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One thought on “The Creature

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I love this image. I really enjoyed reading the transcribed audio of this article. Very educational and insightful, for myself and understanding narcissism better.

    Right, it’s Half-Time of the match between England and Scotland UEFA EURO 2020. Why am I writing about it? I thought it indirectly and directly fits in relation to the ‘creature’ and narcissism….

    When it came to Kane and his attempt to score – then he takes a ‘dive’, sliding along on the grass. I thought to myself, you’re not at the swimming baths and taking a dive into the water! Having said that, at that moment, I felt a ‘surge’ of ‘ooh…. Yes….’ then it ‘deflated’ of ‘ahh, …. no’. I was very conscious of how I was thinking and feeling….. it was not an emotional ‘response’ as such, it was like an ‘expectation then a dashed’ moment. Then I thought, is that what it feels like for a narcissist in receipt of ‘fuel’? Since the ‘positive **sensation’ did not last long before it turned to ‘negative sensation’ – in relation to a narcissist’s need for ‘fuel’, maybe I can understand why and how much ‘fuel’ they need to ‘source’ in order to ‘fulfil’ their needs to push their ‘creature’ back down. ** the sensation that I experienced was not from the abdomen area, it was from around the chest area. So it was not necessarily ‘instinctual’.

    When I saw a player on the Scottish team fall down and start hugging his shin in a position (with the facial expression) of ‘oh, it hurts’ – I thought MRN. I thought, well, if he is not wearing the shin guards, then that’s his fault (LOL, how ‘narcissistic’ is that?, not necessarily, it’s my brain-wiring, my way of thinking). Maybe that player isn’t a narcissist, but the actions was eerily like a two year old’s response ‘oh, it hurts’ when in fact it doesn’t really hurt. At all.

    It’s a form of ‘manipulation’ that a 2 year old may have ‘instinctively’ learned to get attention.

    Then I said to myself, I wonder if I should ask HG how many of those on the pitch tonight are narcissists and which schools. And what about the Referee?

    As usual, with England playing tonight, I was ‘vocal’ (LOL), let’s just say, if it were possible to literally colour the walls using words – those walls would have been various shades of blue, orange, yellow (more of the colour blue though)…. LOL. I am “communicating” at the TV, because it was a football game – I don’t do this during films, I really have no comprehensible explanation, so don’t ask me for one.

    After the game finished. Ah, no. I am disappointed at how England played tonight. No doubt there will be some ‘bollockings’ from both teams managers. Ah, well.

    Sorry, HG, for the long comment 🙂

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