HG Appearance on Rise with Sonia Poulton

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  1. Violetta says:

    Actually, Henry VIII had an interesting sort of powerless childhood, both spoiled and denied. He was originally intended for the Church, highly educated but destined to enjoy no fleshly pleasures. When older brother Arthur died, suddenly Henry had access to things and activities he never had before; once his father died, he could have everything (including his older brother’s widow, until she was devalued). He never strengthened his powers of self-denial, because it was other people denying him things as a spare with no likely political future. To go from no control to near-infinite control, along with the genetic component, was a predictable disaster.

  2. Joa says:

    A short, interesting film for people who do not know the topic.

    “Teaser”. Should work 🙂

  3. njfilly says:

    Wow, great interview! I like this lady and the energy between you two. I swear, it sounds like you are happy!

    You do seem to have passion and excitement for your work. Dare I say, you ‘love’ what you do?

    You are magnificent.

  4. lickemtomorrow says:

    HG, the line was not good in that interview for some reason, but I enjoyed the conversation and also the freebie on Katie Price. I’ve been reading with some interest about her and her latest shenanigans with the boyfriend/fiance. I think he’s a narc, too. What a disaster. Good to know Trudeau is going under the Tudorscope. Looking forward to that one.

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      I keep telling him the dungeon doesn’t have a good signal…

      1. Z - zwartbolleke says:

        Pahahahaha SP!!!!

      2. lickemtomorrow says:

        Haha, SP. Your sense of humour is really tickling me lately 🙂

      3. Joa says:

        Offf, I burst out laughing 🙂 And this dungeon again 🙂

      4. Rebecca says:

        SP, Good one there lol I enjoyed this interview both informative and funny. Throwing poop part really got me because I was picturing KW and Kim getting into a poop fight lol

      5. Bubbles says:

        Dearest SweetPea,
        That broke me up
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    2. Asp Emp says:

      LET, if you ever get an opportunity, Katie Price is a literal “car crash” – she was a guest on ‘Room 101’, I was absolutely amused with what she said, especially in relation to car-parking LOL. And she also talks about ‘talent’ on talent shows!

      I am attaching the link to the episode in question (and thank you to HG in advance x) – there are a number of clips

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        AspEmp, thanks 🙂 Katie Price is one that draws my sympathy in terms of the “car crash” aspect, and also because of her efforts with her son, Harvey. I’m troubled by her continued use of plastic surgery and sense of dissatisfaction with who she is, even more so with the impact all the various shenanigans must have on her children. She’s like a cat with nine lives and none of them good 🙁 It seems like nothing can be sustained and everything ends in disaster. Thanks for the link <3 I'll check it out.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          LET, I agree RE: Harvey. I sympathise that he has quite severe disabilities. In some way, I respect that for people to understand more about the added difficulties when it comes to those living with severe disabilities, ie giving an insight into the lives of those who have it and those who assist (carers). I felt it was unfair on Harvey to be ‘publicised’ (like an ‘object’) in such a way where he may not be cognitively aware (RE: his understanding) of the impact on how others view him and / or his mother. I am not being callous, it reminds me of Münchhausen by proxy if you can understand? There are differences in ie Katie sharing (via aired programmes) about her family’s difficulties to the one Paddy McGuinness did with his wife. The reasons why; how; what; who – the sets of parents shared their stories were different. In my view, the McGuinnesses did not put their children on the ‘spot’ in an objectifying way.

          I am trying to be unbiased about how I put it across because I am not a mother.

          While I understand about disabilities and the difficulties, I did not respect the way Harvey was ‘portrayed’, that is the saddening reality of narcissist parents.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            Hi AspEmp 🙂

            I completely understand what you are saying in relation to Katie Price and her son Harvey, and the concern around objectifying him for her own purposes (i.e. attention= fuel). He is entitled to his privacy and having a high profile mother can affect the situation two ways – heighten awareness around disability and difficult parenting decisions based on that, expose the affected person without their knowledge or consent. In my mind, the same could be said for the McGuinness’s, although I haven’t seen that story, so I don’t know how it was presented.

