Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard

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  1. Viol. says:

    This case is turning out to be a great pathway to to your work, HG: possibly even more than the Sizzlers. I’m not only seeing posts on DM referring people to your series on the case itself, but I have also found opportunities to refer people to other relevant recordings: “The Truth, the Half-truth…” when they question Amber’s clumsy and easily-discredited lies, and the “Narc in Court” material on a DM article titled, “The real reason Johnny Depp does not make eye contact with ex-wife Amber Heard in court: Actor told her in 2016 ‘I am nothing to you, you will not see my eyes again’ after she filed for divorce.” I noted that Depp was following good policy, because you had advised directing all testimony to the judge & never looking at the narc, who would try to provoke a reaction.

    Speaking of Mis Minchin’s School for Traumatized Yuppie Puppies, they have been listed as “Temporarily closed” at least since April 20, when I looked up their address for a form, and still are today. I’d love to know exactly what happened, but don’t want to contact an employee I got on well with lest she turn into an unwitting lieutenant. I tried googling court records and Covid reporting, but no luck so far, and I don’t want to feed my addiction by focusing on them again.

  2. In so many words says:

    I started watching the cross examination on replay and couldn’t stop (only watched snippets of the trial until now). Camille Vasquez destroyed Heard. She exposed Heard’s lying under oath. The only better video of real life revenge against a narcissist is the ending of The Vow documentary on HBO, when the victims got the evidence that put Keath Raniere in jail for many years (he ran the NXIVM cult which, among other abuses, turned women into his sex branded slaves) .

    1. HG Tudor says:

      See A Total Cult on my YouTube channel concerning Raniere.

      1. In so many words says:

        Thank you, HG. I just listened to it; fascinating analysis of the few who remain loyal. The documentary also shows how those who did no contact exactly as you prescribe (went completely off the grid and asked the government not to be listed, or lived in another country) succeeded in escaping and later bringing him down. Those who just left, were dragged through the court for years, lost their jobs, went bankrupt, had their mail stolen, and in some instances, their lives almost destroyed and then used as a cautionary tale for others who wanted to escape, as Raniere harnessed the financial resources of one of his followers (heir to the Seagram’s fortune).

  3. Viol. says:

    Headline: “Confirmed: Disney Officially Replaces Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow”

    I actually like Margot Robbie a good deal, but I think this is a horrible idea. The “retconning” option is even worse.

    The films themselves weren’t all that great, especially after the first. Depp made them.

  4. In so many words says:

    Johnny Depp has already won. He was apparently just cast to play Louis XV. He will make a wonderful Louis. Amber Heard will never work in this town (or any town) again. And that’s before the cross-examination on the stand. Given how many celebrities, including ex-partners, are saying that Johnny Depp is the nicest guy, I am changing my vote for what Johnny Depp is from a narcissistic to a super empath. And that’s despite a string of broken engagements in the past.

    1. Viol. says:

      I love Depp in period costume: From Hell, Pirates of course, and Libertine, although his 1st speech is a warning to the audience, “You will not like me.” Never had a crush on him or saw a film specifically because he was in it: just realized when I looked at his IMDb page, he has a solid body of work with a vast range, including dweeby little Ed Wood among rhose pirates and Restoration rakes, and I’ve never seen him give a bad performance.

      1. SParham says:

        I liked him in Nick of Time and of course, Nightmare on Elm Street. I’ve not watched the Pirates series.

        1. SParham says:

          It’s disappointing that Gene Wilder passed away unhappy about Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory being remade. There was no need to redo cinema perfection. I’ve not seen the remake and never will. That turned me against Depp for participating.I can still watch the original with pleasure. I thoroughly enjoy HG referencing the original in his About HG series.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            I prefer the Depp version.

          2. Asp Emp says:

            Me too

          3. Viol. says:

            I grew up with the Wilder version too, but the Depp version is closer to the book, which is a savagely angry, bitter book written by a savagely angry, bitter man. Like Carroll’s<Alice books, the dim view of human nature has to be diluted on film before adults think it appropriate for children.

          4. HG Tudor says:


          5. Viol. says:

            Dahl thought Wonka should be a classic English eccentric. I’m trying to envision who could have played him had it been cast that way. I think one of the Pythons could have done it. John Cleese might’ve played him with a haughty exterior overlying a core of surprising integrity. Eric Idle might’ve played him with a jovial exterior overlying inner mayhem: completely amoral. Either would work.

          6. In so many words says:

            For anyone who wants to watch a revenge on a vile man fantasy played out, see Johnny Depp in the Murder on the Orient Express, the one from 5 years ago (right when he separated from Amber Heard), directed by Kenneth Branagh. Depp plays a very villainous villain. And an all star cast. BTW, I am convinced that Kenneth Branagh, who cast himself as Poirot in that movie, is a narcissist. And that Emma Thompson, after Branagh disengaged from her, married a good man who was her co-star when he played one of literature’s classic narcissists (Matthew Gregory Wise who played Willoughby in Ang Lee’s Sense and Sensibility, the best Jane Austen adaptation imho).

          7. Truthseeker6157 says:


            Malcolm Mc Dowell maybe?

