Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie Analysis : Part 2



HG Tudor dissects and analyses in detail the body cam footage from the incident at Woab,Utah on 12 August 2021 so you truly understand what was going on. Sensational insight.

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10 thoughts on “Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie Analysis : Part 2

  1. DIANE RAMSEY says:

    For Gabby to apologize immediately for everything reveals everything to me. This seems normal to her. It should be a red flag to the cops. But it isn’t! Does that mean that one or more of the cops is a narcissist? no one asked why she was so agitated, or if an incident like this has happened before, or when was the last time that Brian had hit her! A veritable dance on tacks on the part of police, to avoid confronting the elephant in the room! Statistically there is a higher level of divorce and domestic violence with first responders. And why did Gabby so willingly admit guilt. Was she taught by Brian? And something is a little off with Gabby’s dad, Joe. Won’t call the boyfriends by their names, but sees nothing off with that or with Brian’s behavior? Maybe the family is not informed about any aspect of malignant narcissism. Or maybe they just don’t want to know. At any rate the cost of that ignorance is paid for by Gabby and many other innocent and naive young women. We can do better! RIP Gabby!

  2. BC30 says:

    Having worked with so many battered women (and men) this breaks my heart. The worst part is that due to the trauma bond/addiction WE STAY WITH THEM. If an empath is not ready, they stay. GOSO GOSO GOSO

  3. Chihuahuamum says:

    I see a lot of parellels between Brian and Chris Watts. They hold in their rage and more than likely had a domineering mother who controlled them. They come off harmless and agreeable, but deep down are a ticking time bomb.
    One of the park rangers tried to convince Gabby to rethink her relationahip with Brian. Possibly she broke it off with him and wanted to end the trip. I still don’t think this would be enough for him to risk killing her after being pulled over, but maybe it did.
    Something seems very off about him aside from narcissism. He’s hiding something and more than the abuse he’s been guilty of.
    He shows the fig leaf pose which is a tell tale sign of hiding something and being extremely anxious.

    1. A Victor says:

      The fig leaf pose! I knew there was a name for that, didn’t know the meaning but that makes so much sense! And why unaware narcissists would use it so much! Something in them must trigger it even though they think they’re telling the truth.

  4. A Victor says:

    One time I hopped out of the truck at a stoplight. My husband and I were on a date, arguing, it was night. As I walked down the road he followed, telling me to get back in the truck. An officer came along, I was relieved. Then the officer decided my husband was the good guy and I was the problem, really early on in the interaction too. He was going to arrest me if I didn’t get back in that truck. I wasn’t even breaking any laws. This victim/abuser thing is so obvious in these videos, why can’t these officers see it? Even much of the body language is the same.

  5. lickemtomorrow says:

    I’m finding it very interesting factoring in the ‘normals’ reaction, as in the police officers, to this incident. They are likely to read the situation from their perspective, which is that a young couple is having a tiff that’s turned ugly, and not picking up on any or all of the narcissistic red flags. The fact they don’t ask for more of an explanation about why she was upset in the first place, seeming to accept his explanation for speeding and hitting the curb (which she later counters with her own version) and potentially his false sense of contrition, indicates they see his side of the story as plausible. All the while we have male officers who are interpreting potentially from their own perspective which may be normal or even narcissistic. I’m intrigued by this aspect of the incident and how intimidating it must have been for Gabby, even though they are showing her a great deal of understanding. Kudos to them for doing that. I do believe they tried to do the right thing by both of them, which in the end proved to be fatal for her. That’s how seriously we need to take the issue of narcissism.

  6. Asp Emp says:

    Reading the part where you are describing that the police are not asking questions as to why she was in the state she was in….made me wonder….

    Is it possible for the police man doing the ‘enquiry’ to be a narcissist too? Surely an empath / normal person would ask questions RE: why she was so upset? Or is this an assumption on my part?

    I understand and accept that police, fire and so on professionals are trained to not be too emotional – hence the ‘dampening’ of emotional empathy during their line of work.

    Even though the police officer is also saying words to try and ‘diffuse’ the scenario so it does not escalate, it seems that he has made ‘assumptions’ of his own.

    Again, I am reminded of that Lesser. He also failed to share the fact that he ‘provoked’ me into my responding / reacting the way I did as an abused person / ACON.

    I have said this before, there is usually ‘mitigating circumstances’ that causes a victim to react / respond and more often than not, these are either ignored, or not mentioned to others who may be either listeners, or investigators etc. I know this for a fact. Because I have experienced it, time and time again.

    What is astounding about this case, the fact that she is very young. In my view, it indicates she has been a victim of abuse quite possibly since a child.

    Her father –

    I reckon he’s a narcissist. The way he’s holding his hands, he does not appear concerned that his daughter is missing.

    Thank you for covering this case, HG. I am glad for the younger generation to have access to this valuable education. You’re a good man.

    1. A Victor says:

      Asp Emp, I am watching an interview with the dad by Dr. Phil, the dad just said he’s never called any of Gabby’s boyfriends by their actual name! He called Brian “Brianne”, he tried to use the female version of their names! How weird is that!! Totally not weird if he’s a narc! Not saying he is of course, but…it’s interesting…

      1. Asp Emp says:

        AV, that’s interesting. Possibly an indication of an ACON from his mother, or she has had major influence on him? Ok, ok, it is not the same thing, but I am recalling the film ‘Psycho’ and Bates / his mother……

        1. A Victor says:

          Yeah, but Bates was a psycho, literally! Yes, maybe the dad is an ACON?? I don’t know. I am super excited to hear more from HG about it!!

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