The Tinder Swindler Part One



The Tinder Swindler : Part One


Have you watched the Tinder Swindler on Netflix or read about his exploits in the press? If so, do you know what he is? Do you regard him as a narcissist and if so, what do you think are his school and cadre and why? Do you think he is more than a narcissist or something else together? Ahead of HG Tudor providing you with a comprehensive and fascinating breakdown of his behaviours, share your thoughts in the comments section, to see how effective your learning is.

16 thoughts on “The Tinder Swindler Part One

  1. lisk says:

    My guess has is Lesser. Now to the videos!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I think he’s a mid range somatic narcissist.

  3. lickemtomorrow says:

    I think he is a narcissist and a psychopath.

    I wrote in a previous comment his total lack of remorse – no conscience, no guilt – his HUGE sense of entitlement, and grandiose sense of self definitely indicates narcissism. He’s definitely Somatic (loves expensive items and living the high life), not a Lesser, but more likely a Mid Ranger (pity plays noted), and I’m not sure if he does anything but party! In that sense I don’t sense an overwhelming intelligence, but more a con artist in his ability to get away with things. This is what leads me to seeing him also as a psychopath. He’s remorseless in terms of getting what he wants and appears to have no fear around how he is going to get it and what the consequences might be. He also has no concern for his victims and in his impulsivity has become a victim himself (third victim gained the upper hand by conning him). Or maybe that was just his egocentricity that tripped him up! I think I asked the question before if a Somatic can also be an Elite narcissist.

    If I had to categorize, I’d say Mid Range Somatic narcissistic pyschopath. Expensive tastes don’t make him Elite.

    Looking forward to hearing the Ultra’s definition.

    And I really hope you get a chance to do one on Anna Sorokin, too, HG. Been watching the Netflix series and it’s full on! I have to take a break between episodes. What a shark!

  4. A Victor says:

    Oh no, I misread this before, in my hurry today. But I have already said I believe he is a Middle Greater Elite. I am sticking with that for now, until HG corrects me…

  5. Alexissmith2016 says:

    This is like foreplay! I’m expecting an ultra climax.

    Definitely narc-psychopath.

    He gets people hooked quickly too and knows what he’s doing. Considerable financial muscle (other people’s), but even so not many people would have what it takes to achieve so much out of nothing. He bounced back very quickly too. He didn’t sit around feeing sorry for himself once out of jail, he was quick to set up a business and now makes his own money (as I understand it). I’ve not researched beyond the docu. So he can’t be middle or lower mid range. Unlikely to be a lesser as he keeps his temper under control little outbursts when he’s not getting what he wants but it was over the telephone rather than physical violence. He attracts women easily, loves too look good and desires expensive items. Could be somatic but he has intelligence to pull this off so I’d guess at elite. I think he could be UMR or LGN. The P part shows in how cool and easily he lies, lacks any fear. I’m at the gym so this isn’t well thought through just thoughts that have left my brain as I get wound up with the excitement of hearing more!

    1. A Victor says:

      Hahaha, Alexissmith!! An ultra climax with an ultra rare steak afterward…you are correct, it feels like ultra foreplay!! 💣💥🥰

    2. lickemtomorrow says:

      Haha, Alexis, that is some random first sentence there 😛

      LOL to the foreplay.

      I’m expecting an ultra climax now, too!

  6. Eyes Peeled says:

    HG the narcissist that you speak of is a Somatic Middle Mid- Range Narcissist Type B for Bullying, Belligerent, Brash, Boasting, Bastard. He is not a Greater because the elaborate ponzi scheme that he did would have been thought through more. He was using the same scheme and same pictures to the same victims and they were able to eventually piece it together. Also not a greater because he didn’t have an elaborate team of people like a greater would his reach and victims were not as many it was just 3 so far from what I seen. I say he is a MMRN type B because he has a degree of cognitive function and he understands that when he does these things he gets a reaction ..fuel….Fuel…. makes him feel powerful I heard him using word salads and threats that MMRN is famous for using triangulation and amongst other things provocations and heated fury…lack of empathy a lack boundary recognition, triangulation, lack of boundary recognition, huge self of entitlement, pity play,grandiosity, blameshifting,gaslighting, distortion of reality, conversation crumbs. I didn’t say he was a lower level narcissist because he wasn’t the type to put his hands on the women as that would damage the facade. Unfortunately the young lady at the end didn’t have a clue of what she was ensnared with or what she is dealing with she need to book a consultation with HG is what I said when she said that shit…but we have all been then there. Hopefully I’m right about my analysis I have been listening to you for at least 7-8 years now might be longer than that I have been listening to you since your first channel I was a subscriber since your first channel when you did the interview with Christine out of the box you tube channel.

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  8. Isabel says:

    Somatic, and great lesser.

  9. Brooke Beni says:

    I think he is a midrange narc. When he got caught he played victim.

  10. BC30 says:

    I was going to place my bet, but remember what HG told me about being a Greater–and it not necessarily requiring intelligence. 🤔

    I HIGHLY recommend a consultation if you have any questions about Narcissism whatsoever.

    1. A Victor says:

      BC30, I think it means you have a huge fuel matrix, like on a world scale, more than anything, doesn’t it?

  11. BC30 says:

    Woot woot!!! 🍿🥤

  12. WhoCares says:

    This is a tough one.

  13. A Victor says:

    Oh my goodness, so much to watch and do today…Anna Delvey and the new membership option also…and I’m working…ugh….sort of working…

    Can’t wait to listen to this!!

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