          8. Viol. says:


            He’s not as known for comedic work, but there are a number of lovely comic moments in Time After Time, in which McDowell as HG Wells (any relation, our HG?) tracks down Jack the Ripper, who has used Wells’ time machine to escape into the 20th century. He tries to impress a woman with talk of “Free Love,” casually waving his specs, and his sheepish look and decelerating hand when she’s only amused (having obviously lived through the 1960s) are just priceless. He also says he didn’t care for the food at “that Scottish place… [searches for name]… MacDougall’s?”

            There’s a bit that was apparently cut from the movie I wish had been left in. He’s waiting for a traffic light to change, and he’s trapped on a corner with a Chinese kid blasting rap from his boom box. When a character later asks him about his taste in music, he says he’ll listen to anything, “except Oriental.”

            It’s actually worth seeing, and not just because the production team freely admitted they threw in everything about the late ’70s they found annoying. At one point, Jack the Ripper comments that, compared to the violence of the 20th century, he’s an amateur. Food for thought there.

      2. Sweetest Perfection says:

        This is not one of Depp’s starring roles and however, it’s always been a memorable one to me. In a final scene of the French movie “Ils Se Marrièrent et Eurent Beaucoup d’Enfants,” Charlotte Gainsbourg is in a store (the former Virgin stores where you could listen to music albums before purchasing them) listening to Radiohead’s album Pablo Honey. Then Johnny Depp starts walking towards her, grabs some headphones, and starts listening too. They both listen to “Creep.” At that moment, Gainsbourg embodies the same level of astonishment and disbelief I would feel had I run into Johnny Depp at a Virgin store and shared a song with him. It is a fabulous cameo! See it here:

      3. Witch says:

        I liked him as Sweeney Todd
        And Edward scissor hands… that was my film!

  5. Presque Vu says:

    What about Rebecca Vardy and Colleen? Have any of you been keeping up with it in the UK?
    This is playing out British style to amber and Johnny.
    Both narcs? I’d say vardy is but Colleen is maybe a super empath. Wagatha Christie indeed!

  6. Presque Vu says:

    Team Johnny!
    Amber is finished! Vile person to shit on someone’s bed, I mean that’s category -100z list celebrity.
    She abused him. What a stage it’s been presented on too I’ve learned so much from this site, HG and just watching it!

  7. SParham says:

    I watch high lights of the trial. Justice proceedings are interesting and I’m glad it’s not a murder case. I listened to part of Heard’s testimony without seeing her. I call bs. He’s a worn out middle aged man and she’s a fit 20 something. She could have taken him easy. If photos are correct she did kick his ass a time or two. Their recordings sound like he’s fighting with a kid. They’re both nasty.

  8. Viol. says:

    A blog showed that some of Amber’s court testimony was taken word-for-word from The Talented Mr. Ripley.

  9. mollyb5 says:

    HG ! That’s was a goofy comment of mine . But I do have an in-law that brags about her giving bjs ..bahaaaa.

  10. mollyb5 says:

    HG .. amber was bringing Franco into the place Johnny owned . Amber stayed in it and had Franco over with his back back . He and amber never lived there also . She was staying there and let Franco in from a level that no outsiders have a key and it’s protected with security 24 hrs Day/ night . Johnny knows her personality and knows she was sexually involved with Franco also. They back up to the camera ….she thinks johnny won’t care enough to find out about the video. She is acting superior ..and entitled thinking she can make up anything to distract from what she really does behind his back. She thinks she can charm all the men around johnny also. She doesn’t realize how devoted to jd they are. He is someone she is taking advantage of …using for fame and using for his connections. She makes fun of jd also , she’s jealous that Dior wanted to do something wit him and not her. Aqua man broke up with his wife for awhile some say because of amber. Se may have been the one that broke up Elon and his wife too . She feels she owns these guys and may be having on going secret get togethers with them now . She prob gives a good-by see you later blowjob to them. I actually know a person in my family kinda like this …an in – law . So I think these women manipulate wit bjs

  11. mollyb5 says:

    HG ..I feel Johnny is an empath . Maybe he’s attracted to narc women ?

  12. Wendy says:

    I can say that I have been listening to 95% of the trial and I believe Johnny is telling the truth about not abusing Amber Heard physically. I believe him. BUT…when I hear any man call a woman a cunt, that sends all of my senses into a boiling anger. I’m sorry! But, to call a woman a cunt is the most despicable name or title you can give her or anyone! It’s so degrading! I don’t care if you are a narcissist or not that term is despicable! Saying that, I think she is the most manipulative bitch! That word is fitting! She is unbelievably disgusting and an absolute narcissist and an abuser! I am thankful for this trial so people can understand narcissism in it’s full fucking glory!! Is Johnny a saint? Hell no! Is he a narcissist? Possibly….I will wait for the ultra’s expert opinion on that. Can’t wait!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      But if the label fits….

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        Reclaiming cunt:
        “ I call it cunt. I’ve reclaimed it, “cunt.” I really like it. “Cunt.” Listen to it. “Cunt.” C C. Ca Ca. Cavern, cackle, clit, cute, come-closed c-closed inside, inside ca-then u-then cu-then curvy, inviting sharkskin u-uniform, under, up, urge, ugh, ugh, u — then n then cun — snug letters fitting perfectly together — n — nest, now, nexus, nice, nice, always depth, always round in upper case, cun, cun-n a jagged wicked electrical pulse-n (high pitched noise) then soft n-warm n — cun, cun, then t — then sharp certain tangy t — texture, take, tent, tight, tantalizing, tensing, taste, tendrils, time, tactile, tell me, tell me “Cunt cunt,” say it, tell me “Cunt.” “Cunt.”

