Does the Narcissist Have Any Emotional Empathy



Does the narcissist have any emotional empathy?

Is it there? Is it limited in nature? Is it switched on and off and if so, how so?

What are you experiencing when the narcissist says that he loves you, or he is concerned about you? What is happening when the narcissist looks after you when you are ill and then scolds you for malingering?

This Logic Bulletin answers this key question to aid you in your fight against the corrupting influences of emotional thinking.

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One thought on “Does the Narcissist Have Any Emotional Empathy

  1. A Victor says:

    No, they have no emotional empathy, they are utterly selfish in all ways, everything they do is about themselves even if it looks like it’s done for someone else. They do not have the capacity to actually think about someone else for the other person’s well being.

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