Vladimir Putin : School and Cadre


Understand in detail what Putin´s school and cadre are. Were you correct?


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  1. lisk says:

    Uh oh. Haven’t been here for a while. Looks like I have some reading to do.

    Especially since “Vladimir Putin” was my answer to NarcX’s first-date question to me: “Who is your role model?”

    I look forward to seeing if my answer still stands!

  2. Isabelle says:

    I have loved the whole series, this was outstanding. But then, all your series are, HG, and just when I think “this one has to be the best”, another “best” one comes along!

    I agree with what you said, that it is chilling to see that a video about MM and Harry receives more likes than a series about a political leader, and especially this political leader! Doesn’t bode well for the future of humanity.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome, Isabelle.

    2. Violetta says:

      We’re not all superficial, Isabelle. Some of us are just chicken$#1+. It’s easier to approach the dynamics of narcissism through ridiculous celebrities than through world-shaking, life-or-death events.

      1. Isabelle says:

        Violetta: I was thinking of the “likes” on YouTube which were less numerous than on videos on MM. Didn’t mean to and didn’t think I would hurt anyone’s feelings here, where readers are certainly not superficial.
        Liking videos on both MM and VP is absolutely fine,but yes I did find the fact that there was more audience for MM than VP worrying.

  3. Alice NW says:

    I am convinced that Putin’s invasion is not about Ukraine, it was an attempt to hurt Biden and help Trump and the Far-Right. Why are grocery shelves empty and gas prices so high – now?? Everyone was shopping online, hoarding food and toilet paper during the pandemic, so production and shipping never lulled, and shelves only emptied from consumers buying up everything. A trucker convoy has attempted to slow traffic in DC for weeks now to protest the Covid vaccine mandates – why aren’t they working- how do they pay for gas to fill semi truck tank’s – someone is funding and paying them. Exxon is making a huge profit on these high gas prices- Rex Tillerson was Secretary of State under Trump and has huge ties with Russia. Isn’t it suspicious that shelves are empty, shipping is delayed, and gas prices are high despite Biden demanding they be lowered – Now?

    Putin’s interest is in helping his allies – Trump with all of his followers, the Republican Party and the Far-Right- as a scheme to infiltrate America. That’s what this is all about. It was even reported on a newsfeed earlier in the invasion that a Russian soldier told the Ukrainians it wasn’t about them, it was about the US.

    But Biden was a career Senator before becoming VP and this is probably why he ran for President despite not wanting to. He saw what was happening and he knew how to counter it. He united the West against Putin so Russia’s invasion has been a failure. High gas prices are just steering people toward electric cars, and people are sympathetic about the high prices at the pump because of the war.

    It’s absolutely true that Putin can’t stay in power because he’s a threat to America. Trump and the majority of the Republican Party are the same as Russian oligarchs.

  4. vandenboss says:

    I haven’t listened to the ten yet,but i always thought VP was a greater. He’s seems to be less of a puppet and more of a puppet player. He can act like an upper lesser but again i think that’s just an act. The average Russian voter don’t want an,i’m a lover not a fighter, intellectual for president,. And apart from the voter he needs to keep the rest of the psycho’s surrounding him under control and thats easier when you show your teeth now and then and hand out some Chernobyl thee left and right. In short,he knows how to play the whole herd,just like Obama did.

  5. Alice NW says:


    Do you think Putin could have invaded Ukraine as a political stunt to try to stop Biden from his normal agenda, and in an effort to make him look bad, in order to help his allies in the US: Trump and the Far-Right? Thinking he would defeat and take over Ukraine easily, not expecting the current outcome?

    Communists infiltrate countries slowly, by creating division, lying, and tampering with their food and infrastructure. It’s unprecedented in the US to have political leaders siding with Russia over America, but that is happening. Reagan brought the fake church into politics, with pastors telling people who to vote for and what they should be for or against. The movement has been growing ever since. What’s going on today is not about the civil war as is insinuated, but is about communism.

  6. njfilly says:

    You definitely put a lot of work into this Putin series. Very informative, and I’m sure it is quite accurate.

    Thank you for the information you continue to provide. It is very helpful to many. You are a never ending stream of knowledge.

