The Covid-19 Soundbites (3)


“Welcome back views to Covid-19 Soundbites on Channel 19 News, with me, Seymour Storees. In part two we were exposed to the working mum grounded by the virus and that Lower Mid-Range Narcissist certainly ensured that we knew all about her views about the current situation whilst doing her best to avoid her actual parental responsibilities. Thereafter, we hooked up by video link with Ernest Endeavour and his apparent unique and never thought of before Shopping Saviours as he worked hard on self-promotion behind his veneer of apparent rampant empathy. So, who do we have for you in part 3? We are live by video link with Cat Astrofy who did not want to tell us where she is, in case other people found out where she is and caused problems with her isolation routine.”

Number Seven : Middle Mid Range Type B

“Hello Cat, you are live on Channel 19 News, how are you dealing with the pandemic?”

“Hello Seymour. Well, as you no doubt can see I am sat in my communications hub and I must say I am pleased to hear from you as it is very lonely here and I am very concerned about my safety.”

“Why is that Cat?”

“Well, I knew that this was going to be a pandemic last March because I had been reading How To Know That You Know : The Cassandra Chronicles  and I predicted that this virus would originate from Asia and sweep the globe. I had to go into therapy because of the shock of it all. I found this knowledge really overwhelming and it is just such a worry to know that everything I have ever done will shortly not matter.”

“Why do you think that, surely to think that way is to catastrophise? Yes, it is a serious matter, but it is not a doomsday scenario.”

(Cat begins to cry and reaches to a box of tissues to mop away the flood of tears)

“Sorry, sorry, please do not use the d word, I find it very triggering. I am just so worried, worried for my family. I had to leave them in their homes when I made my exit to this isolation spot. I am worried for my colleagues, I do not know if they will have any jobs when I return, if I return. The economy is in meltdown, everything is closing, there are not enough hospital beds. It is a truly terrible state of affairs.”

(The crying starts again.)

(Seymour tries to ask a question but is drowned out by a wailing noise erupting from Cat´s mouth.)

“Oh why has the universe done this to me? Why now? The world has always hated me and now I am forced into hiding, driven away from those that I love and care for. Exiled from my homeland and forced to take refuge in a far away land where I know nobody and nobody knows me. The imposition is so great , I am not sure I can go on. Perhaps it would be better to escape it all now, before that slow, lingering death from the unseen virus.”

(Another wail escapes from Cat´s mouth and then there is the electronic beep of a text message.)

“Its my friend she is letting me know that she is okay. My phone and my laptop are my lifeline, they are my only links to the outside world. I am updated every minute with regard to world events, I have an app which tells me how many infections there are worldwide, within this country, in the locality and the neighbourhood on a live basis. I have stockpiled and I want to make this clear, I did this way before anybody else started raising the shelves in the supermarkets.  I am writing a blog explaining how I am managing in isolation and providing updates to all my followers on social media. I just want to say that I am humbled by the messages of support that people are sending me, you truly are all an inspiration and I just hope I do not let you down by succumbing to this terrible disease. You don’t understand how much of a burden it is, how crushing it is having this impending sense of misery and obliteration. Everything I have tried to achieve will be erased, removed and eradicated. It as if I have not existed, this is why it is important for me to stay in contact with as many people as I can. Anybody can contact me, especially if you are alone out there and you need somebody to talk to, to share tips with, to ease the burden of isolation, let’s see this through together you can find me on my blog Hidden Yet Visible or use one of my social media platforms, Cat´s Covert Covid.”

“You seem very pessimistic Cat, do you see this as the end of the world?”

(Cat starts to speak but then halts as if some overwhelming thought has engulfed her. She sobs and then puts her hands together as if in prayer)

“I think, if we all stick to our plans, we might, just might, make it through but the world will be a very different place for many, many people.”

“Well that sounds a little more encouraging, perhaps you do actually feel, after all that there is some glimmer of hope? How do you see the world after Covid-19?”

“Why are you asking me that, I haven’t read that chapter yet?!”

“Oh, I see, well, for the benefit of our viewers, perhaps you could share with us your thoughts on the future anyway, given that you apparently saw all of this coming, some months ago.”

(Cat gives a dramatic sigh and starts to speak when her “communications hub” suddenly floods with light as a door opens. A man enters and speaks.)

“Cat, your dinner is ready, I was shouting but I don’t think you could hear me since you have put all these egg boxes on the walls, why have you done that?”

“Daaaaaad! I told you not to come in, I am doing a very important interview and you have ruined it, just like you ruin everything and you have ruined my life.”

(Cat slumps onto her desk, shoulders heaving as the sound of manufactured misery escapes from her mouth. Her father comes over and puts a hand on her, peering into the camera, “Who are you talking to? Are you doing that prophesy nonsense again? What did I say about all of that, come on it is time for dinner, stop all of this sobbing it will get you nowhere.”

“Well, looks like Cat´s corona bunker has been invaded, but not by the virus but by Papa Astrofy. Let’s shift our focus and move to somebody who rather than er, hiding from the virus is right on the front-line . Joining me now, by live video link as she is unable to come away from her place of work to be interviewed in the studio, is Dr Tera Nuwan.

Number Eight : The Upper Mid Range Narcissist

“Dr Nuwan joins us from Santa Salvatore Hospital which is at the epicentre of the European outbreak. Dr Nuwan, thank you for giving us your time which is obviously at a premium, indeed we can see you are still dressed in your medical attire. How are things at the front line of combatting Covid-19?”

“Thank you for inviting me onto the programme, Seymour. As you can imagine, we are facing an unprecedented demand on our resources here at the hospital. Since the outbreak intensified here, we have had a steady influx of the most vulnerable patients who require immediate and intensive treatment. We are working around the clock. I have not been home for ten days, preferring to remain here at the hospital, working back to back shifts to ensure that everybody is treated as far as we are able.”

“I am sure that your patients and the residents of the city are most grateful for your dedication, Dr Nuwan. Do you think that more could have been done to contain the virus so you were not having to work to the extent that you are?”

“That is not for me to say. My role and that of my team is to deliver acute care. This is what we trained to do. I am proud of the commitment exhibited by my team and that of colleagues within the hospital. It is, naturally, a testing environment, but one in which those of us who are destined to be effective, are indeed effective. It is rewarding ensuring that the people who need us most are being looked after.”

“How does it feel, Dr Nuwan, knowing that you cannot save everybody?”

“That is not something I contemplate. Everybody who comes to me will be looked after to the highest standards.”

“Yes, but surely, given the level of demand and existing need for the hospitals resources, it is impossible for you to ensure that everybody survives.”

“It is inevitable that some of those who regrettably submit to the virus will not survive but that is not from a want of care or expertise. Many of these people will have, unfortunately, died from pre-existing and underlying conditions.”

“But over 2500 dead in your country, over 700 in your region. It must be disheartening to be faced with such losses when you are working flat out.”

(A just discernible shake of the head from Dr Nuwan at this question)

“Not disheartening, not at all, it only bolsters our resolve to do more. It is also worth pointing out, that within the official statistics, there are those who have died who have tested positive for the virus but they did not die because of the virus. They had an underlying condition which caused their demise and they also caught the virus. It is important to maintain a proper perspective on this and to present the information responsibly.”

“Are you suggesting, Dr Nuwan, that information then, is not being used in a responsible fashion?”

“That is not for me to say. I am a medic, I save lives, I will leave it to the politicians to decide how the information is presented, after all, I do not need votes to remain doing what I do.”