            Munchhausen by Proxy involves the parent purposefully making the child sick, or reporting that is the case when it isn’t at all. In Harvey’s case he was diagnosed with severe disabilities and Katie Price took on an enormous responsibility in parenting him. She may have done that for her own purposes (attention/fuel due to his condition), but until I know more about her status as a narcissist I can only say I admire the fact she did what she could for him while his famous football player father just walked away. Harvey had one parent who invested in him and that was Katie Price. If he is her extension then it is an unfortunate consequence for this young man, but his chances of survival and a ‘loving’ home without her may have been very limited.

            I appreciated reading your opinion, and never worry that you are not a mother in commenting on these things. Everyone has a right to comment from their own perspective and I didn’t see anything biased about that. You have been able to put a perspective on it from a different and important point of view which I had not really taken into account. I’m glad of having my eyes opened a little further <3

          2. Asp Emp says:

            LET, hello 🙂 The McGuinesses programme is different and they shared about autism within their family. What Christine had to say was very interesting, she described how she felt when she was younger – I felt similar. To me, they came across as frank with their views and experiences. How it was presented is different to how Katie is sharing about Harvey.

            Yes, I understand what Münchhausen by proxy is – it just reminded me of HG’s video. Granted Katie is not doing this. I commented on HG’s video because of a mother (or two) that catastrophized their children’s difficulties and ‘trained’ them to be worse off in their adult lives so there is less independence on their part. I met one of the adult sons.

            Yes, I agree that Katie is doing what she can as a mother. I would suggest that Harvey is an ‘extension’ for her, to garner extra attention. It is unfortunate for Harvey to be televised in such a way and he cannot understand, that is what makes me feel sad for him. I’ve worked with people who have learning disabilities (one and off, from around 20 years ago). They deserve respect as humans.

            Thank you for your last paragraph and for accepting my perspective on this subject. I really appreciate it. It is good to read your perspective on it too. It opportunes us to be a better version of ourselves as we listen and learn more from each other on this blog. Thank you, LET 🙂 x

          3. lickemtomorrow says:

            Hi AspEmp, thanks for that further insight into the McGuinness family and their story.

            You have a perspective which can paint a different light based on your own experiences and those of people you know. I rewatched a documentary of Katie and Harvey on YT called “Katie Standing Up For Harvey” and I was again impressed with the effort she made at that time for her son. My eldest daughter and I both became a little teary when we learned she was moving him into a more independent living situation. I think we felt the breaking of that bond between mother and child as the process of letting go begins. It must be hard when you have an incredibly dependent child who you have cared for over so many years. Others also become invested in the story, as we did, and for me it highlighted again the struggles involved. I’m not sure Katie has been able to let go in a positive way and that could in part be because she sees him as her extension. Continuing to make him part of her ad hoc existence and decision making could definitely be to his detriment. A fully functioning young adult would have difficulty negotiating that relationship. I can only wish them both the best and hopefully no more boob jobs for Katie!

            I appreciate you sharing your own difficulties in the sense of fitting in when you were younger and how you can relate that to Christine McGuinness and her story. There are many people who have no idea they are struggling with a diagnosis such as Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, etc. until well into their adulthood and it’s a huge relief when all the pieces begin to fall into place. So often it happens too late when so much damage to their self esteem has already been done. The lack of understanding, the passing of judgement, the cruel taunts, the sense of isolation … I could go on. No doubt the sense of rejection can be overwhelming and the relief at knowing you are not alone must be like a great burden being lifted. I’m not sure how Christine’s autism diagnosis impacts on her parenting, but she will have a depth of understanding that helps her better accept herself as well as her children and their needs. I hope so.

            We are always learning, and hopefully getting over the more bumpy bits as we travel that road xox

          4. Asp Emp says:

            Hello LET :-).

            You are welcome RE: the McGuinness family.

            I totally understand your (and your daughter’s) perspectives RE: Katie having to put Harvey into a more suitable living accommodation for him. I agree with what you have said. I would also add that Harvey is a big and strong lad who lacks the cognitive awareness (to a degree) of how that could impose difficulties for whoever he is around. I observed a few minutes of one of the programmes when it was on tv.