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Stand back from the cocaine SP.

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            HAHAHA! It wasn’t me, HG. My vagina decided to share her monologue!

          2. HG Tudor says:

            I understand it is a rather noisy vagina.

          3. Sweetest Perfection says:

            It’s eloquent, not noisy.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Ah, I understand.

        2. Viol. says:

          By my life, this is my lady’s hand: these be her very C’s,
          her U’s, and her T’s; and thus makes she her great P’s.

      2. Wendy says:

        HG, I agree in a way. There are many words to describe her. I guess it’s something about it. I’ve just never liked that word. My ex used it and I suppose it reminds me of him. Yuck! 😖

    2. mollyb5 says:

      Wendy , men say that all the time . They will say it with there friends’s kinda like a guy calling a another guy an asshole or dick. It’s just a word . I think it’s more European to say ? We are just used to bitch but , it’s not as intense since we use it in friendly terms with women NOW days. Maybe when women will use cunt in friendly terms with each other it will loose it’s harsh meaning , too .

      1. WiserNow says:

        I agree mollyb5. Words are just words.

        That makes me think of saying the same thing but in a different way. For example, I imagine the potential variety in reactive impressions from saying something like, “Fuck off” compared to saying something like, say, “Fuck off you cunt”.

        Either way, they are just words. Does affixing an adjective to the interjection create a difference to the overall meaning of the sentence?

        In my opinion it does, however, it also depends on the context and on the audience.

        1. mollyb5 says:

          Wiser now , I sure wouldn’t want my son calling his girlfriend or wife that name or any name EVER . It’s all that surrounds the word , how it’s said who it’s said to, who says it and just everything in the context ..nobody likes to be called to their face a cunt , or a dick , or a fucking asshole or tons of other words But , I would not destroy my own life or react by freaking out emotionally or react to just a name calling situation. And ..I know myself and I know I don’t ever “act” like any negative name that could ever be hurled at me. I would be afraid of objects being hurled tho !

          1. WiserNow says:

            I understand what you’re saying. I agree with you that nobody likes to be called any of those things to their face too.

            While I agree with you and I also believe that offensive words are offensive when used in a particular way, I also think that swear words said openly in particular contexts or during particular conversations can have an exaggerated effect. It gives a ‘bystander’ concrete evidence, as if to say, “on this particular day, at this particular time, you clearly insulted someone by saying that word.”

            People can do much nastier and calculatedly abusive things to someone while smiling pleasantly and appearing to look like a saint. The very fact that a person’s demeanour is calm and controlled and his/her words are benign and pleasant is a diversion from the behaviour that may be going on behind the pleasantries.

        2. mollyb5 says:

          Wiser now , do you mean saying a noun (subject)with the fuck off ? …Iike fuck off you jerk , ass , dick , cunt , pussy , baby , you idiot ? Maybe …it hurts or makes it personal ? But , no matter what the narcs say in my life , their actions are what I look out for. There words matter of course …and give them away …but they don’t hurt me as much bc they are saying whatever will make the person back off or feel small or retreat. So they can FEEL powerful. Of course they matter and are a warning …their bark . But I sometimes the actions don’t fit their words . So …? In my case …it depends on how motivated they are to do the smear and take action if the other doesn’t back down .

          1. WiserNow says:

            That’s interesting mollyb5. I can see how the words can be either a noun (subject) as you say, or an adjective (descriptor).

            In my comment above, I thought of them as adjectives describing the person who they’re directed at for a particular discreet reason or event or behaviour. I didn’t think of the words as nouns that personified the person’s total being for all time.

            For example, if you are seated at the cinema and a stranger trods on your toe as they squeeze past to get to a seat further down the row, you might utter under your breath, “jesus, what a bloody idiot!” The exclamation is due to the pain in your toe and the annoyance you feel. It doesn’t necessarily mean you think the person is an idiot in every aspect of their lives and in everything they ever do. It also doesn’t mean you will then necessarily need to avenge the action and step on the person’s toe in retaliation. Perhaps a more literally exact exclamation would be, “jesus, what a bloody idiotic thing to do!”, however, the earlier sentence rolls off the tongue more quickly in that kind of situation.

            There are all sorts of situations though, and this is just one example, but it shows what I mean by ‘adjective’ and not ‘noun’. It’s a reaction that stems from a discreet experience that is ‘offensive’ in some way.

            When narcissists use the same kind of words, it may be more of a provocation on their part. They want to feel powerful or get a reaction or to smear. It’s a need for fuel or control. It is not an emotional reaction to a particular experience the way it would be for an empathic person, for example.

            It’s interesting to consider how and why such words are said in the first place and also how different people react to them.

    3. Violetta says:

      The Wife of Bath was extremely proud of her “queynte,” as Chaucer spelled it.

      And I can think of worse things to be called than an admittedly crude term for much-coveted body part: bigot, hypocrite, con artist, murderer, child abuser…

      1. WiserNow says:

        Your comment reminded me of something Marilyn Monroe said in an interview sixty years ago, back in 1962. The interview was about fame and Marilyn was asked her thoughts about fame and about being a sex symbol.

