HG Roasts Ellen Degeneres : Part One

32 thoughts on “HG Roasts Ellen Degeneres : Part One

  1. lickemtomorrow says:

    Never been an Ellen fan, and never watched her show. Interesting how these celebrities earn all kinds of accolades and then totally face plant when someone brave enough finally speaks out.

    There must be a few people feeling duped right now.

    I’m sickened to hear Bill Cosby’s been let out of prison on a technicality and he still has supporters!


    At least this Roastee finally got served some justice. Now I won’t be the only one not watching.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      LET, I never watched Ellen on TV either, there was something about her that I didn’t like and felt her programme was ‘fake’…… OMG, ‘sensing’ the narcissists through the TV screen !! Laughing. Same with Jimmy Saville, Keith Lemmon (I CANNOT STAND HIM, ugh, cat-fur-ball-vomit-heaving-reaction)…..

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        I don’t doubt we can sense things about people at times, AspEmp, even through a TV screen. Which is where I’ve gotten floored by comments about some people like Dr. Phil. The level of cognitive empathy is astounding at times from what I can tell, so we can still be hoodwinked. I wonder if it depends on what type of empath we are as to how that happens. Some empaths might have decided right away there was something off about Dr. Phil. It took me a long time to sense any disagreement with him. But I did eventually. And then after I arrived here, people mentioned his relationship with his wife who always did appear a little ‘mousy’ to me. I don’t know the answer when it comes to him, but he seemed to be helping people and that’s what counted to me.

        Maybe that’s where we fall down, too. We take the narcissist’s at face value, and whether its more light hearted entertainment like Ellen, or more serious psychological counselling like Dr. Phil, we want to believe people are who they say they are because we can’t live our lives on constant watch. And for the most part we don’t even know narcissists exist before we get here.

        But there will be people we just don’t take to for one reason or another, and I did see part of a Louis Theroux documentary about Jimmy Saville where he described his relationship with Saville and how he was blindsided by the news when it came out. I think we have word on Louis being a narc as well, so not sure where that leaves us. But high profile celebs get away with murder in terms of pulling the wool over people’s eyes and keeping them in the dark. I mentioned Bill Cosby here as well. There are so many.

        At least more people are speaking out now and feeling free to do so around incidents of bullying and abuse. Harry’s wife is going to be put under the microscope by the RF for this reason, and it should shed some more light on her narcissism and how that plays out. Some of these people are obvious to us and not others. And until someone speaks up we can’t know for sure and nothing gets done. You definitely have to applaud the people brave enough to speak out. Unfortunately, they don’t always get the justice they deserve.

        Wow, Keith Lemmon really brings out a bad reaction in you 😛 Just watched a clip of him on Celebrity Juice and had the same reaction! Hand me the bucket.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          LET, thank you for your response. RE: ‘sensing’ via a TV, I think on my part it’s more visual and then it becomes intuition / instinctive? I have not really thought about it in detail. The other day her programme was on and I turned it over to watch for a few minutes…..even if it made me feel nauseous. She was giving her “ratings” on some fairy tales, I mean, seriously, WTF?! She is certainly & absolutely no competition against HG’s Narc Tales. She has nil talent, nada. I have no interest in watching her, ever again.

          You naming other people on TV etc – I am still confounded as to why it still is (in my view) “taboo” to mention ‘narcissism’ or ‘narcissist’ on TV.

          LOL, just imagine somebody from the RF appearing n TV and mentioning it. It would, certainly, ‘slam the doors open’. Well, when there a a number of people saying the ‘same’ thing ie Markle’s treatment of them – it is pretty damning and the fact that in the UK there are laws ie Slander / Defamation and Megsie cannot use those when it comes to it. No doubt, it will involve the ‘legal’ people (ie lawyers etc) and the RF will do what they need to do. I hope the RF do get in contact with HG directly as a means to guidance on some aspects of this whole ‘business’.

          Yay! Great to see your words RE: (I am getting this ‘yuck’ sensation in my throat) Keith Lemmon. Is that one worth going under the ‘Tudorscope’? In my view, no. Probably a Lesser, the lowest of the schools and the sub-school too, yuckety-yuk-yuk. You’re not getting the bucket either, I am still using it 😉 (laughing).