            At the same time, there can be an element of manipulation, ie someone who professed to having learning disabilities was in fact a carer for someone who is more vulnerable than him. She needed his ‘support’ but was being used financially by him. So he gets free meals when he ‘takes’ her out of her home (to get a break) – this money is via public funding. What was very ‘revealing’ was he was refused access to the group by the staff and I could see her relaxing and ‘coming out of her shell’ when he was not present. It was this sort of thing that myself and my friend would discuss – we both ‘saw’ right through him. He became abusive, threatening the staff and what he said was, in my view, beyond someone with learning disabilities. I am not applying this where Harvey / Katie is concerned.

            The issue that I am getting at RE: the client and her “carer” is that she was not able to have her ‘voice’ heard, did not speak out even when given the opportunity to do so. She understood but there was more fear than empowerment on her part. I got that horrible ‘screaming’ sense in my instincts with this guy. In my view, and from personal experiences (with that organisation) and from witnessing ‘incidents’, the organisation still failed to do the right thing – despite professing to exist for people with LD. I’ve seen both – the narcissistic and the empathic types of people with learning disabilities.

            Having said that, I think Harvey is in the best place for him in his life. As difficult it may be for him and his family being ‘apart’ yet Harvey seems happy enough.

            Thank you RE: Aspergers. Because I watched the programme, I observed that Christine has a lot of love for her children and her diagnosis will enable her to understand more about herself and assist on improved relationships with other people. She has an excellent understanding about her children, so does Paddy. The children are being given opportunities that would not necessarily have existed 30 / 40 years ago because of the lack of awareness about autism back then (never mind recognising it within children / adults at that time). I have no doubt that Paddy and Christine will raise independent children who are nurtured, cared for and loved. The children will also receive the right support while in education. I am pleased for them.

            When I got my diagnosis, I went through, likened to a ‘bereavement process’. But that was only part of the “answer” of me. Having said that. One can still be ‘alone’ in a room of people who do not understand.

            Thank you for your words, LET 🙂

          5. lickemtomorrow says:

            AspEmp <3

            Another lovely, thoughtful comment and I appreciate your feedback on this one.

            I think Harvey is in the best place for him now and I hope he will be happy.

            That is a very disconcerting story about the woman and her carer. I don't like the sound of it at all, and your instincts obviously kicked in to tell you something is not right. She is bound by fear and it sounds like he has a hold over her, intellectual/learning disability or not. In that sense we can't always assume narcissism only exists amongst certain members of the community or society. The victim narcissist will make good use of their 'misfortune' in order to entrap and abuse others. She may have become the victim of a 'victim' and it's a scenario I hadn't considered before. Another eye opener for me, AspEmp, and it sounds like you might be in a position to help advocate for her. You've definitely helped raised awareness of issues related to disability/difference here x

            That is a very positive projection you give for the McGuinness family and their children. You've obviously identified quite strongly with their situation, much like I have with Katie's for some reason, and it sounds like a positive outcome in both circumstances, though Christine and Paddy have managed to achieve a much more stable relationship situation which will help their children also.

            I can imagine you did undergo a grieving process in light of your diagnosis. It's the harsh reality of not being who we thought we were sometimes, and coming to terms with who was actually are … I've thought about HG a couple of times while pondering these thoughts, too. How someone else (a former IPPS) brought his eventual diagnosis to his attention, and how he knew he was different prior to that but at the same time had no explanation for what made him different. I can see how you would strongly identify with HG in that sense at times also. I don't think HG would have grieved his 'lost' self, and he seems to have taken hold of his 'found' self with gusto. Different diagnoses, of course, but factor in that there are also very few 'aware' narcissists. Narcissism is not meant to be recognized by the narcissist due its nature – as HG describes, a hermetically sealed defence system. In the case of these other diagnoses, the earlier diagnosis the better in terms of getting the required supports. It won't change the diagnosis, but it will improve the chances of living a more fulfilled life.

