Harry´s Wife : He is My Puppet

Want to know what is really happening with regard to Harry´s Wife? Of course you do. HG Tudor analyses video footage so you understand what is driving the behaviours and why. Scintillating insight, served raw and direct.

20 thoughts on “Harry´s Wife : He is My Puppet

  1. Duchessbea says:

    I see Harry and Harry’s wife have been named in the 100 most influential people in Time Magazine. (I think Brandy is not strong enough even for this). I saw the article in the Dailymail and the comments after make for most interesting reading. You have quite a lot of followers and people who agree with what you are saying.
    How could such a ghastly thing have happened? A few readers/commentators have suggested that their PR Team paid Time magazine to include them. Could that be a possibility?

  2. Empath007 says:

    Would smearing then be considered an indirect assertion of control ?

    1. HG Tudor says:


  3. Liza says:

    omg she ignores the little boy, she ignores the little boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could excuse her for a lot of things, but to ignore a baby you must really really have a stone in your heart. If such an adorable angel wanted to talk to me, I would literally throw away EVERYTHING and give him 1 000 000% of my attention.

    1. Violetta says:

      I couldn’t be a royal. I’d be all too ready to ignore the Very Important Adults around me and play with the nearest baby.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Violetta, that is good “ignore the Very Important Adults”……how appropriate…..spelling the word ‘via’ 😉

      2. Liza says:

        Haha I get you so much Violetta, I can’t count the number of times my mom had to lecture me because when I attend a family gathering or a party I would ignore adults and just be too absorbed by my cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute nephews. How can I be blamed for preferring to talk with an adorable child who would be very funny rather than middle-aged ladies who will make me pass an interrogatory? I may say sorry, but I regret nothing!

  4. WiserNow says:

    Interesting video. I almost ’empathised’ with Meghan in this one.

    If a ‘rugrat’ with overgrown hair started whacking me on the shoulder to get my attention and pawed at my hair, while the child’s father allowed it, I’d probably flash the same quick look of irritation as well.

    If Theresa May was standing next to me like a warmed-up corpse not saying anything, I’d probably stare straight ahead like a deer in the headlights too.

    You didn’t spare the insults in this one. Everyone copped a serve 😂

  5. Asp Emp says:

    Your words “he was easy to control” is a massive reason why he was ‘selected’ despite her narcissism not having ‘evolved’ as such.

    “I’m only doing it for your own good” appears to be quite a common ‘phrase’ narcissists of my past used (including the higher-ups at work).

    Laughing…..”good dog”…..

    RE: first clip – Harry did initially have his hand on her back then she quickly ‘changed’ the ‘stance’ of control from him to her (that is my observation). That ‘nod’ coming from her and knowing about her narcissism, actually comes across as patronising to me.

    Second clip – she does seem to have a look of ‘fk off, I am busy’ (where you point out it’s the ignited fury). Her body moves as if to say ‘who the fk are you to touch me and interrupt me’. He is a kid, he does not know about social ‘cues’ as yet (I note with interest at your words, a potential little narcissist in the making – yet, it is too early to know for sure, it could be, say, ADHD, Aspergers?). Also, when she is looking around before she turns to look at the kid, her narcissism is actually effectively ‘re-adjusting’ itself (it’s not done in a cognitive way, her narcissism driving her instincts, to look around then….). Yes, she is actually moving away from him! (what a stuck up snobby bitch narcissist).

    Third clip – Oh, wow, that ‘reaction’ – as if she is like ‘Oh me god, I am really upset, it is not for me, I am in shock, I am left out of this interaction’ (as her hand goes to her chest). FFS.

    Laughing….”giving him a quick cuff around the head”…..laughing, (inappropriately, of course)……

    Wow, HG, the image of Theresa May! That is a real catch of a snap! To be honest with you, I would not have recognised that person because the face is so much ‘changed’ from the usual ‘public face’ – that there, is a very definitive ‘The Changing Face of the Narcissist’ (the title of your video – again, a brilliant piece of work on that). Am I right, is there a moment of a slight ‘flush’ along the upper side of MM’s face, because of the more ‘powerful’ (or older, more experienced) narcissist (TM)?

