thankyou Meghan.

  9. BC30 says:

    Ok, so I barely, just now, googled “bananas of empowerment” 😂 I had no idea.

    That said, I’m a little confused as to whether those persons were sex workers or trafficking victims.

  10. Jessiebird says:

    I appreciate your unpacking the mind of the narcissist, Mr. Tudor. Despite 20 years of study of the topic (thanks, Mom…sister… president…compatriots), you’ve given me a lot to think about!

    MM intrigues me, probably because of my empathic attraction to narcissists. I’m not a royal fan, just respectful of them for what I’ve observed in its current members to mostly be grace, discretion, service, and decency, with normal human fallibilities–but MM gave me pause.

    I’ve never heard her or Prince Harry speak on camera–only photos– but the quotes I’ve heard from her are unsettling somehow.

    She speaks in slogans. They sound good but are empty, informed, ungrounded. She strikes me as a demagogue, but it’s hard to recognize because the sensibilities and values she’s espousing are so… humanitarian. Who can argue and not be a troglodyte?

    Then the notion of noblesse oblige came to mind…in the patronizing in the way of nouveau riche and parvenus: a sense of “deigning” and “you may kiss my hand….”

    Americans are very concerned with being and being seen as “good people.” “She’s a really good person, but…” It’s almost a tic, at least among some of us. I wonder how that plays in with her.

    How can you tell the difference between the humanitarian machinations of a narcissist vs the efforts of a sincerely concerned person? I’m often tricked and feel like a jerk being suspicious of and unconvinced by such good, moral, decent people

    Anyway, I am enjoying your prolific work. Thank you!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome and the speaking in slogans is a neat phrase, that’s the character trait acquisition showing.

  11. Bubbles says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    You certainly laid one on us this time ! 🐣
    You imparted a great deal of very precise “live” professional teachings from you
    The audacity of Meghan’s statement ” I’m willing to forgive and move forward” ….. she’s talking to the Royal Family for goodness sakes!
    Narcs have simply no respect for anyone and I mean anyone!

    I guess the next highlighted talking point is the non wearing of military uniforms for Prince Philip’s funeral!
    It’s all turning into a bit of a “farce”, me thinks!
    Thank you so much for your coverage on this, it’s quite something …… isn’t it ?
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    1. Bubbles says:

      Dear Mr Tudor,
      ‘One’ person, I find VERY ‘conspicuous’ by their ‘absence’ ………….

      Meghan’s, mother hen !!!! Her clucking is very silent!
      Interesting 🤔
      Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  12. susano says:

    OMG, “chickens of authenticity”. LMAO! I’d thought that you should write a book about all this, HG, and THAT would be the perfect title. “Chickens of Authenticity and Other Musings on the Unaware Narcissist: Meghan Markle, Under the Tudorscope”, haha.

    If I were wealthy, with money to burn, just for shits and giggles, I’d have Cartier make up a jeweled chicken brooch and send it to Meghan. She’d probably wear it because she wouldn’t get the joke.

    Thank you for the wonderful insights and laughs. I really enjoyed this one.

  13. lickemtomorrow says:

    HG and his chicken:

    How authentic is that?

    1. Bubbles says:

      That absolutely cracked me up…… eggcellent !!! 🐔

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        xox Bubbles <3

        You just cracked me up 🙂 I needed that!


        1. Bubbles says:

          I wasn’t sure if I should lay that one on ya, I was brooding about it!
          Didn’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers !

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            Hahahah, Bubbles 😛

            I’d pay to see your show <3 xox

        2. Bubbles says:

          Just look for the ol chook, that’ll be me !🐥

    2. Asp Emp says:

      LET, thank you for the video link…… LOL, wondering what the neighbours would be thinking at hearing those noises….. at least it is being done during the day….. LOL

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        LOL, Asp Emp … I’ve got headphones 😉

        1. Asp Emp says:

          LET, thank god for headphones, eh?! Laughing…..

    3. Witch says:

      Words cannot describe what that video did for me

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        🙂 Glad you enjoyed it, Witch!

        Darth Vader is no slouch when it comes to authenticity.

  14. Alice says:

    Hi HG
    I discovered your blog recently and I’ve been reading through your articles. I have a few questions out of curiosity:
    – do you hate the fact that you constantly have to look for fuel? do you wish you were like a normal person i.e not needing fuel?
    – how do you experience the hunger for fuel? what do you feel emotionally or physically that tells you I need to get fuel?
    – what is your normal emotional state on a day to day basis? do you feel neutral unless triggered or do you constantly experience negative emotions – anger, envy, fury, etc?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello and welcome Alice,

      1. No because I am so good at it, although it is an irritation to have to obtain it from lesser individuals.
      2. See “What Fuel Feels Like to the Narcissist”
      3. In control.

      1. Eliza says:

        Hi Alice and HG,
        I am new to this blog so I am still learning, but one aspect of being a Narc that looks somewhat appealing to me is the lack of worry about others and maybe the absence of the ‘blues” that happen from time to time. I say this flippantly though, as I really wish we could all be well adjusted and emotionally balanced 😉

      2. Alice says:

        Your writing is really superb! I can see why you’re so good at what you do. You’re so charming that even as you tell us exactly what you are you still come across as such an impressive person. The mind almost doesn’t know what to do with the contradiction. I’m inclined to think you are indeed the serpent in the garden of eden and you’ve just finally come out of hiding.

        Thank you for educating us, atleast now we’re not going into battle so defenseless.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you Alice and I appreciate the compliments.

  15. Asp Emp says:

    Ah, no! THE rubber chicken, HG. Laughing.

    “I have named my chickens of authenticity David Peckham, egg Sheeran and cluck Norris accordingly edified with complete authenticity and displaying more organicness than a lifetime vegans bowel movements”…….. hilarious!

    Meghan is willing to “forgive”?! Fascinating that her narcissism is ‘rewriting history’ and in her perception that SHE was ‘wronged’. A classic example of how narcissism works within individuals and their mindsets.

    I recalled the higher up narcissists at work doing a ‘rewriting’ of history – their narcissism version of ‘brushing things under the carpet’, in the eyes of those non-narcissists, it would be viewed as dirt under the carpet.

    (06:50) “somebody with emotional empathy would stay away and keep quiet they would say nothing they would recognize that this is not the time for talking about…..”. A person with emotional empathy would not even have ‘got themselves’ into this position in the first place – aka the interview with Oprah!

    Prince Philip would have told Harry to turn off his mobile phone and ignore Meghan’s calls etc, since this is a ‘time for family’. Alas, Philip is not around to support Harry in his time of need. Maybe, just maybe, someone else in the family may suggest that to Harry……

    Thank you, HG, for this video.

  16. Duchessbea says:

    HG, your commentary on this series is brilliant. Excellent series HG. Thank you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  17. Alexiasmith2016 says:

    This was just so funny! It’s unbelievable. I don’t follow her story or read the papers so I only get to hear it here and it’s so helpful in understanding other Ns and just makes them so laughable. Also loved the raspberry you blew – I wasn’t expecting that at all.

    1. Leigh says:

      Lol! I loved the raspberry too! I actually said to myself, “Wait, did he just blow a raspberry?” It was completely out of the blue and funny as hell!

  18. Mindy Rothstein says:

    Thank you for your knowing the narcissists insights. Will you ever consider contacting Alex Belfield so he can interview you? I am an avid fan from Los Angeles and continue to feel the joy of insight regarding the narc.
    Best regards,

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome Mindy, Mr Belfield is welcome to contact me.

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