        About being a sex symbol, she said:
        “If I’m going to be a symbol of something, I’d rather have it sex than some other things they have symbols for.”
        And then she followed that sentence with:
        “See that’s the trouble, a sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate to be a thing.” She followed that sentence with laughter as though she needed to soften her thoughtful statements about sex by making them into jokes. Such frankness about sex – especially from a woman – was confronting and probably also shameful in general for that era.

        I find it interesting. Personally, I think Marilyn Monroe was much more intelligent, savvy and brave than people gave her credit for. She was pushing boundaries and norms and the general public both lapped it up and shamed her for it. The film-makers marketed her as a dumb blonde and it seems the public needed to to be a dumb blond, and then she couldn’t escape that dumb blonde ‘facade’. She was trapped in the social norms of the time. I think that shows black and white thinking or cognitive dissonance on a socially collective scale.

        In the same interview, she discussed her childhood. She said she grew up as a waif. Her mother was in an mental home because of schizophrenia. (With the information currently available about mental health and personality disorders, it makes me wonder whether her mother’s diagnosis was actually correct or rather a product of the knowledge they had at the time – but that’s another story.)

        Marilyn said that once she realised her sexiness gave her attention and opened doors for her, she said the world suddenly seemed like a different place. She said:
        “I’m not calling myself an orphan, but I was brought up as a waif. You see, I was brought up differently than the average American child.” and “Happiness wasn’t something I *ever* took for granted. … I didn’t like the world around me too much because it was kind of grim. … I just felt like I was on the outside of the world, and suddenly, everything opened up. I thought, gee, what happened! The world became friendly, it opened up to me, and you realise the value of a sweatshirt in those days.”

        Back in 1962, there was no real awareness of narcissism or empathy. Marilyn was an interesting personality because she became famous for being controversial about sex. She used sex, and she was also used because of sex too. I think there was more to it than that though when her life is considered with the knowledge and social norms we have now.

        So, back to the word ‘cunt’ – it’s just a word, however, it’s a word that has a lot of emotional intensity about it as well. It has controversy, shock, power, disgust, shame and insult as well as humour all attached to it. It’s a swear word and it’s considered common and vulgar.

        Personally, I don’t like the word and I avoid using it in ‘real-life’. I would only use it in a humorous way with people that I know well. I think it’s a very derogatory and offensive word, like Wendy said in her comment. Although, having said that, I find it interesting to think about the connotations surrounding it and it’s interesting and thought-provoking to discuss it here on the blog.

        1. Viol. says:

          For a glimpse at the actress Marilyn could have been, watch Don’t Bother to Knock. The character in the novel was more of a psychopath, but Marilyn must have drawn on memories of her mother, because the movie character is a dead-on representation of schizophrenia.

    4. Contagious says:

      I am married to a Brit. Cunt is more a name for a bitch. Brits use the term for both men and women. In the US the word is extreme. Never used much. I think Johnny uses the term from his exposure to the slang used by Brits. I hope the attorneys address this with the conservative VA US jury.

      1. JB says:


        Errr, no it’s not! The ‘c-word’ is extreme in the UK as well, and not something to say in front of your grandmother! Personally I find the term vulgar and would never use it. ‘Bitch’ is tame, and certainly not synonymous (in British English)!

        1. Contagious says:

          I agree it’s not a good term. Not at all in any context. Just saying I think it’s worse in USA.

          1. JB says:


            I’m not sure that is the case though; I’d say it’s pretty equal between the two countries in that regard, but of course that is based on my own experience. It’s never used in my family, and I very rarely hear it used by my friends (one of my best friends did once (justifiably!) call my dad a C, but she apologised before saying it!) Maybe it depends on who you mix with – but then that would also apply to other countries, such as the USA..shouldn’t matter really, should it, it’s just a word, but I do find that term totally grim!

  13. In so many words says:

    I truly enjoy HG’s humor and analysis, but even he can’t get me interested in Amber Heard. But Johnny Depp was the movie star I admired in the 90’s for taking unusual roles, so I am looking forward to that part of the series. I will venture a guess that Johnny Depp is a narcissist, based on the Wikepedia entry about him (trashing hotel rooms; dating, getting engaged to and breaking up with several young, beautiful starlets or famous models; leaving his partner of many years, whom he never married, to marry another young starlet half his age; drug and alcohol use) and filing this law suit. If his goal was strictly to clear his name, this was not a way to do it. If his goal was to assert control over her and get worldwide attention, it was. And then there is the moment he describes, when she throws the first bottle, before severing his fingertip, and his reaction is to pour himself a drink from another bottle. Seems like assertion of control. My guess is that he is upper mid-range elite, and that he is telling the truth that he does not engage in physical violence.

    1. A Victor says:

      Hi In So Many Words, I agree, I think he’s a narc. He does remind me in some ways of my dad who was a UMR Elite. But he also reminds me, even more, of one of the narcs on a list HG sells who is a MGN and I would go with Somatic, I don’t see the cerebral enough for Elite. The way he has lived, his enormous fuel matrix, his charm and the way he’s behaving in the courtroom lead me to the Greater conclusion, if he’s an aware narc, which I am thinking. If he’s a narc and if he’s not aware, UMR would fit best, I agree. It’s difficult to consider empath at this point, which is very sad for me.

