The Heart Hooks No. 1 – Narc Sayings of Seduction


(This is a meme. There is no accompanying text.)

Did the narcissist say this to you? How was it conveyed, when was it conveyed and what was your response?

Do you believe in the concept of soulmates? If this phrase (or similar) was said to you, how did it make you feel? What did you believe by it?

12 thoughts on “The Heart Hooks No. 1 – Narc Sayings of Seduction

  1. leelasfuelstinks says:

    Oh dear! Yes, this whole soulmate and twin flame stuff. I fell for it. Long time ago, but I fell for it. 🤦‍♀️ My wonderful soulmate was an Upper Lesser A just mirroring me and after about 8 months making my life a living nightmare. I don´t want to image how terrible life is for those IPPSes who stay many years or even decades with a narcissist. 😔

    1. A Victor says:

      Leela, the mirroring makes sense, I’m sure this is why none of mine said this to me, I would have laughed. I have wondered about this. I am not high on love devotee and have assumed this was why I would have laughed. Now I understand why they did not say it.

  2. Sarab says:

    My narc was always telling me im his soulmate. All a load of bollos.

  3. Alexissmith2016 says:

    Hahaha literally just had rbis from a rather hot somatic at my gym. Slight difference though, he said how he and I have a real close connection. He’s said this a few times. If only he knew he was completely wasting his breath. Sigh…

    This was after listening to he and another somatic talking about ‘game’.

  4. NarcAngel says:

    No, soulmate has never been suggested to me (I know – shocker, haha), but I have been referred to as: The One.
    The One was replied to with: Nope, you’re confusing me with Another One. Soulmate would be met with a snort and derisive laughter (I am not a love devotee).
    I struggle to understand why this concept prevails as I believe some of the most interesting and rewarding relationships can be with those who are nothing like ourselves. I do not want/need someone to be like me or “complete me’ because as the saying goes – I’m already taken.
    I find the concept itself narcissistic.

  5. Asp Emp says:

    The P.L.E. Theory……

    Planned Limit Endurance via Preliminary Logical Experience to Programmable Learning Entity by Packet Link Environment within Pioneer Living Experience…….

    Ahh, baby,…… you’re giving me the chills…..maybe I’ll have an ice lolly now……Probable Limits of Error as a result of the Python Learning Environment whilst Pressurised Liquid Extraction, thus ends Personal Learning Edition #1

  6. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

    I think the term ‘soulmates’means different things to different people. Its strange because it is something which is a term I use a fair bit in what I am writing at present.

    I think if someone said this to me – I would want to know what the term means to them.

    My narc ex never said this to me, but my non narc ex husband did bring this up once. ‘Maybe we are soulmates?’. We were best friends for most of my life. We did not enjoy the same music – or activities. But that was okay – there was always a middle ground and we did agree on the fundamentals. I am an introvert and he an extravert.

    I would go off grid often, withdraw into my inner world and various projects. He was okay to go to parties and see friends – then come home and tell me all the gossip etc. But he kept our friendships burning bright – so when I did come up for air and want to let my hair down – nothing had changed. I do not think I really appreciated this – it is hard keeping up friendships with the way I am.

    So for me – a soulmate isn’t just one person – it is a person who complements you completely, I guess. I do not expect someone to be like me 100%. You talk about how a narc mirrors you. Even my narc ex could not do this completely… When the atmosphere is right and I feel inspired to do so – I can be a social butterfly for a few hours. My music selection changes with my mood – rock one day – theatre music the next. One week AI will capture my attention (I will be researching all I can find) – the next hemp, quadraphonics and hydromechanics.

    I never expect my friends to be a reflection of me – people who are able to ground me – I always appreciate. Few are allowed into my inner world – they would think I am crazy. My ex narc could (when it suited him and felt indulgent) keep up with me and offer some interesting discussions.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      PAWA, it was interesting to read your view on ‘soulmates’. There are variations on what people think soulmates / twin flames to mean. Yes, what you say RE: friends “people who are able to ground me” – in my view, that is important. There are very few people in my life that can do that for me – as they showed me recently. With my inappropriately laughing at things that others may find not funny – those are the type of people I do have in my life and I am thankful for that – or I’d be a crazy woman all by myself…… there are some that do not judge me on that basis. Thank you for sharing your comment 🙂

  7. lickemtomorrow says:

    “If this phrase was said to you how did it make you feel?”

    Like I was the yin to his yan.

    “What did you believe by it?”

    We were at some level, in some universe, at some point in time, meant to be together.

  8. Empath007 says:

    I believe in kindred spirits. There are certain people who “get” you and you have a strong connection with – but there can be multiple people to fill this role at multiple times in ones life.

    Yes mine said this. I took it as a red flag but ignored it – because I wanted to believe it.

    1. Eternity says:

      Emparh 007, when something is to good to be true it is then fake that is what I believe.

  9. Eternity says:

    Thankfully. no one used this ridiculous line on me it just sounds so fake that it came out of a Hallmark Card.

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