    I wonder what it is like inside your brain? I assume it would be dark, chaotic, and forceful. Distracting you from feeling, if you could.

    (While proofreading my comment I almost thought I read dark chocolate! Now I want some.)

  7. StrongerWendy says:

    Excellent, nuanced, and unrivaled series! HG’s investigative journalism skills never fail to impress.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you

      1. StrongerWendy says:

        You’re welcome, HG

  8. MB says:

    In light of now knowing exactly what VP is, it would be fascinating to hear commentary from HG about how various players should approach interactions with him.

    I’m going to go out in a limb and suggest HG’s advice to Biden would not have been to say, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” Challenge fuel much?

    I’d love to hear what advice you’d give Zelensky HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Biden’s off script comments are an aspect of his sense of entitlement and evidence that his facade cracked as a consequence of the tension between it and his need to assert control. This deviance from the repeatedly maintained US policy of no regime change had his aides scrambling. It also evidences the problem of trying to shackle a narcissist to a script, it threatens control. Some will ascribe it to Biden being doddery and old, it’s not. Some might suggest it came from the heart. It did not. It was a flash of ignited fury which cracked through the facade.

      1. MB says:

        Thank you HG. A shit show for the aides to be sure! Do you think damage was done re: challenge fuel toward Putin?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No damage just threat to control which played into Putin’s hands “See I was right. The West led by the USA wishes to remove me the elected leader of Russia. I was right to prevent NATO interference on our doorstep “

          1. MB says:

            Thank you for your answers HG.

            To clarify, I’m not being critical of Biden. He’s not wrong. It was just very foolish not to think of the collateral consequences of such remarks by a powerful world leader; the reasons for which have been explained here.

      2. ava101 says:

        Interesting. He really should have talked about himself though, stating that. Esp considering that his family invested heavily in Ukrainian military bio warfare research. Amongst other things.

    2. Alice NW says:

      It was a crack of all of our ignited fury that agreed when Biden said Putin can’t stay in power. It’s what we all feel. I can’t think of who wouldn’t have blurted that out in the heat of speech to stand up against Putin’s war crimes and tyranny.

      Just as Biden was speaking, Putin sent multiple rockets to western Ukraine. As Clint Eastwood said, (Putin) “Make my day”

      1. ava101 says:

        And Biden relaxes at his estate while USA bombs other parts of the world and also moves military to the Russian border….

        1. Alice NW says:

          AVA 101

          Russia hasn’t attacked the US.

          If the US were to go into Ukraine, Russia would take it as the US declaring war on Russia.

          Ukraine is not part of NATO. If they were, we would be obligated to go into Ukraine- without it looking as if we’re declaring war.

          America and Europe are trying Not to have WWIII or any Nuclear War.

          Sanctions are working, and starting to effect everyone in Russia. The US is giving Billions of Dollars in Military Equipment and Humanitarian Aide to Ukraine, in addition to what other NATO Countries are giving. The US is also training Ukrainians how to fight and how to use the military equipment we’ve given them.

          Russia probably wouldn’t believe us if we threatened dropping the nuke bomb on them as moron Trump suggested, and they would also use that as an attack on them and a war declaration.

          I doubt seriously Biden has any time to relax, as his agenda is extremely full with getting Covid under control and us back to normal, with the economy leftover from the last administration and costs they ran up, shipping and gas issues, infrastructure, new Supreme Court justice, climate change and every catastrophe that comes with that, and converting our energy to green sources, he’s already lowered unemployment to levels from decades ago. Give the President a break and credit for vaccinating everyone, getting us back to unmasking days, that we’re not going to bed worried about a nuclear war, that he was instrumental in uniting NATO and others against Putin’s invasion, just to name a few things.

          It’s easy to lie back and relax in our own comfy homes ourselves. Some people from all over the world are volunteers actually fighting in Ukraine. Maybe ask what are we ourselves doing to help with everything.

    3. Truthseeker6157 says:


      Agree, I’d be really curious to know how HG would advise those negotiating with Putin.

      The other thing I was wondering is, what is Zelensky? I don’t think he is a narcissist, so I don’t think we are witnessing narcs colliding. I think Zelensky might be an empath, but, that could also be an emotional reaction on my part to current events.