      1. In so many words says:

        I thought elite because he took some more intellectual roles and worked with acclaimed directors. But somatic makes sense. I watched very little of the trial, but if he were greater, he would likely have seen through Amber Heard from the start.

        Then there is the text exchange with Paul Bettany. BTW, does anyone else picture HG as looking like Paul Bettany, who is also dirty blond and very British? The texts about drowning her or burning her seem like a textbook example of indirect assertion of control. When we complained to friends about narcissist’s behavior, we did exactly that, complain about behavior; we didn’t discuss methods of murder.

        1. A Victor says:

          Ugh, I had a whole response written and deleted it by accident, hate when that happens. Anyway, yes, you are correct, if Johnny were a greater, he would’ve seen her a mile away. Maybe he did but I think it’s doubtful, he would’ve for sure had pre-nups in place if he had. These very obvious things escape me so often, thank you for pointing that out.

          I did know one empath, 99% certain she is, who once said she’d considered using a pillow on him, this didn’t surprise me as much as her response when I asked her why she didn’t do it. I was not condoning but rather curious and he was a horrible person. Her reply was “I guess I love him.”. I almost fell over. I was thinking maybe “I don’t want to go to prison.” But no, she “loved” this abusive, horrid man. I saw the sickness there but didn’t see it in myself for decades. But you are correct, it was always the behaviors, if anything, nothing more.

          Paul Bettany huh, good choice, hadn’t considered him.

          1. In so many words says:

            I have a hard time understanding the “horrible person but I love him” feeling, except with regard to a parent. When I started seeing my husband’s mean and disturbing behaviors, I realized that I can no longer love him. But then many of HG’s followers seem to be swooning over HG; I just hope to never meet him or cross him. But while I didn’t make this mistake, but made many other ones, including adopting my husband’s behaviors when dealing with him.

          2. A Victor says:

            I couldn’t believe it either, when she said that to me. But I loved my husband until he left, but once he did i felt released thankfully. My mother has been easier actually, her treatment of me was so atrocious. I love HG for what he’s done for me, and so many others, but I also would never want to cross him. I did not always feel that way, at first there was a crush, but then reality set in. Adopting your husband’s behavior may indicate some Super, have you considered doing the Empath Detector Consult? I have found it very helpful in my recovery.

          3. In so many words says:

            Thank you, A Victor. Yes I took the detector, and have super as a minority element; that’s likely what it was. But it didn’t feel good to behave that way and I am glad that I stopped. I watched some snippets of Johnny Depp on the stand last night. The manner he adopted helped him; he was slow and deliberate. The way he was subtly laughing at the lawyer, even using the lawyer’s name (Rottenborn) as a subtle insult — I think he is a very smart man. And, of course, a great actor. I last saw him in Murder on the Orient Express; he was a good villain in that one. His strategy is already paying off; when I googled the trial, I saw that he was just offered a major part in a movie, playing Louis XV. I am sure he will be an excellent Louis. And glad that he is back on track. Even if he is a narcissist (and I think much more likely than not, he is), he was her victim and, unlike her, has a great deal to contribute. After all, as HG pointed out in one interview, most great writers and artists are narcissists.

        2. Wendy says:

          AV and ISMW, I see what you both are saying but I tend to veer towards empath. I think that he just got caught up in that world of substance abuse as a result of his work, environment, and a way to forget his insecurities brought upon by an abusive mother.

          I found it a little disturbing the way he bantered back and forth in those texts especially about burning her and then f&@king her corpse! That was def disturbing and again calling her the c word which seems to be more common than I realized. Lol

          I don’t know, I’m up in the air on this one a little. I still think he is an empath that had his empathetic traits worn down by a number of factors. Being abused in the past by his mom and now Amber. The substance abuse plays a part in lowering empathy as well as his very demanding career. All of these situational stressors and possibly depression can be major contributors in wearing down his empathetic traits and bringing those narcissistic traits to the fore.

          I feel like if anyone would call him out on not having empathy, being abusive, and just full of it, it would be his ex partner and mother of his children. But, she very much defends him and his character. If he were a narcissist how he treats his children most of all would be a big red flag. From all accounts they have a good relationship.

          IDK, It could go either way I suppose. 🤷‍♀️

          I’m definitely team Johnny! I really hope HG does not detect Johnny as a narcissist!

          1. Asp Emp says:

            Wendy, I liked what you had to say here, especially the first paragraph. Yes, the text conversation with Paul Bettany is interesting, and in my view, it is not “disturbing”, it was an ‘off and up the wall’ banter between two friends. Possibly even substance-fuelled where they both are being themselves but being silly with it. I think Paul is a really close friend of Johnny’s and maybe he feels ‘angry’ and concerned that Johnny is going through this “thing with that thing” (Amber). I may be shooting myself in both feet but I do not think either of these guys are narcissists. But may be having conversations where it appears that their narcissistic streaks come to the fore because of the ‘contents’ of those conversations? The idiosyncrasies are apparent and to be honest, it does feel good to let that ‘side’ of me out and about 🙂

