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  1. Asp Emp says:

    RE: Harry’s Wife Part 82.10 : Heirloom : Wounding

    Wow, that was very interesting about little Princess Charlotte. It’s such a blessing, a true blessing that the little girl will grow up to be a beautiful person inside as well as outside. As well as her siblings. With wonderful, strong, supportive, loving parents as Kate and William.

    As for the Montishitso couple, well, I can safely say that their children will end up being ACONs – whether they will be narcissists or not, remains to be seen.

    As for Megsie, well, her narcissism is going to eventually turn her irreversibly insane (I say this because her narcissism has not ‘evolved’). Prince Harry? He needs to GOSO, his ‘insanity’ can be reversed with the right education and support.

    Thank you for this video, HG 🙂

  2. Asp Emp says:

    Hmmm……’Paid Sugars’……

    I’ll comment on ‘Heirloom – Wounding’ video shortly 🙂

    …..”so called Sussex Squad”…..laughing, there is only 1.5 of them. Why 1.5? She has ‘absorbed’ part of Harry’s “characteristics” and passing them off as her own – he was a genuinely nice guy until his eroded empathy affecting his ET / LT.

    “thick as pig s*it”, yes, well, I think anyone would be had they been spending too much time in the chicken coop with the door shut…..

    I love that….“sugar off”…..

    HG, you have clearly explained that she has no idea of running a business, no business qualifications to speak of and therefore no experience in dealing with organisations that are experienced in dealing with people like her. Even if they have not quite ‘cottoned’ on that she is a narcissist.

    What is awful though, is the fact Harry has been ‘involved’ and being married to her, has in effect led him to be potentially sued by people. In turn, this will lead to the Royal Family possibly ‘pushing’ away from him even more because of the ‘wall’ she has created between Harry and his family. Because he is married to her, he would be likely to be held as accountable as she is, should it go down the route of investigation by any authority that decides to do so.

    You have done at least half the work for the investigators in any case. The money (ie salaries, resources that may have been paid by the tax-payers) they ‘save’ by not having to spend so much time investigating. In saying that, you should be given recognition on that aspect too.

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