10 Ways You Threaten the Narcissist´s Control



Gaining understanding about the narcissist is part of achieving freedom.

Narcissist´s need control and fuel and it is near constant. HG Tudor explains to you ten common ways in which you threaten our control of you, although you may not actually realise that the items listed are threats to control.

Hg Tudor also places these threats into the context of how the narcissist will respond when these threats manifest during seduction and during devaluation, showing how different responses arise to increase your understanding.

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways You Threaten the Narcissist´s Control

  1. Asp Emp says:

    An example of muvver’s control and (my “apparent” threat to her ‘control’) is when I was around 10/11/12 years old, we (and my sister) were out in a town, it was busy with people and traffic was not fast (ie controlled speed). Muvver took hold of my hand to cross the road. I mean WTF. I ‘reacted’ by snatching my hand away. I was like ‘fu*k off!’ (laughing here) but didn’t say anything. Then she roughly grabs my upper arm hard and basically dragged me across the road. That in itself ‘furthered’ my ‘hackles’. For one, I do NOT like being touched by HER. Second thing, it was instinctively my ‘wanting to get away from my abuser’s touch’ (like with a ‘repulse’ reaction). I am not a 5 year old. How many 10-12 year olds need to have their hand held to cross a fkg road?! Muvver’s ‘facade’ dropped then she ‘regained’ control.

    My ‘reactions’ were simply a combination of ‘factors’, including Aspergers and my Deafness – I was actually looking around for traffic as I had learned by that age.

    An empath, or a normal would have said ‘it’s safe to cross’ and possibly gentle nudge from the back or shoulder.

    I felt a little nauseous TBH. Anger, even. As I wrote the words above. Partly having being ‘let down’ by the ‘system’. Then again, logically thinking, it is acceptable to have ‘responses’ like these now but it does not mean I am not ‘managing’ my ET. It is basically, in my view, a result of CPTSD, the ‘residue’ of the past. It is a passing ‘flare-up’.

    Should anyone have ‘observed’ those actions today, surely, someone may have approached muvver and said something.

  2. A Victor says:

    Just listened to this one again last week. Excellent information.

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