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How to beat the narcissist’s manipulations which includes how to do so where No Contact has not been deployed.

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2 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Re-reading my comment earlier, I am aware that my dark tetrad characteristics are present in my words. The ACON ‘responding’ (the inner & young child, part of which would have become ‘trapped’ after the above “incident”) and the ‘fury’ ‘re-manisfesting’ itself (coming to the fore).

    Sadism. Psychopathic. Narcissistic. Machiavellian (ie my father was not around so the “system” ‘failed’, not his fault). Parody. Satire. Wounded. Emotional Thinking. Logical Thinking. Weaponised Empath. Murdering without Feeling. Co-Dependent ‘un-chaining’. Analytical Thinking. Lateral Thinking. Understanding. Empathy (for father). Ice coldness (muvver). Unsympathetic. Vitriol (the sulphuric acid type and malice).

    My mind is fully ‘switched’ on. It was as I wrote my original comment. I know what I am.

    HG has referred to 3 ‘catalysts’ that formed the creation of his being what he is today.

    My ‘catalysts’? One 6 months before my birth, possibly leading to one during my birth. One 6 months after my birth (the ‘hoover’ nightmare, the dog attack). Nursery school (cannot recall exactly what it was resulting in my screaming one time), yet I recall the house being located in the woods. The hot chocolate incident. My father’s passing. Leaving home at 11…….so many small or large ‘catalysts’.

    In my view, as HG has suggested in his recent ‘Interview with HG Tudor’ video in relation to formation of empaths and narcissists, from my own experiences and memories. I would suggest that the GPD that I inherited from both parents and my grandmother all ‘manifested’ themselves at various ‘catalysts’ during my life, especially when I was a child. Yet, I am an empath. Muvver ‘assisted’ in the formation of my empath status from Standard to Super and father’s passing contributed to my **Co-Dependent ‘becoming’. **I was co-dependent from birth due to my Deafness / Aspergers but not in relation to empath status – two different types of ‘co-dependency’.

    Despite my colder ‘side’, I still have my inner bright light that never distinguished. 4 others ‘sit’ with my ‘light’ because I permit them to be present.

    Major thanks and appreciation to HG for his work. His resources provided me with the ‘hammers’ to break down the numerous ‘walls’ within my mind and emotions. Some of my ‘pieces’ of the ‘puzzle’ come to my awareness when I come across little yet valuable nuggets of gold.

  2. Asp Emp says:

    ……“our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real” Hannibal Lector writes to Will Graham (at the closing scene of the film) Red Dragon (2002). It was good to watch the film again 22nd October 2021.

    I made a note of these words because they resonated with me.

    The mental and emotional ‘scars’ started when I was very young. The earliest memory that I can recall very well is…..I was around 5 or 6 years old.

    I was punished for not being able to pronounce a word that was complex – to actually hear the sounds of the letters, never mind understand the with my cognitive brain-wiring, I knew I was lip-reading it correctly. I was not commended for that in itself.

    I did not keep count of how many times I had tried to say the word before muvver ‘lost it’. I was smacked several times, anywhere on the body before being sent to bed without any supper.

    I do not know where my father was at this time, most likely down in his ‘den’ in the ground floor of the house – he would have been working, constructing what he knew how to do and what he excelled at. The kitchen and lounge were on the 2nd floor.

    Some time later, I was ‘allowed’ to have some hot chocolate (probably most likely when my father re-emerged from his den). I know that I had simply asked for some hot chocolate but was punished for not saying the word ‘chocolate’.

    God. That invoked so much sadness. Why? Partly because the fact he was not a well man, he did not, could not throw her out of the house and out of our lives.

    I have 4 physical scars, of which she ‘caused’ to happen, 3 of them I did myself.

    Having said that, I am fkg glad she suffered.

    As a narcissist.

    Despite having been made ‘comfortable’ while dying in hospital, she would have suffered her own ‘hell’ while being in that room on her own as her ‘creature’ slowly devoured her in it’s entirety through her instincts and her mind.

    Fk you muvver and I hope that ‘creature’ made you pay as you died.

    Also fk you muvver. I’ll eat and drink as much fkg chocolate as I fkg like. Dum de dum….

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