“Absolutely not, although if you did, I am sure you would obtain a landslide victory.”

“Not relevant as I said, Seymour. The only victory we are committed to is the one over Covid-19 and I will continue to lead my team here at this hospital to achieve that. Now, if you will excuse me, I have patients who require my help. Good day.”

(Dr Nuwan nods and walks briskly away from the camera)

“A busy and effective Dr Nuwan of Santa Salvatore Hospital, doing a superb job of treating those infected with Covid-19. That brings us to the conclusion of Part 3 of Covid-19 Soundbites, but whilst you have a few minutes to pick up some world class knowledge in The Knowledge Vault using code toiletpaper19 don’t go anywhere because when we return in Part 4, you will be hearing from the big hitters as we turn the dial to 11 and speak to some very famous and successful people and receive their thoughts and views about the pandemic. Stay with Channel 19 and keep those hands clean!”



197 thoughts on “The Covid-19 Soundbites (3)

  1. Violetta says:

    DM article:

    “”Narcissists classed as key workers during the Covid pandemic thrived because it made them feel like ‘heroes’ and ‘gave them a chance to shine'”

    Hmmm…where have I seen that train of thought before?

  2. Kim e says:

    Please do not be afraid of the outside world. It is a beautiful place. I did feel strange going out yesterday to work/shop but Ithink it is all because after being in for a certain time, you get used to it and any change feels weird.
    Keep busy…go for walks by yourself. Plank til your arms fall off. Watch old Benny Hill. Open a window and yell out “GOOD MORNING”. Come see me. All will be good. I promise. Shit woman…you escaped a narc without even knowing he was a narc.

    1. SMH says:

      Kim e, Thanks for the pep talk! I felt a lot better this afternoon and should be fine tomorrow. I’ll go out every day from now on so that doesn’t happen again. I talked to Odin for two hours tonight as well while drinking wine together virtually (or something like that). One has to get creative. Maybe we will break through a time/space warp and I will land on your doorstep! Smooches!

      1. Kim e says:

        SMH….Glad you feel better.
        If we break thru a time/space warp, lets meet someplace better than my doorstep…… the canary islands. Warmth and warmth. Tired of cold and gloomy.

      2. Narc noob says:

        Hey SMH, going out keeps me sane and I have only been in for 7 days now. Most people are keeping their distance here in West Oz where I venture or there’s not many people to worry about someone coughing on you. Stay well! NN

      3. Kim e says:

        HEY WOMAN>>> You alive?
        Did you accomplish your 2 minute plank on Sunday? I did not do it on Sunday but have since. It just about killed me. 8 minutes will be the death of me!!!
        Sunday was a dreary day here…cloudy, rainy……I was blah. Did the Q&A with HG and just did nothing. Napped in the afternoon.
        Did a video happy hour with a co-worker Friday. that was fun. Happy 2 hour was more like it. This Saturday, I am catching up with my oldest and his wife virtually also. I am sure there will be some alcohol involved also. I have ordered wine with my grocery order that will be delivered tomorrow. I love Moscato…sweet white is my favorite. Must remind me of me!!!!LOL
        ET has been good. Dont know if W left for his assignment. Not looking to find out. I get pings every once in a while but since there really arent any triggers except my mind it helps.
        HG and I will be spending some time together so that should help also. Time to get this life moving on and out of the fog.
        At this time I do feel sorry for the IPPS and the extra hell I am sure she is enduring at this time but am thankful he is staying away from me. I still get kinda wierd with my pation window expecting him to show up but then I think…ain’t gonna happen. And I move on……
        So what have you been up to. Last I heard you had talked to Odin.

        1. SMH says:

          Hey Kim e! So glad to be back in touch and happy to hear your cheery self. I see you are getting into the swing of the virtual drinking life. I have been there for about 3 weeks now – ahead of that damned curve. You are doing better than I am with the planking – I am only up to a minute and a half. But that’s not as bad as another friend of mine, who only got 10 seconds in before her dog decided she was playing with him. I’ve been mixing a bit of cardio in too. Quite the workout!

          Glad there is no sign of W and you are not seeing/imaging signs either. That’s a good sign! It means you are not so sensitized anymore and yes, that you are coming out of the fog. I knew you’d get back to a good place. IPPS is her problem, right? Not your circus, not your monkeys.

          I haven’t given MRN any thought as I guess I am smitten with Odin. Uh oh. Still being careful but he is very consistent and transparent, two things I need after narc hell. He’s also quite funny. We had virtual drinks maybe last weekend? I can’t remember. I got a bit tipsy and ended the conversation because I didn’t want to say or do anything stupid and I don’t want a virtual relationship, so I try to keep it light. Still no idea when we will see each other. His office is closed and we are mostly forbidden to leave the house or to socialize with someone who is not in our household. Forget traveling 200 miles. It’s simply not possible. I don’t count the days of confinement but he does to feel a sense of accomplishment. I just want April to be over.

          Otherwise, I have a lot of work to keep me busy and since I am used to working from home, it’s not that odd. Happy to have a paycheck and not to be in NYC right now. Horrendous. I donated to a food bank today.

          It’s late here and I must go to sleep but I’ll catch you tomorrow. I am so happy you are happier! Giant smooches!

          1. Kim e says:

            I should know that I have just started my “Stay the F away from me W” journey. Not sure why but I woke up at 2 and my ET was screaming to the point where I was hearing his text sound. Memories flooding in. I am not sure what causes these very unnerving moments. Is it just part of the withdrawal? Is it because I was listening to HG in a recording about IPSS’s
            But damn if every time I do it my ET spikes terribly. I hate it. (I know….ET screaming “OH NO>>>YOU NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!) I just really want him out of my world/mind/heart…anywhere else he is residing.

            I have never been an alone drinker. Occasionally but not really. So this virtual stuff is nice. Found out last night both my boys will be on the chat. SO that will be great.

            Getting groceries delivered is a 2 sided thing. I am so thankful to the people that do the shopping and delivery. But I still feel like a slug as I am a healthy 63 year old woman that can do her own grocery shopping. But to stay that way I need to be thankful for the people that do my shopping. LOL….this world is so jacked.

            Going to looking into candle making today. Right after I rescreen a screen, go get a prescription and put away my groceries when they are delivered.

            How are the offspring? And how is your mom handling the quarantine?


          2. SMH says:

            Kim e, It is just your subconscious speaking. Like a nightmare. You won’t have a lot of control over it but it will go away. You might want to take a break from the extra HG material for awhile and see if that makes a difference.

            My parents are in quarantined in the nursing unit of their care home. There have been two cases as of today, both staff members, one in their unit. The home is doing everything right and has a very good infection control team, isolation rooms etc. Even if I were there I would not be able to do anything – not even visit. So all we can do is hope it can be contained. Still, I hope for no news tomorrow! One kid is in self-isolation in Germany and the other in self-isolation in Boston. The world is jacked all right.

            I don’t drink alone either. In fact, I barely drink. I never even have alcohol in the house unless it’s leftover from a party or something, not because I am against it but because I don’t remember to buy it!

            Candle making sounds fun. I don’t even have room to cook where I am, however, so I think candle making is probably not in the cards for me!


  3. Mercy says:


    Haha is that what were calling him now? Maybe his color has something to do with the orange rubber webbing being used to fend off the virus.

