The Ultra Livestream

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  1. Leolita says:

    Hi, are you taking a break from YT? I miss your videos. if this is explained elsewhere please direct me.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am focussed on my professional commitments at present.

      1. Leolita says:

        Ok, thank you for clearifying!

  2. Sweetest Perfection says:

    See, AC? Nobody takes me seriously.

  3. Another Cat says:

    JB on Febr 17th says:

    Yes, on Feb 27th the clocks will still be the same as they are now xx

    Then Sweetest Perfection jokes (Feb 17):

    Nothing will be the same, JB, NOTHING!

    Behold the dates.
    What an eeirly creepy premonition this one turned out to be.

    1. A Victor says:

      Wow, Another Cat, that is interesting.

  4. lickemtomorrow says:

    HG, will you posting this Livestream to your channel? I was hoping it would go up for others to view and I wasn’t under the impression it was just for members (hence my reply to Violetta).

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Violetta says:

        Should I refrain from lurking in future unless I pay? Apparently my impression was wrong.

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          Violetta, from what I could see not everyone who posted comments was a member and therefore did not need to pay to participate. Maybe my impression was wrong.

          HG, was everyone able to participate in the Livestream and comment?

          1. HG Tudor says:


          2. lickemtomorrow says:

            Hooray! My favourite answer 🙂

          3. NarcAngel says:

            One is able to identify who is and who is not a paid member?

          4. Sweetest Perfection says:

            NA, there’s a KTN tag added to your name when you have subscribed.

          5. lickemtomorrow says:

            NA, yes, you get a badge next to your name – like a little medallion – and it appears in different colours depending on how long you’ve been a member. There is no difference in terms of the badges related to which type of member you are (tertiary, etc.), it’s just an indication you are a paid member. This shows up whenever a member comments, and it showed up in the Livestream as well. The Livestream has not appeared as a members only bonus, so that’s what made me think it was available to everyone, and it was 🙂

          6. NarcAngel says:

            SweetP and LET

            Thank you for responding/confirming. I assumed there would have to be some sort of differentiation as the levels have differing benefits and it would be difficult (I dare not say impossible when it comes to HG haha) to keep who was entitled to what straight. Colour of the badge makes sense with regard to level because membership is new and that would make everyone the same colour presently would it not?

          7. Sweetest Perfection says:

            You’re welcome, NA. I don’t have one as I’m not subscribed. HG is so generous that he still offers events like this for the general public, so I could attend this one.

          8. lickemtomorrow says:

            NA, the levels involve different perks, but the colour of the badges in terms of how long you have been a member are the same from what I understand. We’re all pretty ‘bland’ right now 😛 So the only one who can differentiate is HG in terms of the different levels from what I understand and that’s likely down to payment types.

            The badges change colour the longer you have been a member (montly, I think). It’s all listed under “Membership” on the channel if you check it out.

          9. HG Tudor says:


          10. lickemtomorrow says:

            As an enthusiastic member, I’ve been somewhat screwed by the fuel crisis so hopefully you won’t seen a drop off in membership in the current circumstances. Things are so volatile at the moment, especially financially, and have been for a while due to the pandemic. Your professional commitments are also taking you away at times, HG. It’s an unfortunate combination of factors that might delay people from taking up memberships or from benefiting by doing so. On the upside, I see the first changes to badge colours and members taking up the opportunity to join are now a beautiful blue!

          11. NarcAngel says:

            Thank you for the info regarding membership. I have ipad and Iphone, and it appears narcblocking was included as part of Steve Jobs legacy (along with whatever likely narc is running YouTube) so there is no join or membership button available for info.

            For instance, if I understand correctly from the video, one can dip in and out of membership, so if I joined early and am currently blue, then proceed up to another color, if I take a break in membership and then return, do I return as the color I was when I left or start over again?

            Also, with what is sure to result in a large and growing membership, how will it be possible to keep track of who has what status (if not for some differentiating factor such as color) to ensure for instance the priority response that has been suggested as a perk? If I join early and receive loyalty badges demonstrating my duration and loyalty to the cause but am only a Tertiary member, does that ensure my question would be answered? or possibly overridden by one posed by a Primary member? Especially given to the demands on HG’s time.

