15 Boundary Breakers



We never respect boundaries, do not regard them as applicable to us, whether those boundaries are accepted social conventions or boundaries enshrined in law, we have little or no regard for them. These rules, procedures, conventions and laws are for the little people, not titans such as us. We go where we want, when we want and do what we want. Driven by our astonishing sense of entitlement, absent empathy and innate superiority, we smash through barriers and boundaries every day. This is a total mind set which we adopt and the examples of this are legion. Here are fifteen instance of our boundary breaking behaviours.

  1. Anything of yours is automatically ours.
  2. You are an extension of us.
  3. We make you feel guilty if you say no to us.
  4. We make you believe that you are something that you are not.
  5. We ignore and/or deny your needs.
  6. We invade your spaces.
  7. We allow your sense of self-esteem and self-worth to be eroded.
  8. We make you solely responsible for our needs.
  9. We make you say β€œyes” to us through a sense of obligation.
  10. We make you feel it is necessary to always please us.
  11. We treat you unequally.
  12. We fail to support you.
  13. We expect you to agree with us all of the time.
  14. We expect you to read our minds so you do what we want.
  15. We dominate your resources – time, energy, attention, socialising, money and emotions.

4 thoughts on “15 Boundary Breakers

  1. Joa says:


    In point 4 I would add: …and you are glad that you have finally “found myself” πŸ™‚

    I watch the first narcissist with great interest (mainly fb – he publishes daily). His current woman underwent a metamorphosis, within a few months, from a shy, soulful painter into a sharp rock girl.

    I’ve never seen a person blend in so tightly with a man. I must admit that she is much better than me πŸ™‚ She is very sensitive. I hope this idiot doesn’t leave her, she won’t survive it. This girl really can’t (I wish I was wrong).

    The right choice. He tied her up with a family, dog, child (his), work, spending free time. Everyone. There is no more place for her.

    Wedding in 5 months. He couldn’t stand it, not to inform me about it πŸ™‚ A wave of my excitement, emotions, congratulations and happiness poured out on him because of his happiness (this is the core of my personality, I really feel it + relief that someone will “take over” him for some time, I left the block for a while). He said goodbye quite quickly, at the end diminishing my name, as he did 20-30 years ago (ah, a slight splinter was at that sound :)). After an hour, a music file (without my reaction). After 2 hours, a photo of a walk with a dog in the snow (emoticon). After 3 hours, a video of his child hugging his dog (emoticon).

    The first narcissist has zero awareness, apart from the feeling that he is different.

    His “subjects” really hate me for daring to leave their “master” 18 years ago (how much more do I have to repent for it ?!) and that their “master” was doomed to “suffer eternal”. I am ironic write about this “master”, but this is how it looks, his inferior, male (and sometimes female) traces of behavior, clothing and lifestyle. His word is the oracle there and the only truth. When we were still together, I couldn’t stand these people, they were so “round” and expressionless. Like his echo. I felt as if I was an obstacle on their way to him. They made me nervous. They brought nothing essential to life, except for a pointless twirling around.

    But I was also enchanted by his splendor for many years πŸ™‚ I admit. Although I’ve never been so “absorbed” so much.

    Narcissism is amazing. Fascinating. As long as you step out of the observer role.

    Worse, when you are in the boiler on a slow flame πŸ™‚

    1. k mac says:

      Your last line reminds me of the saying if you boil a frog slowly they don’t realize they are dying. Something like that.

  2. Kris Wynne says:

    Very best yet. This almost destroyed me and yet saved me. Thanks for putting in writing what I could never say. πŸ’šπŸ’œ

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

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