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            Hey AspEmp, I somehow think the fact of Harry’s wife narcissism is an ‘open secret’ at this stage. No one could have read the commentary and come away under any illusion that she is anything other than a narcissist. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is saying it. How could the RF miss it? I’m sure it’s well on their radar, but who they consult around it would be something else altogether. Not sure how the RF would take to the fact HG raises awareness around other members of the family as well. Here’s a thought. What if Harry’s wife and her narc nature remind the Queen of Prince Philip? Could that actually endear her to the Queen if she is unaware in that sense? I never thought of that before. Maybe the Queen has an addiction?! Oh dear, that would be very unfortunate and surely help to keep her blinded. Totally off on my own trajectory there, but it’s one thing that could explain the inability of Her Majesty to cut the poison tree off at the root! I wonder how much of her decision making is influenced by pressure from others? I seem to remember public pressure forced the Queen’s hand when it came to the death of Diana and questioning over where the RF were as the public openly mourned at the gates of Buckingham Palace. It caused a great deal of consternation at the time. And was a huge relief when there was finally some acknowledgement. It was not a good look for the Crown prior to that. In fact, it seemed very cold hearted. So, I think there are times when the public will influence decision making. No matter how much leeway the Queen might want to give Harry and his wife, the public are quite capable of removing their support from the institution if it is not seen to be representative of them. And I can’t help but imagine how undermined some members of the family must feel in the circumstances. So important to get the balance right. Let’s hope that’s still possible. Time will tell.

            And lol to the bucket, AspEmp 😛 Looks like I’ll have to get my own xox

          2. Asp Emp says:

            LET, her narcissism is an ‘open secret’. I’d agree with that. How many people actually admit that they are a narcissist, even when it is pointed out to them? They have their perception. Some of the RF are narcissists as well. I am sure that the RF’s ‘reporting systems’ have brought it to the RF’s attention but it’s under the radar.

            RE: the Queen – maybe she has noticed some similarities but Harry’s Wife really is summat else, I don’t think Prince Philip was as extreme in his narcissism & manipulations, maybe I am wrong in this aspect. Obvs, the Queen has an ‘addiction’, in her own way (conditioned via the RF’s ‘policies’, if you like). The RF have ‘protocols’, just like the Armed Forces do – the Secrets Act etc. Some things do not get ‘revealed’ until after 50 years……so, I guess, in some things, we will never know.

            I think the Queen makes her own decisions but has to consider the ‘protocols’ and is probably not as ‘influenced’ as people may think / see. RE: Diana & the public’s response to the seemingly lack of ’empathy’ – I recall front pages something like ‘The People Have Spoken’? At the time, the RF would have seen Diana as the ‘black sheep’ because of the interview with Martin Bashir – what has been transpired about that since? Can of worms, open and still wriggling ‘free’. It was in the public’s interest at the time, and again, now.

            It’s all down to RF ‘protocols’, in my view, and I believe that when William becomes King, it may be different, simply because he is not a narcissist, neither is Kate. So, William has opportunities that the RF may not have had ‘power’ to do as such because of narcissism within the family. When it comes to dealing with Parliament, that is another matter.

            Yeah, dammit woman, get yer own booket 😉 x

          3. lickemtomorrow says:

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, AspEmp. I let my thoughts wander and they went to unexpected places! I definitely think Royal protocols have kept the ship steady up to now and hopefully will continue to do so in any rough waters ahead. That is one of the reasons I think the Queen has garnered so much respect. As a figurehead she can be relied upon, and I’m really not sure what things will look like once she’s gone. Interest in the monarchy may well drop off if/when Charles becomes King, and I’m not sure how many would be keen on Queen Camilla 😛 But I do get the feeling poor William and Catherine will inherit a very unstable system which may well attempt to overturn the monarchy once and for all. Not a thought I like to entertain because I like the Cambridge’s and believe they would be outstanding monarchs along with their children. Is Royalty outdated? I hope not for their sake as I think they have a lot to offer.

            Haha to the booket 😛 Sorted for now 😉

          4. Asp Emp says:

            LET…… laughing “I let my thoughts wander and they went to unexpected places!”…..pray, share with us, where did they go?! 😉

            When Charles becomes King? (cough, cough). IF, not when. I hope! Queen Camilla? Don’t make me laff!

            I am sure William – yes – “inherit an unstable system” – but I am sure he will be good at ‘re-arranging’ it all. I agree, that they have a lot to offer (William & Kate) as a couple and as leaders of the Monarchy.

            LOL. Fooket the booket x

      2. A Victor says:

        Even the way she speaks with that sickening rolling pronunciation of certain letters, blech.

  2. Fiddleress says:

    I just loved this series on Elle Degeneres! Wow, I didn’t know any of this about her (I must have caught her show once, and I got that she thought she was funny, that’s how I guessed Roasting n°1 would be for her).
    I also love the fire in the intro!