            Trials of a Truthseeker that there will always be questions haha.

            I thought it inevitable that a Patreon type membership would be introduced. It is good business sense for someone in HG’s position. Just trying to work out what level of involvement (if any) makes sense for someone like me at this point, given my already lengthy involvement/education/purchases. Also, to be completely honest, though I can easily manage Primary membership I am unsettled as a former target/victim at the thought of having what could be perceived as dividing, or having status over other targets due to finances. I realize that is something solely on me to resolve.

            Whatever the decision, my very best wishes for success HG.

          12. lickemtomorrow says:

            Haha, NA, to the narcblocking being part of Steve Jobs legacy 😛 I’m pretty sure someone else had the same problem and found a way around it. Maybe the solution is on this thread. Calling @TS for an answer 🙂 At least to the iPad/iphone question.

            Your Truthseeking traits are shining bright and good question about leaving and returning again. My guess is leaving puts you back at the starting line, but what do I know? Not game to try it as I’m liking the blue 🙂

            I don’t assume there is a differentiation in terms of questions being answered as members will only be known or shown by their badges, but in terms of ‘perks’ the Primary members will receive more in the sense of what is set out. So far that involved a large discount in the Knowledge Vault and a possible separate Livestream for Primary members, as well as the other perks the Secondary and Tertiary enjoy. In that sense, HG has set out the perks and people themselves will know as members what they are entitled to, I think.

            I feel like I’m offering a sales pitch here, but I agree it is good business sense and HG offers so much at no cost, or hugely discounted costs, that I felt if I was in a position to support that then that is what I would like to do. The fact that some material won’t be available to members of lesser types means as a Primary member you will get to enjoy the full benefits, some of which I’ve already mentioned. Only you can decided if it suits your requirements at this stage, NA, and I’m only saying what I’ve said on the basis you mention being able to acquire this membership.

            In terms of having status over others, it is a legitimate empathic concern and when I joined and considered others being unable to benefit, I wondered if I could split my payment to have a lesser membership thus affording someone else to be able to join. That’s the way an empath’s mind works and is also on me to resolve, but the rise in costs at the moment has caused me to tighten the purse strings a little. We all have other committments, but I can assure HG I don’t subscribe to any other channels and am in some ways surprised more people haven’t jumped on board yet due to what is on offer. They could have thoughts like yours – not wanting to create an element of division – they could be in a position not to be able to dig any deeper, or they could be waiting to see still if its worth their while to join up.

            I think for what we get at no cost, and if it is affordable, joining will give you some options you might enjoy. That’s if you can get past Steve Jobs and his narcblocking antics, and let’s hope the Ultra narcissist can defeat those of his own kind on YT who would try and deter him.

          13. Another Cat says:

            thank you so much for raising reflections about the different badges for youtube subscribers, “I could pay more than you”, is, in one sense what they are saying. However many of us are hugely grateful for you and others who help HG maintaining this lifesaving Tudorverse, both financially, through memberships, and with the conversations.

          14. HG Tudor says:

            The memberships do not how the level, simply that somebody is a member. The distinction arises with regard to the colour which changes the longer somebody has remained a member for.

          15. Another Cat says:

            Thank you, HG.

          16. Truthseeker6157 says:


            I’m also on iPad and couldn’t join in the usual way. HG very kindly supplied me with a workaround which is really easy to follow and which solved the problem. Attached for you here.


            I had similar concerns about the badges. I was worried that badge colour would reflect membership level and that wouldn’t have sat well with me either. Fortunately, HG decided to keep membership level private, which I really appreciate. People have the choice to have membership or not. If not they still get free YouTube videos, access to livestreams and questions answered time allowing. Essentially no change to their previous Ultra Channel experience. I therefore see membership as something extra listeners can have if they want and are in a position to buy it, but without the quality of their previous experience being reduced if they elect not to buy it.