            I also hear you on the fact you can still feel 'alone' in a room full of people who do not understand. This is very true, and why it's important to connect with others whose experiences are similar to your own, and I mean that in a general sense, AspEmp. It's like joining together here as victims of the narcissist and being able to offer eachother support going forward. No one else understands what it's like to have experienced a narcissistic relationship except those who have endured it. We would be lonely indeed without one another to understand <3 xox

          6. Asp Emp says:

            LET, sorry for missing your response (found late afternoon 15th March) it did not come up in notifications. Thank you for your reply 🙂

            Thank you for your views RE: the woman and her “carer”. You have described your understanding very well on this here. I am glad to have given you an insight into where those learning disabilities are impacted. I have no means to contact her. That ‘organisation’ I volunteered for are accountable for not doing their job. There are (to my knowledge) no statutory bodies specifically for advocacy-led organisations. I looked. My friend looked. But my friend’s current job gives her more ‘clout’.

            Thank you for your considerations RE: my diagnosis. Interesting (yet not surprising) to read what you say in regard to HG. I’d suggest that HG has ‘pride’ in what he is now that he knows what his traits are, they are his strengths. I’d say similarly in regard to myself as an individual because I did not know ‘fully’ until I came here. I’m arsed that I would ‘permit’ anyone to change me now. So, in that respect, I’d also suggest why should HG change? I’d agree on your words RE: diagnosis and the timing of – but, as HG has confirmed, someone with psychopath / narcissism cannot be “diagnosed” until 18 years old. Therein lies a main ‘barrier’ to accessing the correct ‘routes’ to support / understanding from childhood to adulthood. But ‘behaviours’ can be explained without saying the actual “labels”. The child / young person would not necessarily have ‘learned’ to use those ‘behaviours’ (via actions) as much as say, a 35 year old.

            Again, thank you for your understanding RE: your last paragraph. No-one understands ‘isolation’ in the true sense of the word unless they have actually lived it themselves, ie lived on their own, far away from family / friends who understand me, the 3 in local area (I chose to stay quiet from because of the connections to the narcissists at last workplace – but have re-established contact with 2 of them). Having said that, I am much stronger than most people for having the ‘strengths’ to ‘endure’ it. That (my strengths), and, HG’s blog is more or less what kept me going (will-power by empowering myself further) and made me stronger than I was before I came here. That is also another reason why I am more likely to be much more of a ‘fk you’ (no empathy) or ‘love you’ (empathy) kind of individual now, yet, with much more awareness (less ‘blind’ and ‘”forgiving”) and acceptance (ie not really give a sh*t as much) of myself. I believe you recognise and accept that of me, I thank you for that, muchly 🙂

            Thank you so much, LT, for this comment. It is much appreciated xx

          7. lickemtomorrow says:

            AspEmp, no apology necessary and glad you found the chance to reply x

            The story you shared around your volunteer work and the lady concerned just made me think of how having a level of vulnerability (inherent or otherwise) is always going to be attractive to the narcissist and how much more vulnerable we are around the narcissist with their predatory nature. Some people have no choice but to rely on others and and can be hugely impacted by issues around abuse, much like children are dependent on adults for what they need and susceptible to abuse due their vulnerability. It’s conscience directed to treat those who are more vulnerable with respect, courtesy and compassion. For those without a conscience, these vulnerable victims become prime targets. You are right that the group offering support and being funded is accountable for the clients well being, so hopefully your friend has some influence there.

            I appreciate the thoughts in your second paragraph around HG and his diagnosis, as well as your own. There is an element of why should you change and why would you want to change if that fundamentally changes who you are, and all for the purposes of fitting in. We have much to contribute as individuals and differences should not prevent us from doing so. Narcissism is described as a personality disorder rather than a neurodevelopmental disorder, so I’d probably make a distinction there in terms of its effects. Whether those effects can be ameliorated in relation to LOCE and proper supports being put into place even before a diagnosis can be offered is a very worthwhile consideration. We know from what HG tells us that this likely needs to happen at a very early age, before the narcissism becomes a sealed deal. An awareness can obviously lead to an appreciation and better ability to deal with difficulties, but I think narcissism is a preventative measure in itself that doesn’t allow the individual to have insight and the difficulties they experience are always someone else’s fault.

