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The seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and since that is where I am currently am right in the middle of a forest in the centre of Europe, the end of month discount is an autumn one. You can obtain 50% off everything in the Knowledge Vault. This will last for the next two days only so take advantage of this offer to increase your knowledge, to build your logic defences and to achieve freedom.

To take advantage of this superb offer just enter code autumn50 at the checkout in the Knowledge Vault

(This does not apply to consultations and detectors as they are not included in the Knowledge Vault)

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36 thoughts on “Autumn Discount : 50% Off

  1. WhoCares says:

    HG, Thank-you for the discount and the literary piece – what a beautiful to begin autumn!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

    2. A Victor says:

      WC, what literary piece? Is it new?

      1. WhoCares says:


        HG’s YouTube video on the Autumn discount has a very timely recording.

        1. A Victor says:

          Thank you WC, I will need to listen to them in the future even if I think I know what’s on there! It is beautiful! Now I’m going to look for Wuthering Heights in the KV, didn’t see it before but TS said something about it on this thread.

          1. WhoCares says:


            I am so behind on Wuthering Heights (I listened a little to the first episode, but I bet it’s lovely, since it’s HG’s voice) and the Seduction series, but I try to keep up on Harry’s Wife – because those often just make laugh right out loud – and random other videos. The Gabby Petito series is amazing too…so far, I have managed to keep up on that one.

          2. A Victor says:

            WC, I have listened to all the Wuthering Heights, I got so I was waiting for them to show up on YT! They really grew on me! I look forward to the release of the rest, as HG has indicated, though I expect them in the Knowledge Vault or the Video Vault, I won’t mind paying for them! Still haven’t tried Seduction, I did read the second partway, half maybe, but couldn’t find the first so gave up until I did. A bit later I found it on Amazon but have quite a list ahead of it for reading material at this time, so it will have to wait. Also, Harry’s Wife annoys me so much that I don’t usually listen to those, though when I have, you are correct, there is some very funny stuff in there sometimes! The Gabby Petito series is another I had been watching for with anticipation. I relate so much to her in some ways and also it’s a US thing, maybe that makes me more drawn to it? The last one, why she stayed, really hit home and is such an amazing teaching tool for people to understand why people put up with abuse. It is heartbreaking but it’s good information and if it can help people to stop judging but just reach out to those in need, that is a huge win. I also see my daughter in that one a lot, it is horrible. I am hoping for an opportunity to share that video with her in a way that she doesn’t pick up that it’s for her, always tricky. But my kids never think I’m being sneaky, lol! So it might work out!

          3. WhoCares says:

            Hi AV,

            I just read this now.

            “Still haven’t tried Seduction, I did read the second partway, half maybe, but couldn’t find the first so gave up until I did.”

            Just like you find Harry’s Wife annoying, I find it hard to listen to the Seduction series because I can’t help being like (in my head): “Ian – can’t you see what’s happening!?” So I find it hard to listen to for that reason. But I likely will listen at some point because I believe it’s sprinkled with clues for KHG.
            Harry’s Wife is definitely annoying but I take SO much away from that series that’s applicable to my ex and other narcissists. It’s invaluable. And in addition to making me laugh, I like the comparisons between narcs/normals/empaths and, especially, the bits of information about normals (Prince William etc.) are very helpful. At this point in my education, normals are the ones I continue to fail at sussing out – and apparently they are the biggest proportion of the population.

            I understand your interest in the Gabby Petito story and analysis. It is definitely an excellent teaching tool. In particular, I think it’s perfect for helping professionals understand reactive abuse and the presentation of some victims of narcissistic abuse. (The webcam footage analysis, especially.)

            I really hope it’s helpful for your daughter AV. ❤️

          4. A Victor says:

            Yes, that was my feeling from my reading what I did of the Seduction books also. Too much. I will enjoy it someday I think, but not yet.

            With Harry’s wife there is so much hidden in there, humor and logic, that I find I have to really focus on them and I don’t have a lot of time to do so, sadly. After work I can a bit but after a couple, by mind is not up to it anymore, following a full day already. I really like the fact videos, that’s what I call them. They don’t have the humor or the nuances re her behavior, they’re just right out there, easier for me to “catch” everything with a tired mind. Sometimes, like today, I get a Sat. where I am able to do mindless chores and have videos playing, though I don’t if my son is home, I rarely have anything on then because I find it hinders communication between us.