      If he is an empath we have ourselves a narc v empath battle of wills. I think Zelensky’s ability to rally international support for Ukraine has been very impressive. His determination to stay with his people and not to capitulate feels genuine. He knows his people, he really knows his people and they are still following him against the odds. This feels like a genuine relationship to me, but am I being conned?

      It would be really interesting to understand more about what Zelensky is and what aspects of his empathic or normal make up are in the driving seat just now.


      1. Joa says:

        For me – he is a beautiful human.

        Clear and precise message.
        Belief. Mind. Strength.


        If he pretends… he’s perfect at it.
        The main thing is that the goals coincide.

      2. ava101 says:

        Zelensky was put in his seat by Soros, after he had played the role of a president.
        He is an actor. And of course a narcissist puppet, same as Biden.
        It is not about his people, who were also attacked from within.
        Millions of support vanished.
        He allowed Western operations in his country, eg bio weapon research funded by the US. Thanks for bringing that to Europe along with nuclear weapons and drones.
        There is a long history behind all of this, much money from the west,…
        This is MUCH bigger than the obvious, and nothing to do with 2 presidents fighting….

        1. Joa says:

          ava101, I brazenly yawn, when I read for the thousandth time about laboratories, Nazis, pedophiles, tunnels, Zionists, murderers released from prisons, Ukrainian spies.

          I also yawn, when I read about the living Elvis, Diana, Kennedy, who subscribe to the sign “Z”, or “the great reset of the world”.

          I yawn, when I see these dozens of photos with the globe, which Angel Putin carefully “look after”.

          I know the Cyrillic alphabet, so I keep track of this nonsense produced by Russian society, but also included in Putin’s appeals to the nation.


          The facts are: Russians kill children and civilians, bomb cities, deport mayors, school principals who do not obey them (as they once deported and wiped out our aristocracy and “intelligentsia”). They want to intimidate the Ukrainians by all methods. They lie, lie, lie… Like always.

          And Russian soldiers, fighting for the lofty ideals of their “tsar”, do not forget to steal a fur from their wife, a TV to their home and take a toy from a Ukrainian child to give it to theirs chidren. On the way, eat what you can eat, drink what you can drink, possess what you can possess.

          Programmed – they go.

      3. Isabelle says:

        MB and TS: I too would be really interested in hearing what HG would advise those negotiating with Putin, and also hear what he thinks Putin may do in the future.

        TS, I think HG said in a video that Zelinsky is a normal. What bothers me somewhat is that all adult men of fighting age have been forbidden to leave the Ukraine, whether they wanted to fight or not. This is an emotional reaction on my part, I know, due to what I witnessed from a very early age of what fighting in a war can do to a man (my father, who did not choose to fight in the war in Algeria, and did not have the courage to desert the army). I take solace in the news I get from Russia, that soldiers there are beginning to desert their army. I don’t think it is massive just now, but I think it is extremely courageous of them, and it is the only thing I want to hear about, in *any* war: desertion.
        Who said I had lost my illusions?

        1. Isabelle says:

          Edit: Refusal to fight other mere citizens as a citizen yourself should come first, and since everything is a question of propaganda in those matters, I’d love to hear pacifist propaganda all the time: people should never have to maim and kill people, under any circumstances. If a leader orders them to do so, then if they have been forced into the army, desertion should be the watchword – on all sides. But those citizens would be entitled to keep their weapons and organise in order to turn them against the leaders that ordered the killings.Topple them, and not let any other leader order them to go to war against other people ever again. Same goes if you have to live under the rule of a tyrant: your duty is to do away with him/her (and their cronies), not kill other people.

          Refusal to fight on the French and the German sides were on the table in 1914. Until the last minute, it seemed possible. But instead, some leaders betrayed their words and then people butchered each other for 4 years, with frightening consequences for world history and the personal lives of millions and millions of people over several generations. That’s what the “Great War” achieved (besides the victory of the the Bolsheviks in Russia, unfortunately).