          2. A Victor says:

            Yes, all of that makes sense Wensical. I have just found his courtroom behavior somewhat odd, it’s made me question how much he’s acting and how much is actually real reaction to what’s going on. If he’s acting, he’s doing it on the fly, but some of his behaviors are not typical, I think, they seem more construed somehow. I love Johnny, always have, I really would like to think he’s a normal, which could be possible also, or as a runner up, an empath. If he’s an empath, he drew a line fairly early, if he’s a normal, he tolerated for longer than I would have expected. The ex-wife and children may or may not be revealing a true image of things, if he were a greater, he’d have that under control, or even as a mid-ranger as the Tinder Swindler had the woman on the plane with the child under control. But, it is all conjecture, I don’t have the time or the resources to pull together the bigger picture, I am so grateful to HG for doing so, it is so helpful for learning. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and GO JOHNNY!! 🙂

          3. In so many words says:

            The other possibility is that he is a super empath going supernova, because of erosion of emotional empathy.

          4. A Victor says:

            I have considered this possibility also.

          5. Z - zwartbolleke says:

            A Victor,

            “If he’s an empath, he drew a line fairly early, if he’s a normal, he tolerated for longer than I would have expected. ”

            What concerns me is him waking up in the mornings and facing “the monster”.
            = the Creature???

          6. A Victor says:

            Did he say that?? I missed it! Maybe he meant Amber? Oh well, I won’t be surprised by any outcome at this point!

  14. mollyb5 says:

    HG … they forensic psychologist tested Amber …as a borderline personality and histrionic personality . She describes it well. I’m sure it’s better in a court atmosphere to describe those traits and not go into too much on
    Narcism …isn’t taken as seriously …my opinion in this case. Like you’re a psychopath sounds more serious since we reference that to crime and murderers .

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You will have to wait for my video on this specific point which has been recorded already and airs tomorrow.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Sounds great, HG, I look forward to this video. Thank you for your work on Amber & Depp series 🙂

      2. Violetta says:

        I have a feeling “borderline” and “histrionic” will have been too kind. A complete lack of empathy or conscience isn’t characteristic of either.

      3. mollyb5 says:

        And JD is a truth seeker. He wants the truth out there . He kept silent and then he felt the need to do it in the public once he knew he was strong enough. His empathy may have lowered / bc she went public with lies to hurt him bc he no longer wanted her. So she had to destroy him ….in her mind.

      4. Contagious says:

        Do you think cluster B should be eliminated in categories HG? There is talk about it.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          If you mean the categories within Cluster B ought to be removed, there is force in such a suggestion. Of course it depends what the replacement is.

          1. Rebecca says:

            If the Cluster B is really just narcissism then my husband’s family are a bunch of narcissists. His mother, two brothers, daughter and one son were all diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His mother was taking medicine for it and his one brother is on lithium. The rest refuse to believe they have issues and refuse to be medicated. The nest feeling I get when I go to the family home is accurate and now that my husband’s mother has passed away, I won’t even go into the house or the nest…it’s always made me uncomfortable to be there, now I know why.

      5. Contagious says:

        I think Amber is a narc but again it is obvious Johnny has substance abuse issues. I wonder if his “ love” of substances challenged the narc. Substances are inanimate but anyone who knows a substances abuser knows that it is a real challenge. I don’t think Johnny is a narc but I am convinced he has substance abuse issues. What’s interesting is an empath puts their self in others shoes. They try to nurture, love, uplift others but what happens if an empath has substance abuse problems. It must interfere with the goal. It’s genetic often. I look forward to HG analysis. Why wouldn’t empath suffer substance abuse issues? I don’t see empathy as immune to the gene. They are also sensitive. Highly. Stress would increase it but you don’t need external stress to numb. You don’t need anything. I wonder about empath and substance use. Not really discussed anywhere.

        1. Contagious says:

          I would add my father was the kindest person I knew. A Vietnam vet, a folk singer and… an alcoholic. I am confident he was an empath. Even his last words were kind: “ I am not afraid of death. I believe in Jesus. My children were the greatest accomplishment of my life. I forgive your mother. In the end, it’s all small stuff. Love is what matters. Don’t be afraid. “ I Miss him a lot. He was my best friend. I think this trial triggers the fact that kind gentle people can be substance abusers.

          1. Contagious says:

            My last comment is the evidence shows neither a narc or a substance abuser behaves in a way that is admirable. I just don’t think substance abuse ever equates with narc abuse. Plenty of substance abusers never intentionally harm another.That is not to say substance abuse does not harm. It does. It’s different harm.

          2. WiserNow says:

            Your comments about empaths and substance abuse are interesting. Generally, I think empaths can have substance use issues and addictions like anyone else. I don’t think empathy prevents addictive behaviours.

            Regarding Johnny Depp, I feel his substance abuse issues are related to his difficulties coping with fame and being a public celebrity.

            In his testimony he discussed how he became an actor. He was a musician before ever considering acting. After his band split up, he started looking for any kind of work to pay the rent. At the time, he knew Nicholas Cage, who told Depp he had a good look for acting and that he should try getting bit parts. It sounds like Cage sorted out a meeting between Depp and an acting agent. Depp then began having small roles and was surprised at how high his regular wages were.

            His popularity increased greatly when he got a part in 21 Jump Street and was marketed as a teen idol, something he was never comfortable with because he still saw himself primarily as a musician.