            Yes, I am not at the normal sussing yet! Still trying to learn to detect narcs. I forget how long you’ve been here but I know I have a way to go yet before I’m ready to consider normals much. I have not “liked” them but now I feel like they’re kind of interesting at least, so that’s progress.

            Thank you for the words about my daughter, I hope so too.

          5. WhoCares says:

            Sorry – I meant the *bodycam footage analysis.

          6. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Hey WC,

            Yes, I meant the ones on YouTube, not a complete set as of yet, but I really enjoy listening as I fall asleep. Like Narc Tales, I have to listen to the same one again from the start because I find I drifted off.

            That’s no criticism of the content, quite the opposite. The fact they wind me down enough to sleep is very much a compliment! I stay up far too late most nights 1 and 2 am then I’m up at 6 or 7 am. I sleep as soon as the light goes out but actually 5/6 hours isn’t really enough for me. I need 7/8 so I gradually build a sleep deficit. I then have to have a sleep marathon roughly once a month or so. I sleep 14 hours straight just from sheer exhaustion!

            If I listen to HG narrate a story to me I fall asleep earlier. I get far closer to what I actually need.

          7. A Victor says:

            TS and Joa, both your comments came to me so I figured I’d weigh in. I can sleep, like a rock, through anything. Fall asleep when I close my eyes. The problem I have is that, though I love sleeping, I also love being awake, way too much! So I often stay up too late for days at a time and then, like you TS, have a sleep marathon, usually on a Sat.

            When I was in contact with the Summer Narc I once fell asleep while he was mid-monologue, over the phone, at about 4 am. I don’t think he ever really forgave me for that, hahahha!

            My son has a lot of sleep issues, I feel bad for anyone who does, especially after seeing how difficult it can make his life.

          8. Joa says:

            Oh noooo! I do not believe! TS, this is just amazing! How is this possible?

            Same again, ha ha ha 🙂

            Sometimes, when I listen to HG movies, it makes me feel so good, it feels so safe, that I fall asleep. And I have a good dream.

            Turning on the movie in the evening, I start laughing to myself in mind:
            “ROCK ME TO SLEEP HG.”
            Hahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂


            It’s a sense of security. “My N” had the same effect on me. Despite all the chaos. It’s unbelievable. I miss him right now. What a bottom. What a nonsense.

  2. Fırat Gündüz says:

    Oruspu çocuğu

  3. Truthseeker6157 says:

    “I am currently right in the middle of a forest in the centre of Europe”

    How lovely. I hope you find a quiet moment to yourself and take it all in. Stop the cogs turning for a moment or two, pause and allow yourself just to be.

    Enjoy HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you but the cogs never stop.

  4. A Victor says:

    The collection of materials contained in the Knowledge Vault is all anyone needs to learn all they must know to become narc free. It is an amazing assortment geared toward different aspects of the topic and also to different learning styles. At the regular prices the information available is a great value. At the sale prices it is an absolute steal. Thank you for this amazing sale HG.

    1. A Victor says:

      Of course, accessing HG directly is the best help available!! 😃

  5. WiserNow says:


    Your current location in the middle of a forest in Europe sounds picturesque. I hope you’re enjoying yourself.

    With regard to the books in the Knowledge Vault, what is the format they are in? To date I have purchased books through other outlets in either paperback or Kindle versions.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

      They are in electronic form.

      1. WiserNow says:

        You’re welcome HG. Thank you for the information . . . and also for the discount!

  6. BC30 says:

    Ugh. Every time I see a discount I am compelled to buy something. At least it will cheer me up seeing as how the end of summer causes me to become sad, depressed, and super bummed. 😭

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:

      Same here BC30

      I’m not sure why exactly. I have no truly valid reason to dislike winter but I feel similarly.
      Training helps. I spoke to my trainer on Wednesday and made him aware of the dip down in mood that accompanies this time of year. I have been promised an endorphin boost each week!

      Might be something for you to try BC30? If you train already, set a new target and work towards that. It helps me, doesn’t cure it, but makes it more manageable.

      I also really like HG’s Autumn/ Winter offerings together with Wuthering Heights and Narc Tales. I listen as I fall asleep. They settle me. Small changes can make a big difference.


