Kicking the Hornet´s Nest



Kicking the Hornet´s Nest is a huge problem for victims of narcissists, although they do not realise this.

Does the narcissist keep coming after you?

Are you being repeatedly hoovered?

Want to know what to avoid doing to provoke the narcissist?

Need to understand why the narcissist will not leave you alone?

You need to grasp the concept of “Kicking The Hornet´s Nest”

Through this Logic Bulletin you will gain more insight and understanding into why the narcissist behaves as he or she does, through a plethora of examples so you can ensure that you never got stung again. You need to understand why you are kicking the hornets nest, why you are unleashing the narcissist´s “hornet” against you and how you can ensure that you stop yourself from kicking the hornets nest again and again. It is crucial for you to understand you role in how seemingly innocent behaviour (driven by emotional thinking) becomes problematic for you. You need to realise that the actions and steps that you take, which of course amount to breaches of the no contact regime, translate into threats against the narcissist´s control with the consequence that you are hoovered.

Stop the kicking here

Understand Provocation

5 thoughts on “Kicking the Hornet´s Nest

  1. Joa says:

    Heh, and here also about hornets … It seems that narcissists really like this insect 🙂

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Joa, that made me giggle.

  2. Sandra Martin says:

    We kicked the hornet’s nest. From that moment on my husband began to heal Now her whole family knows the truth. Out of all the angry replies, not one of them accused my husband of being a liar- just things like, “what is WRONG with you____? put YOURSEL on that cross! Why would you even bring up her supposed affairs after all this time? Now your daughter knows she did the right thing! (in telling him he was dead)

  3. Michele Gallamore says:

    My narc does the exact opposite. He disappears because he knows thats how to get to me. He doesnt hoover he knows in time i come back. It sucks.

    1. Joa says:

      I am hugging. I understand it perfectly. Mine is the master of disappearance 🙂 Magician 😀

      But I try not to run after him, although my head is swirling with a thousand excuses to talk.

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