            In terms of membership benefits Including Knowledge Vault and consultation savings, it depends where you are up to in your Narcsite journey I think. I’ve already purchased a lot of the Knowledge Vault items and all the detectors, so discount is less valuable to me than perhaps a newer reader. However, the Tinder Swindler material was outstanding in terms of detail, analysis and explanation. I got a lot out of it and it was more than worth the membership fee for the month. Think, ‘America You Are Being Conned’ but in 4 very detailed parts. I would have bought Tinder Swindler from the Knowledge Vault as I did ‘America You Are Being Conned’ so in many ways it is just a different way to purchase really interesting material but with extra perks.

            I will say this for HG, he does deliver. That material was excellent and I anticipate future membership videos will be of an equally high standard. You have huge understanding of the subject NA, I still think you’ll really enjoy the new material that comes with membership if that’s the route you choose to take.


          17. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you TS.

          18. Truthseeker6157 says:

            You’re welcome HG.

      2. lickemtomorrow says:

        Fair enough.

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Thank you to those who provided information and thoughts regarding membership. There were some good points made to take into consideration while I admittedly address some emotional thinking on my part. It appears the link will provide access for those using IOS and Google Chrome. That HG delivers and the material provided will be excellent is never in question. It is the reason I have remained to date.

  5. JB says:

    HG, what happened with the livestream scheduled for the end of Feb? I heard the short five minute one you did, but then it disappeared! Technical issues? Any plans for another?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      There was a two hour livestream.

      1. JB says:

        Really? I watched the five minute one, no problems, but when I tried to view the longer one it showed a changed (later) time and said ‘Waiting for HG Tudor’; despite numerous refreshes this never changed. I don’t know what happened; do you know if anybody else had an issue, HG?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Owing to technical issues given where I was at the time the livestream started later and ran for two hours.

          1. Asp Emp says:

            Thank you for your time on this Livestream, it was really good to read what people asked and your responses. I enjoyed this session, thank you, HG 🙂

          2. Rebecca says:

            HG, I actually got a notice from YT, I was shocked , figured they’d try to stop it.

          3. Rebecca says:

            Even with the technical issues, I still enjoyed the livestream! 🙃 Hope for another one soon.

          4. JB says:

            Ah that’s a shame, HG. I kept checking back in, but sadly had to go as I had kids to sort out. I was gutted to have missed it though! Couldn’t see it on the livestream listings (appears to have been deleted), but am hoping to catch the next one.

        2. WhoCares says:


          I encountered the same issue as you. It seemed as though the livestream would follow (immediately or shortly) after the five minute one. When it didn’t, I was confused (or thinking that HG was going for a grand re-entrance!).
          In the meantime, I had stuff to do, snacks and tea – so I waited. And eventually, HG resolved whatever the issues were and the full livestream commenced.
          It was good, and very lively with questions from listeners. Some regular blog readers were there as well.

          1. JB says:

            WC, I stuck around for as long as I could, but then had to go and sort kids with bedtime, etc. By the time I was able to return, it must have finished. Ah well, better luck next time!

          2. WhoCares says:


            I think was determined (to wait a while) because I had a couple questions and had planned ahead with regard to putting aside the time.

            Better luck next time, yes!

      2. Lucycita says:

        Will you be hosting another live stream in the near future HG? We have missed your fresh voice.

        1. HG Tudor says:


          1. Asp Emp says:

            Woo hoo, HG!

          2. Lucycita says:


          3. Rebecca says:

            Oh, goodie, goodie! Lol

    2. Violetta says:

      I lurked for part of it. Hope that wasn’t unethical (under the impression you had to pay only if you wanted to post comments or questions).

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        I thought anyone could post a question or comment.

        1. NatAlie says:

          I wasn’t able to view it.
          I enjoy all the ask H.G.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            NatAlie, do you mean you missed it or weren’t able to access it?

