Dark Cupid : Dark Understanding

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9 thoughts on “Dark Cupid : Dark Understanding

  1. A Victor says:

    It is astounding how many views the Harry’s Wife videos bring in! I wish people would watch the informational videos with the same enthusiasm, I love them! I wonder if it’s a voyeuristic element, getting a peek into the life of the rich and famous. The why doesn’t matter I suppose, as long as they are simultaneously learning about narcissism, but it baffles me. I’m hoping the informational ones catch on as time goes by, they are so valuable.

  2. BC30 says:

    Ooooh HG, there’s a new emoji, just for you. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    1. A Victor says:

      We decided to share him, right? Or was that James???

      Hahaha 🙂

      1. BC30 says:

        Oooh Mr. Spader 😋 ❤️ Just a plain heart for him.

        1. A Victor says:

          Haha! I agree!

  3. Asp Emp says:

    I’m tempted….. purely because of what was said in the video. Car insurance renewal or HG’s Dark Cupid series….. ah, bugger. Another time, HG. Still a very generous discount offered, thank you, HG.

    1. kayomongain says:

      I’m glad I cancelled my Netflix account.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        I never believed in having to pay for cable TV, or Netflix, or Sky etc. If they do not provide captions / subtitles on ALL of their channels, this lady is not going to pay for partial ‘entertainment’ – it’s an ‘all or nothing’ mindset from me and that is perfectly alright. Yet the UK TV Licensing is not proportional towards people like me but they are to people who are visually impaired even if they can hear what is being said……. hmmm.

        1. kayomongain says:

          No closed captions/subtitles? Wow – that doesn’t sit well with me, either. Can I say that you aren’t missing much anyway? The older I get the more discriminating I become as to who gets my business. “Knowing the Narcissist” is entertaining and informative. I’m brand new and learning how to navigate through it all but from what I’ve seen so far, the community is amazing.

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