            The sense of isolation you describe is real, especially during the time of the pandemic, but also outside of that when differences cause us to be isolated, or the nature of our past (LOCE, addiction to the narcissist, etc.) leaves us isolated. I’m glad you’ve managed to reconnect with two of the people you know and hopefully that will lead to more opportunities to meet up, maybe meet other people. I have definitely experienced the bonus of having to take time out due to the circumstances and have an opportunity to reflect on my last relationship (leading me to reflect on other relationships as well) and grieve, as well as arm myself for the future. You sound like you are going from strength to strength, AspEmp, and your words are always so encouraging <3 We've both benefited so much from being here xox

          8. Asp Emp says:

            Hello LET 🙂

            Yes, my friend is the type to do something about such ‘circumstances’. It does anger me because there is another woman who “looks after” a group of adults in a home (a residential house). My friend and I had ‘chats’ about this woman, especially after it was reported in the news about her stalking others……OMG. My anger ‘moments’ are justified. They pass too. Having said that, one such ‘moment’ can leave it’s “residue” for the remainder of a day, then I sleep on it and wake up the next morning ‘renewed’ (refreshed).

            RE: your second paragraph, when I mentioned ‘change’, I was recalling what HG suggested in relation to empaths not changing what they are. I agree in regard to ‘changing’, if that is applied to the thinking / feeling ‘processes’. That is what I have achieved. It does not mean I will ‘change’ as a person overall. Having said that, I can “change” my ‘outwards’ approach, ie ‘adapt’ with more ease within an environment because I have improved understanding about myself (and other people) = more confidence (not necessarily overly confident). Yes, I would agree that ‘education’ about behaviours needs to happen at an early age. Non-narcissist parents can do that (and should) especially with awareness about narcissism becoming more prevalent. It would only take a person who has a keen ‘eye’ to see the distinctive differences when it comes to someone blaming themselves, or someone blaming other people.

            RE: your last paragraph, thank you (greatly) for your sentiments. Gawd! I had my own ‘LOCEs’ within my own personal space ie trying to secure a suitable mortgage deal and telecommunications providers issues to ‘contend’ with and those were not of my doing but I managed to get them sorted. So, my Covid ‘isolation’ from society was not without it’s LOCEs 😉

            Yes, I’ve made plans to visit one friend very shortly 🙂

            I am glad and also, inspired further, to read how productive you have been in regard to your ‘empowering’ yourself further on your own journey.

            Thank you, once again, for your support. Much love xx

          9. lickemtomorrow says:

            AspEmp <3

            I totally get the 'anger' moments and also how they are totally justified. It's hard to let them go at times and often we are helpless to change the situations that engender them. I'm definitely a justice warrior and that would likely be due to my Saviour element. I can't remember if you've done the EDC, but I wouldn't be surprised if you had a large degree of Saviour. I think our own experiences lend us to wanting and needing to confront certain issues as well. Good to know you can wake up refreshed the next day after sleeping on it. These things often will stay with us during the day, so nighttime and sleep are our respite from that. That old saying "things will look different in the morning" can sometimes be true because our emotional levels have dropped overnight.

            That is the reason I appreciate your second paragraph and the clarifications you make there. I also love the fact HG does not recommend or even suggest changing ourselves – it would be impossible anyway to change our fundamental nature – but highlights the things we are able to change – reducing emotional thinking – in order to move across the emotional sea. You've highlighted many times here that link between logic and emotional thinking and I always appreciate the reminder.

            Your last point around blame is interesting. I agree it does take a keen eye sometimes to discern the element of blame shifting done by the narcissist and when blame is actually deserved. There are times when we all like to blame shift and times where difficulties are genuinely not our fault. This is a complex area and the lack of insight by the narcissist will mean an inability to ever be held responsible. They will never see themselves in the wrong and maintain their position, even if it's delusional. At the same time, empaths will inevitably blame themselves when things go wrong and unnecessarily burden themselves with guilt. We will take on what isn't ours to take on and the narcissist is quite happy to let us do that. I think empaths need a lot of support in this area to unburden themselves. We also need the ability to put blame where it lies at times, and this is fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the narcissist. Having said that, I'm not in the 'blame game' anymore as from my perspective it is something that will hold me back. Yes, I got duped, yes, I'm angry, yes, I'm devastated, yes, I'm hurt, yes, I'm offended, but blaming them is not going to help put my world to rights again. It's only going to keep me stuck in an endless loop which somehow keeps me bound to them. I think I'm achieving a new level of freedom now with that thinking 🙂