      1. A Victor says:

        Have you tried light therapy? I hear it is really helpful for a lot of people, my oldest daughter has found it helpful. She has seasonal affective disorder but also her husband’s a narc, 99.9% sure, so she has a double whammy of feeling trapped by winter.

        Thank you for the reminder re the endorphins, I forget about that. It is the reason I dislike winter, I like to exercise outdoors but I hate the cold which usually wins out and I exercise, or not, indoors which is just not the same for my mood.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          RE: SAD can be eased significantly if someone can find ways of letting more natural daylight into the rooms of the home, locating a desk near / at the window at work etc. My lounge faces the back garden which is SE / S facing and has patio door / window (partly why I obtained the house). The lighting in the kitchen is white (not the fluorescent type – they are the worse to have!).

          1. A Victor says:

            Thank you, I will share these ideas with my daughter.

        2. Truthseeker6157 says:

          Hello AV,

          It’s interesting you mention light therapy. I have heard of that but never tried it. Does your daughter have a light box that she uses? I’ll Google and find out more. Thank you for the suggestion.

          Yes, working out at home doesn’t have the same effect on me either and I also really dislike the cold. Last year I ran in the cold but not in the rain. I am going to make a concerted effort to do that more regularly this year.

          The narcissist and I were always in contact over the winter months so I think there is a residual element of his influence still in the mix somewhere. There are lots of small negative events that have happened over winter months when I look back, so I think they sit there in the background and alter my general feeling about this time of year. I feel in a stronger place than usual this year though so I’m determined to use all the tips and tricks available to do better this winter!

          I’m faring a bit better with the leaves falling. It sounds ridiculous, I love the colours of Autumn but I feel like I’m never going to see leaves again, like everything will be bare and stark forever. It’s very illogical, I recognise it’s illogical but I can’t seem to shake that feeling of loss that comes with Autumn. A little better so far this year. I’m visualising log fires, snow and winter walks as best I can!


          1. Joa says:

            For me the opposite. I don’t like summer, heat and too much light.

            Spring, fall, winter – I like it.

            Walks in driving rain, in snow – I like it.

            Roller blinds in the windows to darken the room – a necessary thing 🙂

            “My” narcissus always activates seductively before fall. Like a bear – he has to spend the winter with someone 🙂
            In spring, he leaves the gutted victim in the lair and sets off into the world himself 🙂
            This is not always the case, but often.

          2. A Victor says:

            TS, I relate well to your thoughts about Autumn. I have always hated the sound of the cicadas when they began in early August as they were the precursor to the darkness and the cold. I can appreciate the fall colors but they are not my favorites so not nearly as impressive to me as others. The biggest reason is that the arrival of Autumn means that winter is right around the corner. Winter is the darkness and the cold. As I’ve gotten older I have been able to come to appreciate some aspects of it, but mostly, it is just not fun. The level of joy that the first robin gives me each spring is equaled by the level of dread I feel when the cicadas start, the first falling leaf is spotted and the first dip below 75 degrees (Fahrenheit:)).

          3. Truthseeker6157 says:


            “My narcissus always activates seductively before fall.”

            It’s funny isn’t it? Mine was the same. He had a cycle. There were no silent treatments from fall through to spring. We were closest during the winter months and the few times we met were during the winter months ( I was an LDE or Long Distance Empath)

            Probably easier to pick up women in summer!

            I used to absolutely love Winter when I was younger. Christmas particularly. My childhood christmases were idyllic. My dad is just a big kid, always said the same thing Christmas morning even when I was a teenager. “Has he been?” (Meaning Santa Claus). I was very much a Christmas person until my twenties. I stopped being an occasions person around that time. I put on the show for my kids though so I hope they will be Christmas people too!

            Winter is a strange time of year. Lots of markers that represent time passing. That melancholic side to my nature gets poked and prodded. All our family birthdays are during winter months too. My daughter and I even sharing the same birthday. Occasion days, I struggle with occasion days because they are markers. Markers make me evaluate and somehow, I always seem to come up short.


          4. Truthseeker6157 says:


            I remember you not being a winter person. Your cicadas are my leaves. My dad hated seeing daffodils, they signify his busy time at work and he used to get very stressed and overloaded with work each summer. Three empaths each reacting to something natural that they regard as negatively symbolic. It’s strange how our minds work isn’t it? I described to Joa a little of why I think I react the way I do. A mixture of past events and an inbuilt self evaluation / comparison process I think. I get close to understanding the whys for my reactions but rarely get close to alleviating them.