    1. SMH says:

      Mercy, That would make sense. Both Upper Lessers I believe. Too bad because orange is one of my favorite colours and now I am gonna have bad associations. HG, could you please consult us before you ruin colours? Please use teal next time. I hate teal .

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Sure use the link in the menu bar!

        1. SMH says:

          There’s a link to colour choices in the menu bar, HG? Must have missed it but I see mostly white space on my screen (another peeve)

  4. marecristalino says:

    Hello HG,
    What does “Middle Mid Range Type A and B” stands for? I just found that for the ULN they stand for Affable Arsehole (type A) and Brutal Bullying… type B, but in case of the MMRN it seems different

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello MC, A is for Anodyne and B for (Cry) Baby.

      1. marecristalino says:

        Thank you HG. These soundbites are very revealing, I just saw a clear and objective description of my mother LMRN, and several colleagues.
        Out of curiosity, may I ask which Type of MRN is mayrinarc?

        1. HG Tudor says:


  5. NarcAngel says:

    Oh what first world problems we have. We’ve been asked to stay in the temperature controlled comfort of our homes eating well and with a plethora of toys and various media platforms that allow us to engage with people all over the world in the case that we are not sequestered with our loved ones. People already can’t handle it for what has been a relatively short period of time. And we think a virus is our biggest problem?

    1. Narc noob says:

      NA, so you think there might be a few more family splits by the end of all this? 😉

      I am glad to see you are looking at the bigger picture. I shall think of your post in days to come.

    2. FYC says:

      Indeed, NA.

    3. Contagious says:

      If in that position… so long as the people you are staying with are not a threat to you or your family’s safety. Lessers.

  6. MommyPino says:

    HG I really like these Soundbites articles. The Upper MR almost sounds like a selfless hero to me until his response to the question about not being able to save everybody, that some people will die:

    “ It is inevitable that some of those who regrettably submit to the virus will not survive but that is not from a want of care or expertise. Many of these people will have, unfortunately, died from pre-existing and underlying conditions.”

    I see lack of empathy and blame shifting.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Interesting. I understand how you would see that as blame-shifting, however, there will be evidence supporting that the individuals died from pre-existing conditions and therefore the comment is accurate owing to this supporting evidence. With regard to a lack of empathy, you are correct, someone with emotional empathy would doubtless phrase this differently, the UMR sees this as being entirely factual and to the point.

      1. MommyPino says:

        Thank you HG. I still need to practice on identifying manipulations. I wasn’t that sure with blame shifting and you are correct, underlying conditions is indeed a factual reason of many deaths. I think it’s the lack of empathy in the way that it was said that made me think that it was blame shifting. Thank you for clearing it up for me.

        1. Mercy says:

          MommyPino, I read recently that the virus itself doesn’t kill us, it’s the way our own immune system attacks the virus that is killing people. I thought it was interesting

          1. MommyPino says:

            Wow I was not aware of that. Does it work like HIV which weakens the immune system? I also find it interesting that the drugs that they are hoping would cure people are not all drugs for viruses. The malaria drug is for parasites since malaria is a parasite and antibiotics are for bacteria. They say that this has worked for the people who tried it but there are no studies behind this except for trial and error basically.

          2. Mercy says:

            MommyPino, I’m not sure. I’m definitely not a doctor or scientist. It’s just something I read and found interesting. Speaking of the malaria drug, did you read about the guy the took aquarium cleaner because it has chloroquine in it? Him and his wife took it and became violently Ill. He died hours later and she’s in critical condition.

          3. SMH says:

            Mercy, Yet another way The Orange One is going to kill all of us.

          4. Lorelei says:

            Mercy—google cytokine storm. It’s basically hyper-inflammation and is a huge sepsis issue. It’s a storm that goes bad—it’s kinda like our truth seeking trait for instance.

          5. Mercy says:

            Overproduction of immune cells causing lung inflammation leading to respraitory distress. Yes Lorelei, that’s what I read. Thank you for giving me the name!

          6. Lorelei says:

            Most welcome Mercy.

          7. Violetta says:

            I believe that both HIV and Covid-19 are retroviruses. HIV is treated with anti-retrovirals, but if Covid-19 is constantly mutating, finding the treatment is going to be all the more difficult.

          8. Mercy says:

            Violetta, Yes FYC was talking about mutation. That has become my new obsession today. It sounds like what you say is true.

          9. MommyPino says:

            Mercy, I have, it was really sad. The aquarium cleaner has chloroquine in it to kill the parasites in the aquarium but it is in a different form than the one in the malaria medicine. It’s probably like how drinking isopropyl alcohol can be deadly but drinking alcohol in an ethyl form is not deadly.

            I looked up how Corona virus kills and the article said that the virus attacks the lungs. The body then tries to fight it so inflammation happens but the inflammation causes people to have a very difficult time in breathing. So that’s probably how the body’s own immune system attacking the virus could kill the patient.

          10. Mercy says:

            MommyPino, Those of us that are not in the medical field are learning new things everyday with this virus. Focusing on the facts is helpful. At least it keeps us from drinking aquarium cleaner!

          11. mommypino says:

            Hi Mercy, One doesn’t have to be in the medical field to figure out that it’s a bad idea to drink an aquarium cleaner. I know that I have been implied here as a stupid person but just a factual way of contradicting that, I wouldn’t be able to finish a master’s degree in my field and receive the highest available distinction in my class here in the US if I am dumb. I’m sorry I’m not usually the kind of person who touts academic achievements but sometimes the implication that I’m a stupid person who I couldn’t recognize a fact va fiction can be disheartening.

            What I shared was a fact although it wasn’t complete since I was just commenting on a blog and not writing a dissertation. But I didn’t make it up.


          12. Mercy says:

            MommyPino, I wasn’t saying you were a stupid person, I was sharing a joke with you. I’m sorry if you felt that way. That wasn’t my intention.

          13. mommypino says:

            Thank you for clarifying Mercy.

          14. FYC says:

            MP, I have not kept up on all comments, but where is the evidence that anyone implied you are “stupid”? If someone actually did, why would it bother you? If you know your own capabilities, why not laugh at such comments? Why be defensive? You know better. Have confidence in yourself and in the knowledge that intelligence is evident to all who possess it and appreciate the same.

          15. mommypino says:

            FYC, if I tell you then people would say that I am bringing up the past again. Mercy was there when it happened. I have confidence in myself and I did disregard it at that time and didn’t respond to it. However FYC, are you saying that if I stand up for myself and correct that inaccuracy then it means that I am not confident? Does it also apply when you defend yourself? Don’t you defend yourself? Even HG defends himself when his work is attacked? So there is evidence that I was told by someone that I am not as intelligent as some of the commenters here and Mercy knows that.

          16. Mercy says:

            MommyPino, in reply to your comment to FYC, there was no attack so there was no reason for you to defend yourself. I’m not a hateful person and I would never call you or anyone else stupid. Especially when we were having a peaceful conversation. What would I gain from that? Before going on the defense (this isn’t the first time you’ve done that because of a misunderstanding) try thinking it through.

          17. mommypino says:

            Mercy, I was explaining to FYC why I reacted that way after she implied that my reaction was from an insecurity about my intelligence not being evident enough. I appreciate that you clarified the misunderstanding but I’m not the only person here where that thing has happened before. And quite frankly I’m tired of reading from commenters here about everything that is wrong with me.