  3. Duchessbea says:

    Very interesting.

  4. Kristin says:

    Fabulous as always HG!

  5. WhoCares says:

    Very entertaining HG!

    I had no idea (outside of the recent accusations), but then again I pay no attention to day time TV. (Haven’t had cable in years…and daytime TV shows remind me of my mother.)

    I do recall seeing something of Portia de Rossi’s birthday gift to Ellen in the headlines (the gorilla sanctuary in Ellen’s name) and watched a clip of it being presented to her…. thinking what a grandiose gesture and what a way to unveil it – which led me to wonder if Portia is a narcissist back then. Is this a situation of Narc on Narc action?

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:

      Who Cares,

      I don’t appear to be able to post in KHG. I left a few comments but they aren’t showing in moderation. I also can’t see what I write in the message box so I can’t check for errors before I send. You know I’m OCD about that. Thought I’d catch you here.

      In the Q&A you were asking about the accompanying image. Another door, similar to the one in the tree. Ethereal looking. I thought about it, just emptied my mind and drifted for a bit. I think it means “Welcome to My World”.


      (listen to the lyrics) xx

      1. A Victor says:

        Aha, this is a good thought!

  6. ANM says:

    HG, surely one of these celebrity narcs have threatened you with a defamation lawsuit by now?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Truth is an absolute defence to a claim of defamation.

    2. alexissmith2016 says:

      I have wondered exactly the same thing ANM.

    3. NarcAngel says:

      I wondered the same about defamation and lawsuits. The Very series always had a question mark and I wondered if that covered it by way of it being in question and/or opinion up for debate rather than an outright accusation. The bar is very high for public figures to be successful against these kinds of things and I imagine many would not initiate lawsuit as that would cause them more negative focus (and possibly further revelations). Also, a lot of the information and incidences have been previously reported in the news or witnessed on social media and the sources cited. All the same – I did wonder also.

      1. Witch says:

        I imagine this would be more of a risk if HG was ever featured on any mainstream media
        At this point I think a lot of narcs in their arrogance will be like “he’s just some guy on YT I don’t even care what he thinks! These people don’t know the real me.”

    4. Violetta says:

      Teegan-Taygan vs. Tudor would be epic.

      1. A Victor says:

        Tudor would take it, hands down.

  7. still dont know says:

    Miles Davis is in my Mind ….. over years and experiences and most importantly .. DREAMS.. he and I relate. How are narc and subjects Over Time?

    1. Another Cat says:

      Still don’t know

      I agree on Miles suspicion, and I raise you one Muddy Waters, whom I suspect is a real bandleader captain Super Empath. Well, only HG knows.

      Ray Charles seems to have been Empath as well. Aretha Franklin too.

      Chuck Berry narc? Well a fun narc in that case. 🎵

  8. Empath007 says:

    Awesome ! I haven’t even listened to it yet and I already like it haha

  9. Sweetest Perfection says:

    I just thought of something: what about Oprah? Her show, her magazine… everything has her name too!

    1. A Victor says:

      I think she’s a narc. I thought she ran circles around HW in the interview. She’s just a lot better at it than the lower echelon ones. I’ve heard it said than absolutely no one gets to a significant level of fame by being nice, is cut throat and only the strong (other cut throats) survive. Also, the photos of her introducing very young women to Harvey Weinstein, almost like on a platter, are chilling to me.

    2. Leigh says:

      Mr. Tudor, I see you are moderating my comment about a commemt you made about Oprah years ago. I don’t think I broker any rules so may I ask why my comment hasn’t been posted?

      1. HG Tudor says:

        See the rules.

  10. Eternity says:

    Love this ha ha . HG roasted her to a crisp on a spit! Round and round she went with extra seasonings. Being nice got just naughty.

  11. Sweetest Perfection says:

    Hahaha Vanilla Nice. Nice, nice baby…
    I will never forgive Ellen for making fun of Sofia Vergara’s accent in both her show and in a makeup commercial, in which not only did she mock her accent, but also, implicitly suggested that having a foreign accent is synonymous with being stupid, while being an attractive Latina woman is the same as being a frivolous air headed sex bomb. Yes, Sofia Vergara accepted this role -she has been living on it most of her career- and even defended Ellen. But pretending to stand out for the rights of underrepresented minorities and then falling into these overplayed stereotypes is not very intersectional at all, and being a lesbian doesn’t excuse you.

  12. Sweetest Perfection says:

    Hot!!!! And there are parts!

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