            During his testimony, he said that being a ‘stand-alone’ actor suddenly famous and recognised as a teen idol because of 21 Jump Street made him feel uncomfortable and exposed. He was no longer one of the members of a band where he could retreat into the group, but instead the focus was directly on him.

            (On a side note… In his early acting days, he had a reputation as a ‘bad boy’. He dated Kate Moss and Winona Ryder and when in the news, he was part of the overall grungy, smoking, partying, very rich wasted young models of the 1990s. That may have been when the substance use started as part of the lifestyle and image.)

            He also said he has never been comfortable with fame and believes there will be something wrong if he ever does get comfortable with it because it is such an unnatural feeling for him. He also said he had no right to complain because being famous afforded him the wealth and privileges very few people have.

            It was also interesting to hear his answer when asked about the incident when his finger was injured from the bottle that was thrown. The lawyer asked him if he was concerned that his finger was severed. He answered that yes, as a musician, he was very concerned that he may no longer have the proper use of his hand.

            To me it sounded like Depp stumbled into acting and continued with it because it paid very well and he suddenly became very popular. I think his ‘real’ professional self he identifies with most though is as a musician.

            He sounds like an empath and an introvert. He looks uncomfortable in the spotlight and when speaking he doesn’t come across as confident or laid-back even though he is well-liked and has been in the profession for years. I think his natural preference is to retreat into the background.

            The substance abuse issues may be a way to cope with being such a well-known figure and being front and centre as an ‘entertainer’. Plus, his childhood issues would have an effect too.

            About myself, I am a highly sensitive person (because I tick all of the boxes for high sensitivity) and drinking alcohol does nothing for me apart from making me sleepy. I don’t particularly enjoy drinking because it makes me drowsy and while socialising, I want to feel engaged and communicative rather than drowsy. I think there are differences in the central nervous systems of people with high sensitivity that may change the effects of alcohol and drugs. I think there are differences between empaths who have high sensitivity and those who don’t.

      6. Contagious says:

        Slightly Off topic. But speaking of psychopaths. Why do women marry them? Like Gacy? Or write to them try to marry or Marry them in prison? Like Charles Manson? I feel if incarcerated the interest is from the woman. She goes to him. There is no initial love bomb or targeting from them. Why? I would imagine some of these psychos are narcs too but some women are attracted to them even or maybe sadly when incarcerated. Any insight HG? I find it weird and can’t figure out where this fits in. I personally don’t think Johnny is either . I went to the museum of death and ended up running through it as I felt so sick that I had to get out. I went Halloween not knowing what it was. I lasted 5 minutes. Funny, the manager opened the back door and asked me “ did you enjoy yourself?” Lol anyway it was there I saw these letters to them. I don’t get it.

        1. Contagious says:

          Also it is again possibly something not within the narc site. When I had a custody dispute, I got 80%. I got pregnant quick and I found my love leaving due to his lack of empathy to his other children ( who I am close to ) and lack of values….The top Orange County 730 psychologist investigator during our custody evaluation found him to be “anti social. “ She found nothing wrong with me except I was a protective mother. I freaked hearing it at the time as I thought of serial killers. She said not all psychopaths are bloodthirsty. A small percent. She also said antisocial is different than a psychopath and that criminals ( my ex husband was a multimillionaire never caught to date) can make good fathers. She said look at Tony soprano ( same area my ex is from) . What she needs she said is your love and empathy. Despite his money she said, healthy children gravitate to the love, and they did. She says it takes only “one person for a child if given emotional stability to be ok.” Doesn’t need to be a parent but someone involved in formation stages. … years later… And my ex was not a “ bad father.” He showed up at everything. He was good at setting rules. He is not good at empathy but my daughter as an adult is wonderful at 20. Very successful ( full scholarship at LMU in computer science with a documentary film minor, ran 26 mile LA marathon, in a sorority, works two jobs, an intern on Euphoria and compassionate. A great friend, sister, daughter despite him. High empathy. (I won’t get into his LACK of fatherhood how despite millions he hasn’t helped her in college, never paid for braces or activities… etc… ) We divorced when she was 5. I have not had one conversation with him in 15 years. I told Lily my relationship with him was not important. It was her relationship with him that mattered and that was special and separate. and he up to the court order. Not one miss. Showed up on time. Paid child support on time. Narcissism descriptions do not apply to him completely . My ex is an antisocial. Yes. For example, he was caught with a wad of hundred dollar bills in his pocket while shop lifting socks. Believe me… during our divorce my discoveries… that was nothing. So I guess narcissism and anti social don’t go hand in hand. I would love any info from you on the differences. As I recall you were diagnosed as narcissist and psychopath or is it narcissist and antisocial. The difference from you?

    2. Wendy says:

      Hi Mollyb5, that was great testimony by the psychologist! She didn’t sway or become unnerved by Heard’s legal team.

      When she said Amber was Borderline I immediately gravitated to HG’s definitions of BPD as actually being NPD in many cases. If they are diagnosed with BPD it is either actually NPD or possibly not NPD but they are suffering from some sort of PTSD that lowers their empathetic traits to such a huge degree that they appear narcissistic. It’s a coping mechanism for the PTSD.

      I think I got that correct. Please correct me if I’m wrong HG.

      1. mollyb5 says:

        Wendy …

        or they are an empath with PTSD, I think.