            That said, my PT introduced me to the air bike in the gym a couple of weeks ago. He has me doing slams, box jumps, kettle bell swings then this air bike contraption of torture. I thought I was going to hit him today, hit him or cry, one of the two. The endorphins after were brilliant though. He is delivering as promised. I have high hopes for my PT! 😍

            HG have you tried the air bike? Different gyms call it different things. Like a cross trainer but in bike form.

          5. A Victor says:

            TS, I apologize that I didnot answer your question. My daughter has borrowed or rented a light from her Dr somehow, as a trial to see if it helped. It did but then they ended up moving to HI for 3 years and she’s had less issue with it since. This tells me it was related to her vitamin D.levels and could likely cause her more issue again over time. They just moved into a house which gets an excellent amount of sun in the area where she is the most so I’m hoping it’s enough.

            I actually prefer working out at hometo going up a gym, though the climbing placeis okay. For me it’s a difference between being indoors or outdoors, there is nothing like fresh air and sunshine!

            I agree with the affect from the narcissist. Moving from the house where I lived with my ex has been a huge help to leave him behind. And I didn’t even realize how being there was affecting me, but I have seen how not being there has.lightened me up. And I’ve purged more stuff that we had also, which is helpful too.

            As you noted in a different comment, I think symbolism must mean a lot to empaths, though I would not have thought of this. I do not consider myselfto be particularly sentimental. But with some this, I guess it is so. interesting thing to realize, thank you for bringing it to my attention!

          6. A Victor says:

            Effect*** from the narcissist! Affect/effect misuse is one of my pet peeves! I really don’t like my current phone for commenting, texting, emailing etc, the keyboard is horrible!

          7. Truthseeker6157 says:


            Oi Missus! Never any need to apologise to me. X

            Thank you for the explanation. My doctor is useless, I can go whistle if it’s anything outside of a cough or something she needs from me to hit her own targets. Although I don’t seem to receive feedback questionnaires from them any more. How strange! Haha!

            You can buy light boxes on Amazon. I wonder how effective those are. I imagine there won’t be much difference between those and one issued by a doctor. I might give it a whirl and take a vitamin D supplement, see if it makes a difference.

            Symbolism. I’m a nightmare for it. At the end of summer holidays when the kids go back to school is a bad one. I question whether I appreciated enough them being at home over summer. I think a lot in terms of ‘this time last year’ ‘this time next year’. I lay away Christmas decorations and think along the same lines. I wish I was putting up the tree not taking down the tree and think that I didn’t enjoy it as I should have. All sorts. I wonder how the kids will describe their childhood when older, on and on it goes.

            My kids have always fought. The kind of fighting that can bring things to a standstill. It can ruin holidays, special occasions, etc. I’ve always been careful to treat both equally because my feeling is the fighting is competition based, based on competition for me. So often, occasion days feel like a fail. Again occasion days are markers or symbolic in a way.

            I think people often evaluate themselves in career terms, physical terms, material terms or in terms of achievement. I don’t. I just evaluate everything else!


          8. Asp Emp says:

            TS, you can obtain a Vitamin D blood test if you wish to measure your levels. Since the UK has been getting less sun over the last 20 to 30 years, more people are needing Vit D supplements. I take them daily. They take on average 3 months to ‘activate’ within the body. You can do some research online. The test may be able to indicate how much you need to take. Maybe find out if your children need any or not. Since Vit D is very low obtained from food, majority is from sun but a supplement can help adults during the winter months. My GP suggested 400UI but I upped that to 1,000 after 18 months (4k is the maximum).

            And I changed my milk from semi-skimmed to full fat because of the 4 vitamins difference on between the two milks. You can add water to it to make it “semi-skimmed” but still get the vitamins.

            A light-box, you’d have to move it around and using electricity?

            Sorry HG, I know this is not narcissism related. I thank you in advance.

  7. Asp Emp says:

    That’s a lovely photo, HG.

    Another discount? You do spoil us, HG. Thank you. Autumn may be around sooner in some areas than others… is still quite green around here 🙂

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