            The whole Covid deal has been a LOCE around the world … as have the controls being applied. Our lives have not been our own for some time, and add into the mix personal issues as you suggest, AspEmp. There is a great deal of cognitive dissonance around the whole affair and most people have felt off kilter at some stage. Glad to know you battled your way through it and achieved some positive results.

            I think I've just mentioned, and been alerted to, how productive this period has been for me with regard to becoming more empowered 🙂 A new level of freedom on my journey and likely more to come <3

            Thank you, too, for your support and helping to highlight for me again why I am on this journey and why it is so worthwhile being here. Much love in return xox

          10. Asp Emp says:

            LET, thank you for sharing your weaponised empath status, I am not surprised to read as such 😉 I’d love to get my EDC done and will get it done when financially possible. It would not surprise me that I have large ‘slices’ of whatever the result is but it is interesting you suggest Saviour 🙂 It is not just the emotional levels, it is also the draining ‘experience’ (energy wise) if you can understand?

            Thank you RE: your second paragraph 🙂 I would not wish to change what or who I am now 🙂 Yet, I can improve further 🙂

            RE: your third paragraph, thank you for your thoughts on blame-shifting. I agree that empaths need support to unburden emotions / thoughts that are not necessarily theirs to ‘carry’. I also agree that it is something that holds people back, like a ‘noose’ that our addiction to narcissism that is required to be ‘cut off’ once we have obtained the understanding / education to be able to do so.

            It is good to read that you are “achieving a new level of freedom now with that thinking”- that is how it is done – repeating the same words ‘I am not to blame’ to yourself.

            Having said that, when I knew it was not my ‘blame’, I would react by responding in anger (justification / protection for myself) when I was a child / teenager against muvver but I could never understand why she would not “see” it from my point of view. My outbursts did not occur that often but when they did, they did. Effectively muvver’s abuse level ‘increased’. Sigh. I understand it now. Sigh.

            Good to read that you also found the Covid ‘period’ constructive for you and assisted some aspects of your ‘life’ journey.

            The Covid ‘experiences’ certainly affected many, in different ways. It may have ‘assisted’ some people to “review” their family / life ‘values’. Others would not necessarily have ‘changed’ their ‘views’ (ie narcissists :-)). Either way, everyone would have “learned” some things and ‘evolved’ in ways that has given new life experiences that would not have otherwise happened had it not been for Covid.

            You are very welcome, LET, for your appreciation RE: our conversations assisting in both of our life & ‘healing’ journeys 🙂 xx

          11. lickemtomorrow says:

            AspEmp, those ‘sighs’ got to me … our new understanding coupled with hindsight might relieve us of some of that burden, but the memories of how our experiences impacted us are here to stay.

            Perhaps it sounded like I was giving a ‘hat tip’ to Covid, but that would be far from true. I despise the affects it has had around the world, but I’ll accept the silver lining I have been forced to discover around that.

            The healing journey goes on, AspEmp xox

          12. Asp Emp says:

            LET, thank you 🙂 Yes, I said that the pandemic was both a blessing and a curse earlier on in the blog somewhere. Thank you for the conversations 🙂 xx

          13. Violetta says:

            Some narcissists are useful. One of the healthcare workers in HG’s Covid mock-interview series was obviously soaking up the fuel of all this attention with false modesty, but if the character was giving patients competent care, the narcissism does no harm. The problem is if someone isn’t competent, is too much of a narcissist to see it, and the coterie are covering the problems.
            If Katie’s narcissism means giving her son the treatments he needs and a loving he, then it is certainly better than 1) dumping him in a program and not visiting him for decades, as the Kennedys did to Rosemary; or 2) giving him a not-so-loving home, and trotting him out for photo ops where he’s in no position to tell the truth.