          Coming back to Ukraine, I know they are in a shitty situation. But I also feel for the Russian people, whom sanctions are going to hurt badly whereas Putin doesn’t give a f**k (and look what happened in Syria, where economic sanctions killed children for lack of medicine, among other horrors).

          Yes, my dreams help me go on.

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            @Isabel: Word.

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Isabelle sorry. My phone recognized the other spelling faster…

          3. Isabelle says:

            Haha, no problem, SP! Isabel is the English as well as Spanish spelling, isn’t it? Gives me the choice of character for the day, that’s cool.
            I remember trying (unconsciously) to put a distance between me and narcex quite early on, by changing the name I signed my text messages to him. It included Isabel, Isobel (of course – the Scottish version) Isabella, Bella (a softer version of Bela, meant as a reference to Lugosi but he didn’t get it. Mind you, that was presumptuous of me since he turned out to be the vampire). Plus other variations on Isabelle.
            All except the bicycle joke.

          4. Joa says:

            A beautiful peaceful ideal, but unreal when someone bombs your home and injures your baby.

            The morale of Ukrainian soldiers and population is high.

            Thousands of Ukrainian men, who had worked in our country for several years, brought women, children and parents here, and they returned to their homeland to the front. Some women also decide to return home…

          5. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Hey Isabelle 🙂

            I hadn’t heard that Zelensky had forbidden men to leave. I can kind of understand it when a country is on a war footing and under attack but that doesn’t sit well with me. I wonder if men are able to choose to be conscientious objectors and choose non fighting roles whilst still taking part in the war effort?

            It’s such a difficult situation. Many Russians don’t want the war. Many Russian soldiers didn’t want to fight. Many Russians have extended family in Ukraine. Yet in and amongst them, many Russian soldiers also shelled civilian buildings and shot innocent families as they tried to escape.

            I do believe in the right of a country to defend itself against invasion. Like many here though I also feel that sanctions punish ordinary people more than the rich and powerful. The rich and powerful don’t like to take a reduction in their wealth though either and Putin should be looking over his shoulder right about now. There will be powerful oligarchs looking on and starting to see Putin as a real liability.

            I don’t believe any government is totally innocent and that includes the members of NATO. No one is more corrupt than a career politician in my view. Cynical perhaps, but likely true.

            I see Putin very much as the aggressor in this conflict and I think his tactics as regards civilian evacuation have been reprehensible. How to beat a narcissistic psychopath without starting WWIII? I think you have to choose a path and stick to it. Keep the pressure on and ignore the provocation. Sanctions was the path the NATO countries chose, so they need to hold to those tactics. Hopefully going in hard on the sanctions will bring a faster end to conflict, with fewer lives lost. If sanctions hadn’t been used I’m not sure what other deterrent would have been preferable under those circumstances where diplomacy had failed and Putin had already sent his troops in to Ukraine.

            War is not my thing. I’m a lover not a fighter ! Similarly though if Putin was sending his troops in to the UK, I’d be wanting NATO to do something about it and sanctions would seem like a very viable option to me in those circumstances. I’d want to defend my country and I’d be thankful my dad taught me how to shoot straight.

            The Ukrainian people have shown incredible defiance and bravery and against the odds. It makes me very uneasy that the world just seems to be watching the atrocities unfold without doing more to support Ukraine. In honesty though I’m not entirely sure what more can be done without rapidly escalating the conflict into another world war. I don’t know the answer.


          6. Joa says:

            TS, as in every country, there are deserters. Most often they tried to bribe. The most ingenious disguised himself as his wife and tried to cross the border with her documents.

            Marginal cases.

            Sanctions are essential. It is the Russians who will destroy Putin and the government (it has already started shifting the blame, looking for the blamed, pretending that the “tsar” did not know everything (bullshit!)). The machine moved. Press harder and harder. They have to start thinking.

            Unfortunately, 80% of Russians love their leader with a blind love that Westerners do not know about the representatives of power.

            It is a nation of extremes – lofty ideals and utter heartlessness.


            Closing the sky over Ukraine – it was supposed to save human lives. This life, that rots today in empty streets, in pits and cellars…

          7. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Hey Joa,

            I agree, if we are to see an end to Putin being in power, I think it will be as a result of either, some very wealthy and powerful Russians getting him out, or as a result of the sanctions biting so hard that he is overthrown by sheer power of numbers.