          18. mommypino says:

            “ I’m not a hateful person and I would never call you or anyone else stupid. Especially when we were having a peaceful conversation. What would I gain from that?”

            Mercy, I didn’t think that you are a hateful person but you and I have had a history of arguing here before which have gotten personal. I am not entirely without a reason to think that maybe you really do like me and that joke was meant towards me. That’s all. That’s why I reacted that way. I appreciate that you clarified that it was not. I didn’t know it when I believed that I was defending myself.

          19. mommypino says:

            typo correction:

            you really don’t like me

          20. mommypino says:

            Mercy, I have read your comment in another thread that you really tried to put the past differences behind. I don’t know if you are referring to this between us. If you are, I apologize for misunderstanding what you said and my misguided reaction. I was making the same effort as you were.

          21. Mercy says:

            MommyPino, I think what we can take away from this is that I tell bad jokes. It fine, let’s drop it. Thank you for the apology.

          22. mommypino says:

            Thank you Mercy. I’m glad it’s over.

          23. FYC says:

            MP, What I am saying is, if someone called me stupid, I know otherwise and would laugh. Such a claim would be incorrect, baseless and meritless. If someone hurls false assertions that are factually incorrect (e.g. I or other HG supporters are flying monkeys), I may give an opposing view based upon obvious contrary facts. If someone says NA is a narcissist (again), I will say that is a pile of horse manure because her empathy is self-evident. Peoples’ comments reveal far more themselves than the subject of any of their spurious assertions. What I would not do is become defensive–why bother? As for HG, he has a right to defend his blog moderation with facts. I have never seen him be defensive when someone calls him names on the blog (e.g. Narcissus or Pamela), quite the contrary, he either ignores them or puts them in their place with logic or a humorous quip to reveal their ridiculousness.

            MP, what I am trying to convey is, consider the source and look at the evidence. Know yourself so your feelings are not hurt and reconsider if defensiveness is your best recourse. Your reference to the past is an excellent example of why defensiveness does more harm than good. My intent in commenting was an attempt to avoid more of the same, so that you and others are not caught up in a battle of wills on a meritless topic. Meritless not because of your frustration, but because it is not based on evidence. You are more than welcome to carry on as you see fit; I will exit the conversation now. Criticism was not my aim. My aim was to address your hurt feelings with logic. I apologize if I failed in that effort.

            Also, thank you for the clarification. Glad to note that your comment was not in reference to Mercy, she made no such inference.

          24. mommypino says:

            I’m sorry but I really don’t understand the difference between defending myself versus defensiveness. I was under the impression (false impression now I get it) that Mercy directed the statement towards me. That impression was also because of our history and the other person in the thread. I did laugh at the original comment by Lorelei that I am not intelligent like K and herself. One thing that I didn’t do was attack Mercy’s character when I was (I thought I was) defending myself. All that I did was state facts that I wouldn’t have achieve what I have achieved if I was indeed dumb.
            The flying monkeys, I don’t remember using that term but I have said in the past that there is a clique here where the same people jump in to defend each other and viciously attack the opposing person. I am not the only person of that opinion and there is also basis on that opinion based on what some people observe. We don’t have to agree with that. Also I do not think that NA is a narcissist. I have never accused her of that. I complemented a commenter for being eloquent when she described what she believed was Mid Rangers here in the odd thread because she said that HG liked her comment and so I thought that HG was agreeing with her. I don’t always agree with NA and she has also hurt my feelings before regarding the claim that I was here instead of taking care of my mom which was untrue but it never crossed my mind that she is a narc.

          25. mommypino says:

            Last thing FYC, I understand that you don’t want to prolong this and so do I believe me or not. I do not enjoy this negativity at all. I just want to add that if you didn’t jump in, Mercy would have clarified it like she did and it would have been the end of it. But you jumped in demanding evidence from me that anybody implied that I am stupid and questioning my confidence in my own intelligence. So of course I would respond to you and then now Mercy responded to my response to you and now you brought up the Flying Monkeys issue and NA being accused as a narcissist etc. I have noticed that you do jump in very quickly in defense of certain people here that are in your circle, not just HG. Since you gave me an advice, I am also giving you an advice that if you really don’t want to make the conflict worse, then maybe practice a little restrain on being overly defensive.

          26. mommypino says:

            FYC, also why do you have the need to jump in to be defensive for some people here even if you don’t know the whole story? What does that say about you?

          27. SMH says:

            Mercy, I just joined a bio-hacking group on FB for COVID-19, run by an artist friend who knows a lot about traditional/natural medicine. I am bringing what I have learned from an immunologist I met on a dating site but have never met in person (we email) to that group. He’s a great guy and has kept me sane. Tells me what to take and I pass that info on. He also debunks a lot of the stuff circulating out there on the interwebs.

          28. MommyPino says:

            Just saw that Lorelei already answered it. I didn’t see it before I sent my reply.

          29. Violetta says:


            “drinking alcohol in an ethyl form is not deadly.”

            It is if you have as much as I had last night. I noticed my senses of taste and smell were dimmed: not completely gone, but everything has been blander than usual. Since these are preliminary symptoms, I figured I’d get the jump on it and do the tea and Scotch routine: no sugar, no milk, has to taste awful to scare the germs away. (I’ve had odd looks from liquor stores when I asked for their nastiest, cheapest Scotch, until I learned to.explain it was for a folk remedy.)

            Instead of sipping slowly, raising a sweat, and going to bed, I started watching Monty Python sketches on YT and refilling. Results were predictable. Oh well.

          30. HG Tudor says:

            No honestly I am not a pisshead, it is to beat Covid-19!

          31. FYC says:

            Hahaha! Same goes for excessive comfort eating and online shopping. Covid19 has mutated into a new strain of blame shift!

          32. Mercy says:

            FYC, speaking of comfort eating, easy cheese and triscuits for lunch here.

          33. SMH says:

            Oh I miss triscuits. Can’t get them here.

          34. FYC says:

            Haha, Mercy, enjoy!

          35. NarcAngel says:

            What is easy cheese? Does it spread too readily for the crackers?

          36. Mercy says:

            NA, you’ve got the gist of it. It’s a whore.

          37. Violetta says:


            If I’m drinking for fun, it tastes good: mead, hot white or dark chocolate with a shot, hot buttered rum, mint juleps for Triple Crown races.

            The tea and Scotch mix must taste awful. There are several theories about this:

            a) adding milk would produce phlegm, and that plus waiting for sugar to dissolve would cool it off;

            b) bad taste scares the germs away (traditional with older generations);

            c) per a family member from my generation, “If it tastes bad enough, you will tell them you feel better so they don’t make you drink anymore.”

          38. Mercy says:

            Violetta, switch it up to vodka. Less of that harry sock tongue feeling in the morning.

          39. Violetta says:

            Not sure if I mentioned this on another thread, but I posted a comment on DM about tea and Scotch working for three generations of my family, including when I had H1N1 in ’09.

            One reader replied, “But what did you do with the tea?”

          40. HG Tudor says:

            You did mention it on another thread Violetta. Ease off on the scotch.

          41. Violetta says:


            Haven’t had any since 4am and I lost most of it shortly afterwards.