    The next clip – MM’s eyes for a moment are wide (the moment she is ‘malfunctioning’). Harry looks as if there is slight nervousness (tongue on lips) and a bit of a chin / head forward moment, also quite pronounced swallowing (that indicates slight discomfort, to me). If this clip is around November when T.May is still PM – that is actually a while ago. So, if I am correct about Harry’s ‘demeanour’, he is displaying the ‘controlled’ victim – the puppet. Just like a nervous dog does the quick tongue lick lips, looking around somewhat apprehensively. (Poor Harry).

    I really enjoyed this video, HG. In fact, I enjoy them all, just highlighting this one because of the video clips showing so much with your explanations. Thank you, wonderful HG, for your time on these.

  6. A Victor says:

    I’m looking forward to catching up on this series this weekend.

  7. Joa says:

    Oh mother, the latest posts on this blog are starting to look like a witch-hunt. I am concerned about the viewership of videos on this subject on the HG YouTube channel compared to the extremely valuable posts. It is sad. There is so much envy, frustration and unfulfilled ambitions in people.

    The only two positive aspects I can see are: 1. Treat these videos like a decoy, a tool of attraction. 2. A tool for creating a positive image of the Queen.

    Of course, you can also treat these films as an educational tool in the field of narcissism, but I definitely prefer the other form that HG presents so beautifully here.

    Personally, I don’t like this type of information. I skip. I quickly got acquainted with the topic and watched clippings from two HG movies to be sure I was feeling well. Meghan is undoubtedly a beautiful woman (this fact alone means that she must have many enemies, but also supporters), achieving her goals quickly – with emphasis on the word: fast.

    Narcissus, empath, “normal” – it doesn’t matter. I don’t like chewing someone. It gives nothing but a momentary, only momentary satisfaction. I always slow down, as much as I can, these types of tendencies around me (unfortunately I myself have succumbed to them several times in my life). In the long run, this is always lost, not gaining.

    I am much more attracted to the attitude of the Queen. Stoic calm. The inner certainty that this weapon will turn blade against itself. Just wait patiently.
    Certainly the Queen is not stopping the “barking dogs” as they speed up the process. This is what the function performed requires.
    I don’t know if he is an empath, narcissist or “normal”. It emanates what a person of this rank should be. This is what makes this character wonderful. And it always pays off. I got interested in.

    I feel sorry for the prince. It will be a hard lesson for him. The struggle for children will also be excruciating ☹

    PS Prince William has a wonderful smile. Captivating. His face will be beautiful at any age.

    1. WhoCares says:


      I understand where you are coming from with these thoughts: “I am concerned about the viewership of videos on this subject on the HG YouTube channel compared to the extremely valuable posts”, but I have to disagree.
      There is so much to learn in these videos. I have had many questions answered in listening to this series and many things confirmed.

      Similarly, I actually was not impressed with the new cut and paste/collage type images on the Markle series – in comparison to the sleek and clever style that came before…but then I thought about it, and these more blunt, graphic, in-your-face cover images may be just the thing to grab more people. More trapped empaths! And help them find the information that they need. Kinda like the gossip sheets at the grocery line-up – you can’t help but look at those images! And then, read the headlines…

    2. lisk says:

      Joa, while I understand that these videos might seem toxic, I find them utterly necessary and “extremely valuable posts,” absolutely required for understanding public narcissism as it occurs in front of our eyes.

      You yourself see that the “struggle for children will also be excruciating,” so you clearly know how toxic Harry’s Wife is.

      I ask you: Is there any other way to educate the unknowing or the unseeing about how to spot HW’s particular kind of narcissism?

      1. Bubbles says:

        Dearest Lisk,
        I full heartedly concur.
        Mr Tudor’s videos outlining narcissistic body language and facial expressions are golden nuggets combined with pure gems.
        Quite often when we are emotionally close to someone we fail to see the obvious, it’s like a doctor treating his own family. It’s not until we step outside the box that we see it more clearly and with open eyes and open mindedness. It’s the subtle ones we need to watch out for.