            I’m sorry to hear you missed it, but according to HG there will be more 🙂

            The Ask HG are also very enjoyable, and probably a bit less frenetic, as in trying to keep up with the scrolling questions and comments plus focus on the answers being given in the Livestream can be quite daunting. It’s impossible to read what everyone is saying and it must be hard for HG to give his responses while looking out for the comments and questions as well. No doubt it would be possible to miss some in the mix.

            I hope you are able to make the next one!

      2. Savoy Truffle says:

        Anyone can lurk or comment! I know because I did (I use a different name on Youtube), Be there is you can! HG makes learning about unsafe people engaging and fun. I gotta hand it to him.

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          Savoy Truffle, hit the nail on the head there – “unsafe people”

          Only engaging and fun if we take it on board. Also not for the faint hearted.

          1. Savoy Truffle says:

            Yeah, the fun part is participating in the livestream (and these comment threads). The things we learned from experience – not fun!

        2. Violetta says:

          It’s okay for anyone to click on it? I got in without a password (unlike the KHG series), and started to worry that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be there.

  6. Alison says:

    I need to catch one of these at some point. I hope HG keeps them up!

  7. JB says:

    HG, you said about the clocks changing that weekend, but that isn’t until the weekend of 27th March, so can I please check, are you doing the livestream on 27th February or 27th March?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      27th February. This was done to ensure you sat up and took notice.

      1. JB says:

        “27th February. This was done to ensure you sat up and took notice.” No need for that, HG, I was already paying full attention, as always!

      2. A Victor says:

        Oh, this one… Got it, sorry.

  8. Rebecca says:

    Yesssss! Finally one I want miss! Thanks so much!! Lol

    1. Rebecca says:

      I won’t miss lol

  9. Savoy Truffle says:

    Yikes! The screen says 10 PM PST but it meant 10 AM. I’m sure most people know enough to heed the Glorious Narrator and not their lying eyes.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is 10 am PST, the graphic designer has been admonished.

      1. A Victor says:

        Also, the Daylight Savings for the US is March 13, 2022.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          See point above.

          1. A Victor says:

            Oh dear…I see it…😳…am I in trouble? I thought the video said Feb 13…

        2. Sweetest Perfection says:

          But in Europe it is Feb 27. Even though it doesn’t affect the US, it will change the time perspective on HG’s side and it is worth remembering that. I always have time chaos with my family when they change the time ahead of us.

          1. A Victor says:

            Oh, thank you SP, if Europe changes on Feb 27, we will be only 5 hours difference, that is good to know.

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            That’s why he says we’ll be closer.

          3. A Victor says:

            Haha, I knew this!! 😁

          4. JB says:

            SP, it isn’t, in Europe and the UK, it is the weekend of 27th March.

          5. Sweetest Perfection says:

            True. What a mess! I am not the best person at these things to be honest. Used to military time, I always confuse am and pm. And not to mention the time change… I always ask: but are we sleeping one hour less or more? -priorities-

          6. A Victor says:

            JB, Europe springs forward on March 27? So, on Feb 27, no one has yet begun daylight savings, meaning I am 6 hours behind HG, here in CST. Thank you.

          7. JB says:


            Yes, on Feb 27th the clocks will still be the same as they are now xx

          8. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Nothing will be the same, JB, NOTHING!

          9. JB says:

            SP, ha ha! 😂

      2. Rebecca says:

        Did you throw him or her in the nettles? Lol Oh, the 27 of next month is my b day, shy by one month….lol

        1. A Victor says:

          Hi Rebecca, am I the him or her you are asking about? I am a her, haha! And, no, no nettles…thank goodness…not yet anyway 😟

        2. A Victor says:

          Oh, haha, thank you, it wasn’t me you were referring to with the nettles, just caught it looking here instead of on WP.

          1. Rebecca says:

            Lol No, not you AV. 🙃❤

          2. A Victor says:

            Haha, that was a moment of extreme confusion on my part 😳😂

    2. Asp Emp says:

      Savoy Truffle, yes, I went by the ‘evidence’ via HG’s video, I noted down the time as 10am PST.

  10. Asp Emp says:

    Yay! A date with HG 🙂

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:

      Locked and loaded.

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