            Besides, I repeat myself when under stress. I repeat myself when under stress. I repeat-

          42. Violetta says:


            You are not stupid. Stupid is this guy:


          43. mommypino says:

            Eww 😖. I agree Violetta, I’m a genius compared to that guy! 😊

      2. Contagious says:

        Where is Dr. Numan? He has disappeared from the press conferences. It was reported today that the Greater said, “ He has other things to do now.” 😉

    2. Violetta says:

      “There was indeed but fourteen set down of the plague, but this was all knavery and collusion, for in St Giles’s parish they buried forty in all, whereof it was certain most of them died of the plague, though they were set down of other distempers” – Defoe

  7. Anm says:

    I really enjoyed this Hg. Thank you. My sons father and grandmother are both midrangers. The grandmother hides it very well. But I can tell her mak is slipping big time, and I am also a bit concerned for my son to be spending time over there right now.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am pleased that you did.

  8. Pati says:

    I called to see how my cousins are in Greece out of concern. I couldnt believe what i saw on messenger.
    My Narcissistic uncle is at the beach with his family. They are not following the rules. The beaches are packed. I heard someone arguing at the beach from a distance telling everyone. You all will die from Covid19. GO HOME and stay HOME. I told them to be careful and hung up.
    Terrible we are sitting at home scared while they are at the beach not caring if they get infected.
    I dont care I will stay home long as it takes.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They won’t all die.

      1. Pati says:

        HG , i know they all wont, die, just a figure of speech. They couldnt care less though they just dont like following the rules.

      2. Lorelei says:

        HG—I’m stressing about the economy.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          That won’t die either

          1. Lorelei says:

            Not my work but for other people.. It impacts many.

          2. Violetta says:

            It’s the weekend and you’re working overtime with the Tudorites, HG. Thank you.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Glad you noticed Violetta. I am looking to provide more new material to keep people informed and entertained during these changed circumstances.

          4. Cloudy says:


            You think this pandemic will put economy in a recession?

            I believe there will be opportunity for the wealthy if a recession follows this nasty virus.

            Lots of small business might get wiped out.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            Yes, it will but remember the actual definition of a recession is easily attained.

          6. lisk says:

            Then do your best to support local business and smaller e-businesses, and NOT buy from the big players like Amazon.

            Many might go under anyway, but at least you did what you could.

          7. FYC says:

            Lisk, I agree with your sentiment for supporting small business, but to mention Amazon is a misnomer, as many small businesses do commerce via Amazon and others.

          8. lisk says:

            Yes, they do, in which case I avoid the middleman and go directly to the small business’s site.

            I certainly would have bought all HG’s books by now had they been on another platform besides A. I only bought the 3 that I own because I was desperate.

            I’m thankful for gumroad. Wish all HG’s books were there.

          9. HG Tudor says:

            Lisk, if you wish to purchase the books, just email me and I can invoice you and provide you with electronic copies. I have done this for a number of people who have problems with Amazon (whatever those problems may be).

          10. lisk says:

            I prefer hard copies.

            You know what’s nice about hard copies is that you can read them in public and others can see what you’re reading.

            We could do a lot of advertising for you that way, reading Sex & the Narcissist on the bus or in the café—that is, if we’re ever allowed out in public again.

          11. HG Tudor says:

            I agree.

            There are other platforms that sell hardcopies besides Amazon through the expanded distribution network. Amazon is the most effective but if you have an aversion to them, there are other distribution options available.

          12. lisk says:

            I’ll try Alibris.

          13. FYC says:

            Lisk, in the interest of accuracy, many small businesses use Amazon and others as their *only* web presence and e-commerce avenue. Keep your loyalty to small business, but don’t shoot the delivery. If you want to take a stand against Amazon, don’t buy their stock, don’t buy Kindle or Alexa devices, etc.

            ALL e-commerce sites profit from sales, including Gumroad (beginning at a 3.5% fee with a $10 monthly fee or annual subscription to HG. This is also true for giving sites such as gofundme and others. They take between 3.5-5% of the money donated. Further, Visa and PayPal take their cut from payments at around 3%) This does not mean we should not donate or purchase from these platforms. No platform is provided for free, just like all else in life.

            Even bricks & mortar small businesses pay their landlords, the government, their banks and others. Everyone encounters costs for doing business. So please do support small businesses. Just remember, their platform of delivery in any form, incurs significant hidden costs. For the greatest majority of businesses, these fees are inescapable.

          14. lisk says:

            I’m not concerned about landlordism, in general—only in particular.

            I will revise my statement to be all-in-one about my everyday purchasing behaviors—pandemic or no pandemic—and support small businesses directly where I can, support e-businesses that have non-Amazon landlords, and use Amazon only in absolute desperation, as when I needed Sitting Target.

          15. FYC says:

            Ha ha, Lisk. Fair enough. I added that info to illustrate many large players, and some smaller, have their fingers in the pot. It is very difficult to cut out those costs.

          16. ava101 says:


          17. Narc noob says:

            HG, talking about the economy, I’m interested to hear your thoughts… ?

            While it won’t die, at least not yet, parts of it have already and will in the future. I see a big shift needed in how we do things.

            Are you a trader, or a saver, or perhaps you dabble in other investments.

            Ps. I like your biz model here and your extraction/change to suit the current environment.

          18. HG Tudor says:

            I have a range of financial interests.

            I am receptive to the needs of my readers with regard to the provision of information which assists them.

          19. SMH says:

            HG, I find your comments on Covid-19 and on the economy very reassuring. Like MRN, you are calm when disaster strikes!

          20. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you SMH.

          21. Narc noob says:

            “I have a range of financial interests”

            I thought you might have a few streams of income. I guess that kind of information and your take on finances is out of scope for this website.

            “I am receptive to the needs of my readers with regard to the provision of information which assists them.”

            A thank-you would have been suffice, but I’ll take a more eloquent sentence to get what I said across 😉👍

          22. HG Tudor says:

            Yes, it is beyond this website.

      3. Cloudy says:

        I think from all the cases it will create a 20% death rate

        1. lisk says:

          Highly unlikely.

    2. lisk says:

      Oh, my gosh, I would so much rather be living on a Greek beach than non-living in my apartment.


    3. Cloudy says:

      The iodine in the sea might help them.


      1. Chihuahuamum says:

        Iodine does increase the immune system! 😊 many people are deficient in it as well as vitamin d.

  9. singasongy says:

    the part where the doctor says something and then comes back and says well that is not for me to say, let the politicians ect say it… that is exactly how my NARC manipulates people all the time…that really jumped out at me…

  10. lisk says:

    That’s him! That’s him! That’s him TO A TEE!

    #8 is Narcx all the way down to the “the team” schtick. I could just hear his pompous voice speaking this.

    1. lisk says:

      Oh, one thing missing in the following, “My role and that of my team is to deliver acute care.”

      I should be “acute and compassionate care.”

      There—now that duplicates his online bio.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Ha ha.

  11. SMH says:

    This is brilliant, HG. I am astonished at how easily, quickly and beautifully your churn out these ‘current event’ posts. Going to read the rest now that I am wide awake!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you SMH.

  12. Joy&Love says:

    Lol!! This is so funny. HG you have such a way with words. It’s quite a gift.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed and you can complete the set and enjoy my wonderful way with words with Part 4. You have been spoilt today!