            It sounds as if most of her abuse is directed at herself. As long as he’s not being mistreated, the fact that she uses him for pity plays may not be a complete disaster. I doubt she’s secretly Mommie Dearest. The woman is incapable of keeping secrets

          14. lickemtomorrow says:

            Violetta, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t think I’ve read the series you mention, though I have one of the Covid purchases. I’ll have to go back and check.

            You might like to take a look at the video I just mentioned to AspEmp. It shines a light on the amount of care required and how Katie stepped up to the plate. From my perspective she went above and beyond and made great use of her public persona in Harvey’s defense. I struggle to see any of that as narcissistic, and the points you made (1 & 2) qualify her for a competent parent in respect of her disabled son at a very dependent stage in his life. He has certainly turned out a young man she could be proud of as well. In that sense, I think she deserves credit.

            We do have a tendency not to want to give credit to the narcissist for anything good (I’m guilty as charged!) but we can’t overlook where we are here and also some of the good narcissists have inadvertently done in the world regardless of their status as narcissists. I hate to admit it on one hand, but have to acknowledge it on the other. Where their needs complement the needs of others (such as HG in formulating his legacy) then we can appreciate the benefits they can bring even if it’s solely aligned with their own ‘design’ or purpose. Definitely give credit where credit is due.

            I would have to agree most of her ‘abuse’ is self directed in terms of her inability to be satisfied with herself and constantly undergoing cosmetic procedures. I am deeply affected by people damaging themselves in this way, unable to see their own beauty even if it isn’t as society defines it. In Katie’s case she is not unattractive and so her fixation with plastic surgery has to be down to a somatic element of her narcissism. Normally I would assume a very deep wound and inability to love oneself based on that. I don’t know what her LOCE was growing up, or if she even had one, but I always feel there is a deep underlying issue or insecurity in a case like hers. Maybe that’s what her narcissism is built on.

            I had to laugh at “the woman is incapable of keeping secrets” 😛 The tabloids have a field day and this is why it’s necessary from my perspective to keep both hers and Harvey’s vulnerabilities in mind. She has other children as well. Perhaps it’s best the world sees her narcissism and can have empathy for her children accordingly.

          15. Violetta says:


            The pompous but possibly useful narc is Dr. Tera Nuwan, here:


          16. lickemtomorrow says:

            Violetta, thank you for the link!

    3. Z - zwartbolleke says:

      it was decided Trudeau is for the roasting series

      1. WhoCares says:


        I am looking forward to this next roast now. I know that narcissist’s never really lose “control” but it’s been interesting to watch Trudeau’s actions under the latest pressures.

      2. lickemtomorrow says:

        Z – I was hoping it was for the Tudorscope 🙁

        I’m not a huge fan of roastings, though in the case of narcs they deserve it!

        There are probably quite a few Canadians who would like to literally roast Trudeau right now. I guess an HG roasting is better than no roasting at all xox

        1. WhoCares says:


          I agree with you on the Tudorscope for Trudeau.

          However, I think I am going to also enjoy the roast. I have a deadline I have to meet on a project – and then I am going reward myself by listening to HG’s Roast of Trudeau.

  5. Duchessbea says:

    Great interview. Yourself and Sonia have good flow and gel well. Very much enjoyed.

  6. Sweetest Perfection says:

    “I don’t like you anymore. Off with the head!” —Henry VIII, Monarch of England.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      It’s all down to black and white thinking, SP. Now we know.

      I could never understand why he had so many headless victims. It was convenience + narcissism. It would be great to get that into the history books as well.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        LET, HG is effectively ‘re-writing’ the history books, especially in his video ‘Woke – The Rise of Narcissism to the Left’.

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          AspEmp, that’s a great way to put it : “re-writing the history books” … he is indeed. We have a totally new and valuable insight into a very old drama that continues to play out in the world.

          “Woke – The Rise of Narcissism on the Left” is valuable in the current drama being played out x

          1. Asp Emp says:

            LET, thank you. I liked how you worded RE: old drama & new ways of looking at it 🙂

    2. NarcAngel says:

      Well, some guys like more head than others.