            The problem with sanctions is that whilst I can see them being effective, they take time to have a real impact. In the meantime innocent people are being killed.

            I must admit I was for the no fly zone and for that reason. Would that have escalated things to WWIII proportions though? I don’t know. Perhaps my response is purely an emotional one based on the images I’m seeing. Perhaps it’s a good thing I’m not a president or prime minister.

            Instinctively, when under threat personally I step forward. I don’t step back. I think to show fear is the worst thing you can possibly do against an aggressor, so perhaps my personal approach influences my opinion. I still am of the view that when atrocities are being committed to such an extent as they are against Ukranians, then that is reason enough to justify a no fly zone, but I accept I am a long way from being versed in warfare.

            The Russian army are failing in their objectives. Time isn’t on their side now so perhaps sanctions was the correct response. Maybe a no fly zone would only have escalated a conflict where Russia was destined to fail anyway. Maybe I don’t have the correct information or expertise to put forward an intelligent opinion. This is what I meant in response to Isabelle, I don’t know the answer. I do know that Putin is a psychopath though, and the only reason the psychopath wins at a game of chicken is because he bets on the fact that his opponent isn’t a psychopath!


          8. Joa says:

            TS, I could sign to what you wrote 100%.

            Yes, a silent disposal or a coup d’état would be perfect. He’s still strong (though he’s starting to get nervous hitting his own people – good! Of course, teaching others a lesson – but his circle is getting smaller). That thin, thin line must break.

            Yes, time… Unfortunately… Waiting is so cruel.

            Yes, I was, and still am, a supporter of the introduction of a no-fly zone. In my opinion, it is inevitable. It makes no sense to extend it over time. The indecisiveness of men irritates me.

            Of course, my thoughts and perceptions are also interspersed with emotions. A hailstorm, a polar wind and the howling of the wolves inside of me. Watching pictures of defragmented, mutilated bodies, individual pain and tears every day, reading accounts of individual people – does not help. The howling of the wolves becomes a yell and a wail. I want to bite.

            I am calmed down by… films of Ukrainian soldiers from actions destroying Russian equipment (although I know that there are people-orc inside… I objectify, because I know that you have to…). I also watch every day. I am very surprised by this. I’ve always hated guns. Now, I am fascinated by advanced technique and diversity. Precision, distance, possibilities. It allows me to relax. Extremely…

            N2 also redirects my attention. So does this blog. It helps.

            Fear – it also mobilizes me. It sharpens your senses and gives you wings.


            Unfortunately, a bubble of anxiety is building up inside me again. The cockroach already knows fear is not working. Persuasion doesn’t work. A lie doesn’t work. There remains a total incapacitate.

            I am afraid that when the attention is directed to the east of Ukraine, it will use the upcoming Easter to attack on a completely different point/points. Where there is a decompression… In the central places from which arises opposition.

            I hope my intuition is failing me. I am asking for it…

            I believe in the intelligence of Ukraine’s commander-in-chiefs, who know the “Russian profile” very well and have contact with other commander-in-chiefs of our globe.


            I have to write quite a funny thing here, referring to our other topic about hair coloring. I don’t have time to look for him now, I’ll get to him later.

            On Sunday morning, I lost at least a few dozen hairs of Boris Johnson fault! Ha ha ha 😊 I put the paint on and was supposed to hold it for 30 minutes, and I held it for almost an hour, because I started reading and watching movies from the visit the English Prime Minister to Kiev.

            I cry very rarely. The last time a few months ago, when I broke mentally from N2, I quit, and before that I hadn’t cried for many years. Meanwhile, this visit and the walk around Kiev touched me very much. Pleasant staging with interaction with the residents, nicely arranged. I was touched by the symbolism of this meeting, giving hope in message. It made my eyes wet, and while rinsing the paint I lost a little more hair than usual, ha ha ha 😊

  9. Sweetest Perfection says:

    I want to cry

  10. WhoCares says:

    Brilliant analysis, HG.
    You never fail to impress.
    But you have out done yourself in this one.

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