      1. FYC says:

        Spoilt today? You spoil us every day, HG and we are the better for it. These interviews are a great tool for honing our ability to discern the different schools of Ns. Very, very helpful. They also bring laughs with recognition of your well illustrated subjects in each part, and smiles with your creative approach. Thank you for this entertaining and instructive series. Most appreciated.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You’re welcome and thank you FYC. Question is, has anybody spotted two ‘hidden’ narcissists

          1. FYC says:

            HG, In all the parts or part 3 or 4? I am off to read part 4 now. I’ll do my best to see the hidden Ns. I want to one day be able to identify all Ns with a very high degree of accuracy. Over the past year I have come a long way in this pursuit, but I still have quite a distance to go. I am so appreciative for every opportunity to learn here and for all you do for your readers. It is making a real difference in my life. Thank you again.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Read through all parts, FYC.

          3. SMH says:

            Charity is a child narc.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            That’s not very Charitable SMH! But maybe you are correct…..

          5. SMH says:

            Hey you picked the name, not me. Funny. Have to go back and read the boy’s name now. The clues might be in some of the names.

          6. FYC says:

            Aside of those purposely mentioned, I would say the media, Seymour and Justin, but also the poor kids of Mona might be ones in the making due to their GPD and LOCE. Soundbites 4 is superb and worth more than the price of admission!

          7. K says:

            The Two Hidden ones are Dad and Justin Time.

          8. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Just in time K!!! I love these silly games. Hey since you guys are throwing names out there I just wanna attend the Balcony Love Fest #Fuckingdyinghere #ULPartay!!!!

          9. K says:

            Sweetest Perfection
            It’s perfect; we can weather the storm that is Covid-19 by having fun on narcsite.

          10. Violetta says:

            The interviewer obviously is.

        2. Sweetest Perfection says:

          FYC, this is so incredibly creative I am still in shock, especially given the quick delivery. Ultra smooth, ultra fast, ultra sharp.

          1. FYC says:

            I agree, SP, truly impressive. HG has a brilliant mind and creative flair second to none.

          2. Violetta says:

            The script method works so much better (for me at least) than a description. I can hear their voices. I’d love to play some of these characters.

          3. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Oh, I can do UL type A like a pro; I have a good role model. And while he doesn’t own a Simpson suit, his choice of suits are likewise questionable and immature. It seems like HG knows my UL personally, his description of this narcissist always makes me laugh.

          4. Violetta says:

            I want to play Cat. She’s a whiny adolescent version of Veruka Salt. (I used to use “I Want it Now” as an audition song back when I was still playing brats.)

  13. Mark says:

    “Not disheartening, not at all, it only bolsters our resolve to do more. It is also worth pointing out, that within the official statistics, there are those who have died who have tested positive for the virus but they did not die because of the virus. They had an underlying condition which caused their demise and they also caught the virus. It is important to maintain a proper perspective on this and to present the information responsibly.”

    You have it HG….and this is fascinating…
    “…There were a total of 7 deaths among those on board. All of them were in people over seventy. So even though the generally young were more likely to show symptoms if they had it, it hits old people the hardest.

    Finally, according to the study, the age-adjusted infection fatality rate was 1.2% (0.38%–2.7%). Note the wide uncertainty range, due to the small number of deaths.

    For me, this is all good news. 83% of the people on the ship didn’t get it, despite perfect conditions for transmission. If you get it, you have about a 50/50 chance of showing no symptoms at all. And the fatality rate is lower than the earlier estimates of 2% or above…”

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Mark.Given your background I understand why this resonates with you.

      1. Lorelei says:

        I just read this—I’m like what the hell did I
        read.. ! HG—are you poking fun at narcissists being interviewed as they tend to the matter? I’m a little behind.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed, there is pokery to be had in both directions.

          1. Violetta says:

            Dr. Nuwan seems at least to be fairly useful, as compared to Lessers who are useless or Mid-rAngels who actively get in the way.

            Is the Narcissism in the “just doing my duty, not my place to say, ours is but to do or die”?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Nearly all narcissists can have usefulness in some ways and of course the downsides with which you are acquainted. The purpose was to demonstrate a range of behaviours and to do so in a variety of different ways, some less serious than others.

          3. Lorelei says:

            Violetta—they triangulate others with us by using their facade. This is explained thoroughly in the facade material. Such statements solidify their self portrayal and put a stamp on them being good, decent, ordinary individuals. (Which much of their deeds are..) Empaths don’t plant such seeds on a regular basis because they don’t generally want or need to control what others think of them. (Unless smeared..) My opinion anyway!

          4. Violetta says:

            But where is the Narcissism in Dr. Nuwan? The false modesty? The refusal to admit that folks are gonna die, or that the government fucked up? If he doesn’t want sudden problems with funding, isn’t it wise NOT to say such things?

          5. lisk says:

            The false modesty, yes.

          6. Violetta says:

            I think I’m getting it. Dr. Nuwan wants everybody to know what a good job he’s doing.

            He may actually be doing a good job, but it doesn’t count unless everybody knows it.

            Also, he keeps repeating himself, and this lengthy interview takes time away from trying to suction the pus out of people’s lungs, or whatever it is he’s doing. A non-narc would give a brief statement of what’s going on and advice to the general public, and get back to the pus-suctioning.

    2. Lorelei says:

      Mark—the overall mortality rate is indeed low. The problem is the sheer volume of those ill “enough” on the system and there will be statistical variability of outcomes (as you’ve indicated) based on population demographics in different regions. Irreversible though is the community acquired upsweep and system strain. No one has declared Ebola type mortality—but my region can’t sustain a (say) 10-15% increase in hospital admissions for long without substantial planning. I’m sure it impacts each of us differently based on our work, etc. Your deck of cards in this may indeed be more substantial due to your work.

      1. FYC says:

        Lorelei, You make a good point. Ebola has a 50% death rate. So far reported today, COVID19 has a 1.4% to 8.2% (USA at the low end, Italy at the hight end) documented death rate (it is projected that many cases are undocumented). The flu has a death rate of .01%. Clearly we need to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all, and also do our best to remain logical and reasonable. Fear is only useful to the point that it reminds us to use our heads, beyond that point it serves no helpful or useful purpose. Hopefully we can all do our part to keep the progression capped to avoid massive hospitalization. Wishing everyone well going forward and wishing you the best as you deal with this going forward, Lorelei.

        1. WhoCares says:


          I believe that Italy’s higher mortality rate is also influenced by the fact that they have a higher number of elderly people in their population.

          1. FYC says:

            Hi WhoCares, advancement of age is strongly correlated with complications and a much higher death rate. I do not know the demographics of the areas in Italy, nor China, but I would assume both have a reasonable size population of aging people. I think one point of difference is the degree of control the communist regime has over its people and resources (there is some question as to the accuracy of all data provided by China as well). Another is that Italy was quite slow to take action to prevent the spread of the disease (unlike say, Korea). A study from University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research that reviewed data from China, reported that the death rate was highest among the critically ill (50%), and the numbers of critically ill were older (50+ in age). I should add the caveat that younger people have died with no preexisting conditions, but far fewer than those advance in age (70+).

            I read an interesting piece on COVID19 form a young woman (20 something) that had a dual lung transplant due to genetic cystic fibrosis. She pointed out that she is carrying on with living, with gratitude for each day she lives. She then expressed concern that others may not be concerned enough, and therefore not realize they can and do significantly impact the health of those around them (including those like her that look young and healthy but are at significant risk). It is a fair point. We all need to be reasonable and careful, but not fearful. This woman was quite positive and demonstrated care and compassion for others. She came across as brave and balanced–commendable for a woman that will continue to face life & death health challenges on a regular basis. She sees every moment as a gift. Great attitude and example for all.

          2. WhoCares says:


            Thank-you for sharing that young woman’s story. It’s poignant and helps put things in perspective.