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        True, especially if they had a bad head.

      2. lickemtomorrow says:

        Haha, NA. Henry VIII was certainly that guy, literally.

    3. Joa says:

      Anna Boleyn has always been my favorite. Already in my teenage years, this woman interested me the most. I absorbed everything about her 🙂

      I love reading biographies. Especially historical!

      By the way 🙂

      1. Rebecca says:

        She interested me too. I always felt bad for her and thought Henry Vlll was an ass. I saw the old movie of their “love” story in English class in Middle school. It left an impression on me and so did Great Expeditions and Romeo and Juliette. Middle school is where I really started enjoying reading the classics and I could and can understand Shakespeare like regular English language. I scored in the college level for comprehension in Junior high school. You wouldn’t know that by my technical blunders,but one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Lol

    4. Violetta says:

      Wives and courtiers. Katherine Parr tried to talk him into making her his mistress instead of his wife, but he was adamant. She barely made it out alive.

  7. Asp Emp says:

    Sonia “incredible insider info” – I agree.

    I liked “a sort of HG test”, that amused me.

    LOL – Bumbling Boris.

    Laughing some more “even the name Boris makes it slightly humorous” – slightly, HG?

    Sheesh, the comparison between Boris and Margaret. I’d not have beer with either of them!

    I love this “it’s like two chimps at the zoo flinging poo at one another” – hilarious.

    Wow, HG, 700 videos on MM?! Impressive.

    “complete car crash” – brilliant!

    HG, I liked your explanation RE: Steve Jobs, showing that there are narcissists who design / create ‘products’ for the good, in my view, as a whole ie no direct ‘impact’, in “exchange” for the Prime Aims that differ to those from within the narcissist’s private life. Where the ‘fuel’ types and the sources are different to those ‘outside’ the “inner circle” of that of the narcissist’s life. Referring to your article ‘ Why Does the Narcissist Compartmentalise Appliances?’, in my view, gives a good explanation in this respect.

    There is a big difference between Boris Johnson, Steve Jobs, Meghan Markle, and Piers Morgan. Yes, the “principles” of the narcissist’s Prime Aims are the same but all these people I have suggested here ‘obtain’ their control / fuel / character traits / residual benefits in different ways / methods from the different ‘fields’ they ‘operate’ in.

    Thank you for sharing this video, HG. It is good to see the beneficial interaction between you and Sonia. We all benefit as a result.

  8. Pingback: HG Appearance on Rise with Sonia Poulton - Dark Triad Personality
  9. Asp Emp says:

    Ooh, I look forward to reading this 🙂

  10. Sweetest Perfection says:

    I’m exhausted.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      Me, too 😛

      1. A Victor says:

        Me three🥱

        1. Rebecca says:

          I’m over here like, what are we doing next? Lol

          1. A Victor says:

            Hahaha, lots of energy you have! Did the narcs in your life have a lot of energy also? It seems like some do and some are lazy as can be.

          2. Rebecca says:

            No, the narcs in my life couldn’t keep up with me. My mother was lazy, my exhusband was lazy, my stalker in high school wasn’t lazy,but not energetic like me. The most recent narcissist was the same as my high school stalker. I have a lot of energy. I have to add daily work outs to my schedule and sometimes I have to add another workout to my day,especially if I’m off of work. Lol

          3. A Victor says:

            Rebecca, that’s interesting. My narcs have been across the spectrum, the highest energy one was the summer narc, he is a ULA and he barely slept. And, when I knew him he was very sick and still had energy. There was another one that I believe was a ULB that also was non-stop. But most are much lower in energy, lower than me, mine’s fairly high. My ex used to get mad at me because when we went for a walk (all of the 10 times in 23 years that we did) I was always ahead of him. Haha, now I realize he was probably trying to control me, or get fuel because he made me upset because he refused to go a reasonable in between speed. Or he was trying to get me not to beg him to go on a walk. Either way it was a win for him and a loss for me.

    2. njfilly says:

      Yes, exactly! I just can’t keep up with him! I feel like I need a nap!

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