        I have read numerous books over the years from Aussie body language experts, Allan Pease and his wife Barbara. He adds a sense of humour and simplicity. Excellent reads.
        If looks could kill, for me, Teresa May wins the gold 😈
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      2. Joa says:

        WhoCares, lisk

        I mentioned in my earlier speech that films can be treated as an educational tool. I don’t like the form of this education.

        Perhaps it is a matter of cultural differences, perhaps a matter of my excessive sensitivity or imagination.


        Irony and sarcasm, used in moderation, are funny, testify to intelligence, give a pass to accept the group (popular way in teenagers, my daughter abuses, I explain why you can’t).
        Too frequent or severe sarcasm reveals a weakness of character. It turns into satire and caricature. And from here it is close to provoking public lynching and public hatred (I caught a “bitch” in the comments, only for the fact that the woman moved away from the child – sometimes my own child annoys me, let alone a stranger 😊). We like to dominate someone, feel that we have “figured it out”, we are smart, we see more than others (I have tendencies myself) – especially in studs.


        Science – oh yes! I am everywhere where I can learn something. I love reading biographies. But learning in a living organism – NO. NOPE. NOPE.

        Narcissus, empath, “normal” = human.
        And although narcissists are called anti-human … every person has more or less darkness, strengths and weaknesses.


        Different people are not discussed here, as in the earlier HG cycles. Recently, ostracism has been aimed with a sharp sword at one person. Did this lady kill someone? Did this lady force someone to marry? Nobody knows what this marriage looks like from the inside, except for two interested parties, the rest is speculation.

        And finally. How might a man (the victim) feel who reads such things about his wife? What can a person (victim) feel when he sees his own caricature with ridiculous flaws in his appearance? What will children feel, when in a few years’ time they will watch this type of film and read this type of article about their mother and father?

        I do not agree to it.


        I don’t like getting involved in other people’s lives. A rumor about someone? Go away, I don’t care. Do you want to talk about yourself? I am, and I will also tell you about myself. Don’t talk about the others. Talk about yourself, about things that are important to you and about your relationships with people close to you. Focus on yourself.


        Working in the media, I know how easy it is to hurt a person, how easy it is to steer the public opinion. I hold firmly to the boundaries that I do not cross, even though the pressure is on me to be more predatory. Fortunately, my other skills turn out to be more valuable.

        HG’s motives are obvious, especially knowing who he is.
        Will it attract empaths, or rather a temporary, quickly bored electorate? Or maybe ultimately discourage you? You have to manipulate the boundaries carefully.


        The fight for children will be terrible – because they are children of the “royal family”. And worst of all, it will be a media fight. If there were no onlookers, the worst second factor could be eliminated, right?

        Everyone decides on their own steps. I expressed my opinion. In fact, it is unnecessary to repeat myself, but I was called to the array 😊


        lisk, I answer: yes, I pointed out the other way that HG presents so richly in prose and films, in his earlier speech.

        And I will ask a rhetorical question: Do you think it is right to give Meghan attention, interest and popularity (good or bad)?


        PS I’m sorry HG for “jumping” on your own blog – what an insolence 😊 My opinion is not important to you anyway, I explain my perspective. I will not say more about it. I will skip what does not match my “me”. I will stay with what attracts me.

        The fact that you are posting these types of posts also shows who you are. I appreciate. Thank you.

    3. Violetta says:


      Would it comfort you to know that MM might well prefer to be roasted than ignored? It’s still attention.

  8. lisk says:

    That Harry puppet graphic is perfect. HG, did your visual person create that?

    I honestly can no longer view any video of Harry without seeing him as a caricature.

    I guess that’s how much Harry’s Wife has successfully dehumanized him.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes at my direction.

      1. lisk says:

        ‘Tis perfect!

    2. Asp Emp says:

      Lisk, yes, maybe stick that caricature of Harry’s face on a ginger coloured poodle……(I am laughing here as I can just imagine that!)…….

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