            We can get so bogged down in the details – which informs us and gives us a sense control and safety (for us detail-oriented types!) but can also distract from the bigger picture. I appreciated hearing her story.

            Back to the details, however – thank-you very much FYC for the legal video you shared on another thread. Turns out it is very, very useful in informing some choices and decisions I have to make currently. I did get a hoover – of sorts…by proxy but several times removed (difficult thing is that it involves both legalities and technology – both the bane of my existence). Such a small gesture on your part has really informed how I handle this.

            I am appreciative of the community of empaths here – and HG’s humourous side – all the more, as of late.

          3. WhoCares says:

            Actually, FYC – I hate to do this on the heels of that girl’s lovely story… But I just need to gripe/vent..I really resent the fact that I have managed to get a child out of an abusive situation, protect his physical, emotional and psychology well-being (in a way that even stands out to others) as best I can so that he remains relatively unscathed in that area…and that I can still potentially get dinged in the end because I may have put too many eggs in the “emotional well-being” basket and neglected other “baskets”. And this particular focus may cost me now because it contributes to the possibility that it helps ‘paint’ a picture of me ‘willfully’ withholding access!?
            It’s really sad that people don’t grasp the extent of the emotional damage that narcissists cause and they (mostly) think that it (abuse recovery) is about getting back up on your feet in ways that meet overt societal expectations and measurements. Fuck!

          4. WhoCares says:

            Just to follow up, that was also on the heels of a hoover by proxy – which, now, the worst of has been mitigated.
            Anyway, I just wanted to say thank-you FYC for your informed and kind gestures here on the blog.

          5. FYC says:

            WhoCares, I am concerned for you in your situation and if I can help in some way, do let me know. Your are most kind and you deserve a bright future with your son. I know in these unusual times, that N behavior will escalate. It presents too great of an opportunity to hoover which is apparently irresistible. I would suspect it will get worse before it gets better. The ripple effect to the economy at large and to people on a personal level will trigger some Ns to manipulate and take advantage as well. Stay strong WC. You can do this. You will prevail. You are not alone. You have an army of support here. If you have a legal challenge, let me know the state and I will find an answer. Stay well and try to compartmentalize the N. Enjoy your time with your son as much as possible. Take care. You are in my thoughts.

          6. WhoCares says:

            Thank-you very much FYC for your supportive words; they help immensely.
            Yes, the ripple effect – on many levels – is daunting. I think on the legal end of things I will be okay. This pushback affects legal proceedings as well and only “urgent” matters will be dealt with until things settle down. (We know that to every narc, their matter is urgent but the system doesn’t care and when they are all squabbling about how their situation is more ‘urgent’ then the next guy – that will cause the system to get more bogged down. That’s okay with me; time is on my side in that arena.)
            Now that some of the legal stuff has been sorted out and I’ve come to terms with how I feel about Covid19, I am beginning to enjoy my time with my son. He loves this time off from school – but little does he know there will be some structure implemented next week. Good thing I can be creative about home learning when I am not pulled in a thousand different directions.
            Please take care of yourself FYC 💜

          7. FYC says:

            WhoCares, You are always most welcome and I am happy to hear you are enjoying your time with your son. Stay safe😘

          8. FYC says:

            WhoCares, I am very happy to hear that the damage was mitigated. You are most kind and most welcome and I very much appreciate you. I am in your corner if you need me.

          9. lisk says:

            Dr Nuwan explains Italy’s situation.

          10. Contagious says:

            And 99% a complication such as diabetes, hypertension etc… HG looks like empaths have taken over the world in that the economy is second to life.

          11. HG Tudor says:

            Ah, but who made the decisions to prioritise?

          12. Contagious says:


          13. HG Tudor says:


          14. Contagious says:

            New York City has high elderly population and half of them are poor. LA does not. Might be why a difference. Japan does. ?

        2. Lorelei says:

          Correct, Ebola type death rates would be body bags in the streets dumped into trucks. Period. This is a volume issue coupled by many factors, and your stats are consistent with what I have seen. Flu is a bitch, this is “mass flu” with few resources to manage that has a big uptick coming ahead. I can connect to our system and see the internal report on positive results as they roll in. There will be a huge wave in numbers very soon. I will say that all mid-rangers are doing an appropriate job. I am impressed by the governor and there is an amusing connection to him right now that I can’t write about on here. It makes me smile inwardly though.

          1. FYC says:

            Thank you for that update, Lorelei, do let us know your amusing connection. I wish you the best in your work going forward and hope you stay stay safe as you help others.

    3. lisk says:

      I would not be surprised if many of us had it already.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        I agree.

        1. SMH says:

          I agree too. I’ve been warning people on the other side of the pond for 10 days, when I first posted about social distancing. I have been self isolating for two weeks anyway due to work issues, and I go out in a mask armed with wipes, hand gel, zinc nasal spray, lozenges, and what have you. The last person I had any physical contact with was Odin, and that was 17 days ago.

          1. Narc noob says:

            Hey SMH, how are you going with your self isolation? 17 days is a good innings, and only more to come! We have only just started where we are, might not be doing it quite right as still venturing out. Schools still haven’t closed here, our numbers are low so far.

          2. SMH says:

            Narc noob, Where are you located? We just got put on further lock down but I am fine, thanks for asking. I have been in worse situations. Not been out at all for the past few days – going to wait a few more days to make sure I don’t have symptoms. The cleaners were in the building this morning though the renovations down the corridor have stopped.

          3. Narc noob says:

            Hi SMH, we are down under….on the west side. I think I saw you were based in NYC but you also mentioned another city that you go between, for work? Sounds like a big building/apartment where you are hiding out. Hope the cleaners did a good job! Luckily for us and the kids we are surrounded by bush for them to venture out – and of course a few kangaroos 😁

          4. NarcAngel says:

            We’re all going to be surrounded by bush soon because we can’t get a wax!

          5. Lorelei says:

            NA—please go old fashioned and use a razor. I can’t fathom the image you speak of..

          6. Mercy says:

            NA, I think I told you the story about waxing myself. If you don’t remember I’ll just say DONT DO IT. It was a lesson learned. Not everything is DIY.

          7. SMH says:

            Narc noob, Yes, I remember now where you are. I am in London at the moment. On the 8th floor, where a pigeon just came in and shat all over the carpet, never mind viruses wafting in!

            I am glad to hear there are still kangaroos around after those awful fires. Your kids are lucky to have all that space! A friend just returned there from here (really he fled before he was scheduled to go). From Tasmania but living in Melbourne. He told me Tasmania had closed its borders. I guess there are no cases there (yet). Stay safe!

          8. Mercy says:

            SMH, I’ve been thinking about you and wondering if you are in NY. Your governor Cuomo is becoming quite famous. I’ve actually started tuning in on his briefings because I trust his information. I also started reading UK news about the US because I don’t trust what our news is telling us haha. I’m glad you are doing well in London. Take care.

          9. SMH says:

            Hi Mercy, Thanks for checking in. How are you? I am still having a bit of trouble with this new format – I have to adjust the zoom every time I am on the site or it is half white space (HG, if you are listening, the white space at the top takes up way too much of the screen and doesn’t move out of the way when you scroll down).

            Yes apparently everyone is crushing on Cuomo now! I was just telling someone that I am really worried about what’s going on in NYC. I’ve been trying to warn because I know they are just a few weeks behind us (maybe only a few days) but no one’s been listening. No one is listening anywhere. Today Italian mayors were yelling at their constituents because people decide they have to walk their dogs 10 times a day. UK has had to introduce more stringent measures. Just goes to show that you can have all (or a great deal of) the science but you can’t change behaviors very easily.

            I’m self isolating this week because the last time I was out was Saturday so I figure if I can be sure I don’t have any symptoms I can relax a bit and then do it all over again after I go out again (very limited now – not supposed to meet up with more than one person outside of your household). What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

          10. Mercy says:

            SMH, I’m good. We are down to essential employees only at work so we’re doing a rotation. I go back Thursday. I’ve pretty much been home working on projects for the last week. I’m ready to go back. I’ve been eating too much, staying up late and sleeping in. I didn’t put clothes on until about 1 today. I need my routine back! I know it’s going to get worse so the measures taken are good. You’re right though, a lot of people are not listening. I heard about the new restrictions there. It’s got to be hard.

          11. SMH says:

            Mercy, Today was the first day I went out since the new restrictions kicked in. I am self isolating but I had to exchange something with a friend. We went for a walk and had a coffee. I was fine outside but I had a mild panic attack when I got home. Washed everything, took a shower. Am afraid I won’t be able to go out at all when this is over. Opposite problem to everyone else.

            I think the key to staying home is to have a routine. I get up very early because my windows are eastern facing and therefore I go to sleep early too. In the a.m. I make coffee and get dressed because from now on every week day at 9:00 a.m. we have virtual check ins with my working group with video, just to make sure everyone is okay. In the evenings it is helpful to check in with friends, and social media is helpful during the day (though that can be depressing, as is the news).

            We also now have a support group in my building for people who are self-isolating. I might volunteer for that but with my agoraphobia, not sure how much help I can be. Maybe just knocking on doors to make sure people who really cannot get out are all right. Perhaps creating a support group in your neighborhood too would be a good idea. Give you something else to do between work tasks to structure your time.

          12. Mercy says:

            SMH, I’m sorry I didn’t know you were having such a hard time. I think the support group in your building is a good idea. I’ve been thinking about starting a grocery chain in my neighborhood for the elderly. I know there are families that could use some help with child care but that’s not my thing. I love children but I love them more when their mommy and daddy are responsible for them. Doing something even if it’s a small thing gives us a sense of control when things are so out of control.

            I go back to work tomorrow. There will only be 4 of us in the office so plenty of social distancing. It will be a good distraction.

          13. SMH says:

            Aw thanks Mercy. I am fine now. Made plans for Friday because I think I should keep on going out, took a nap, did some planking, and my mood has much improved. I have a new respect for people who self isolate. It’s hard returning to the world. Yes I think I will also sign up. The govt here asked for 250,000 volunteers and got over 400,000 in 24 hours but there are enough flats in my building that I can probably do some good close to home. Groceries and prescriptions are probably most important, and you shouldn’t be around other people’s children anyway. I guess people with young children at home are pretty stressed but most will find a rhythm and a way to deal with it. I see some of my friends home schooling and sure am glad I don’t have to do that!

          14. Mercy says:

            SMH, I saw a meme “day 2 of homeschooling and my son called in a bomb threat”. I thought it was hilarious. There’s some good ones going around right now. My all time favorite so far

            “My test was negative. In fact it was sooo negative, the doctors said they never saw a negative number so low. It was perfect; perfectly negative. Actually it was hugely perfectly negative. And tremendous too. My doctor said it was the best and greatest score of anyone who has ever taken the test”

            I think you can guess who

          15. SMH says:

            lol Mercy, yes, I can guess who. All you have to do is count the word repetition. His vocabulary is so limited. I saw that meme about homeschooling and another one about all of kids dying to get back to school already. When this is over, no one will have trouble getting their kids up in the morning and we will all run joyously back to work. It’s a plot, I tell ya!

          16. SMH says:

            Mercy, It has produced an incredible amount of good humour, I gotta say! I spend hours on the internet hysterical. Not sure it’s from the humour or going batty or maybe a bit of both.

          17. Violetta says:


            The Return of Mayor Temper!

      2. Contagious says:

        We might but that does not mean we die. .37% CDC estimate today for those under a certain age. LA given up on testing unless symptoms as we don’t have enough tests. Sigh. The problem is the ability to handle it all. China sent thousands to build hospitals, built ventilators, had people tested and Strictly quarantined. Hospitals even had walls built to separate the ones with virus. Wuhen is the size of NYC! Our country is not the same. The US is more zealous with building codes so the fact that one of their facilities collapsed and killed 10 would not happen here. But we are bringing Navy ships in, buying hotels, building ventilators and trying to slow it down. Stop it? Won’t happen. Even the swine flu is still here. In 50 days the Chinese beat it. Opening manufacturing, some businesses even restaurants. Their leader was there this week as a showing of their success. China’s economy is predicted to grow by 1.6 percent, the rest of the world is expected to contract. How much??? Depends. But the Chinese government numbers are questioned too. And who knows? A sudden vaccine could change it. Isolation and time might work? Italy is like Japan, it has the oldest population. Italy did not react fast. 99% of those over 80 had complications. Many were Smokers for a long time. This is a viral infection to the LUNGS. The US is focused on getting beds and ventilators while also trying to isolate and “help $$$.” The help seems to fall way short. In Orange County thousands showed up at the Honda Civic center today for food. Over 3000. This is a wealthy county. What we are ALL waiting for is when will we be able to go on? How long can the pause bottom last ? How many will be effected? Will we survive? You don’t want to read Moody’s or Goldman Sachs predictions if this carries on too long. But everyone is in this together. It’s a worldwide problem and that after A week has already created all kinds of hardship. My belief is if we all are in it together…. It can’t go on long. What long is I don’t know? Estimates vary. Day by day we wait. I have seen the worst and the best in this crisis. Calling all empaths, we are needed!!!

        1. lisk says:

          That’s why I think most of us have already have been exposed and gotten over it–because we didn’t die.

          This is all much ado about nothing new under the sun.

          If a virus–or a bacterium or a parasite or a fungus–wants to win, it will.

          Time to get on with our lives–and our deaths.

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  15. E. B. says:

    Cat’s interview… Hahaha – My stomach is aching! Thank you for making me laugh.

    1. Violetta says:

      “Whiny Emo Adolescent ‘Influencer’ Narc.” Ought to be a category all its own.

  16. MB says:

    I’m looking forward to the soundbites of The Ultra. Maybe we will get a recording! Putting my headphones on charge now. (Just in case.)

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      I’m curious too; while I don’t know anyone with the same amount of self-reflection HG possesses, I also wonder about his ability to laugh at himself, being the narcissist he is. Just an anthropological curiosity, not trying to challenge or question anyone here.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        I do not laugh at myself. I laugh at others, SP.

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Precisely, that’s why I wondered.

        2. Cloudy says:

          I love it

        3. Me says:

          He hates being ridiculed. Would hate to be in a house with you all day. You are full of knowledge on narcs but can imagine a pain in the arse.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Oh how wrong you are.

          2. lisk says:

            Only if one is painted black, I imagine.

    2. Sweetest Perfection says:

      Haha you were right!

      1. MB says:

        Nope! At least not yet…

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          I always think it’s an audio file. Though I prefer reading!

          1. MB says:

            Not me SP! My appreciation for that delicious baritone is well documented 🤣

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