        But AH is not an empath at all. Johnny Depp might be …and he might have narc traits …he seems introverted , private , and had a 14 yr relationship …which he may have left because of his age 50 something and falling for a young girl. Which he must regret and feels he made a mistake . She came across as someone else in the beginning. He was who he was …and always has been . Maybe drinking more since he left his wife and kids ( I don’t know ). But he has had heavy drinking issues for a while. She’s using ecstasy and shrooming magic mushrooms , psychedelics ! And they booth do a lot of wine and coke . I bet she does coke when he has it too. But oc course they don’t go into how all those different mood altering drugs …can alter emotions when coming down . And when those are consumed it can change or alter personality . She talks in word salad on recordings . She’s the narc . He talks like a drunk and goofy words …but he gets frustrated with her and she gets reactive and controlling for such a young person controlling his older established life …is odd. And , looks odd .. and she would flirt in front of him, and then gaslight and say she doesn’t …lies .

  15. Truthseeker6157 says:

    I listened to Johnny Depp testifying about his childhood last night. Harrowing listening. His parents had the textbook narc empath relationship.

    Johnny described the cruelty that was dished out by his mother against he and his siblings on a repeated basis. She sounds like a lower lesser to me, we don’t have a huge amount to go off but for the sake of my question, let’s say Jonny’s mother is a Lower Lesser narcissist.

    Jonny’s mother ( Betty Sue I think) detested her parents in law. Her mother in law was called Violet. As part of the cruelty doled out to Jonny’s sister Christine, his mother would call her Violet. “Violet, get over here.” “Violet! Get in here!”.


    Why would a Lower Lesser narcissist refer to their own daughter using the name of a mother in law they detest? I understand that this is devaluing, it’s provocation, all appliances are interchangeable etc but what is the thinking behind it please?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I detest her, I label you as her, I detest you also.

      1. Truthseeker6157 says:

        Got it. Thank you HG.

  16. Chihuahuamum says:

    Both are a mess imo. I think they’re both narcissists and were a train wreck waiting to happen! I can’t figure out if they are enjoying this in a negative energy sense or not. It sure is drawing a lot of attention and quite often celebs want that attention! I would not be surprised if they got back together briefly. I know that sounds crazy, but i’ve seen it happen before with these volitile relationships. It’s trauma bonding on steroids…

  17. Narc noob says:

    N v N.

  18. Contagious says:

    I have not listened to HG’s analysis on the tape but have watched the trial. It is clear Johnny has drug and alcohol addictions. However, no persuasive evidence he is an abuser. It seems clear Amber is an abuser and a liar. If looking at the DSM, Johnny’s chaotic childhood, verbal abuse, separations or possible silent treatments make him a candidate for narcissism. My gut instinct is empath. Johnny seems as wounded as his night terrors. He seems to have a history of love and care for his family, friends, exes and children. Long term. And long term stability in his nurture of those he loves. He seems to be holding himself out to the public in this trial for ridicule or shame as he knows his texts will be revealed and his substance addictions revealed to get out the truth. The truth is what he was seeking he said at the start of this trial and I believe him. It’s an instinct….a gut feeling… but he is an empath. I have not seen a checklist for empaths and whether substance abuse is common with them like narcs. HG?

    1. Contagious says:

      I would add a ps. What’s interesting to me HG in our consultations and in this blog is your ability to nurture. You listen. You seem to care. You help. You improve lives. I understand that your goal is the great design for yourself but your abilities are believable, consistent and long term and end with the same result. I feel an empath nurtures while a narcissist grooms. You are able to “master empathy” in this regard. I wonder and tremble at the thought if this is normal for a greater or something unique. Perhaps based on your choice of legacy or forced therapy?

    2. Violetta says:

      Narcs have a pattern. Johnny’s other exes have made it clear that while he has had substance abuse problems, he was not abusive to them.

      You don’t suddenly become a full-blown narcissist as an adult: it’s either in-place or it’s not by the early teens.

    3. Duchessbea says:

      Substance abuse like with anything else can be prevalent for some Empaths. Particularly Empaths who feel confused and who are unaware of what they are, turn to other substances to help them deal with themselves. In Johnny’s case, like Brad Pitt, I would say they both turned to other substances to help deal with who they were in a relationship with and because of the behaviour of the other person. Brad Pitt has sorted himself out now and seems in great form and Johnny is on his way to being good. Just my opinion.

  19. Witch says:

    I’m so bored of Amber already … she’s one of the deadest narcs, only slightly less dry than Meghan.
    I’m holding out for the Johnny series

    1. A Victor says:

      @Witch, I feel the same about Amber. What is the Johnny series though? Is that something actually happening? I thought he was a normal? Interesting…

      1. Witch says:

        @A Victor
        I’m assuming there will also be a series on Johnny
        I’m looking forward to it especially after finding out yesterday he called amber “officer square head” in a text 🤣

        1. A Victor says:

          @Witch, haha, I missed that reference! Very funny. Thanks for sharing it! Yes, sadly I am wondering about Johnny now also being a narc. 😭

          1. Violetta says:

            I suspect he’s an empath whose traits were eroded by the abuse–like Harry, but more intelligent.

          2. Witch says:

            @A Victor

            I’ve just seen another one

            Ambers lawyer: “you tried to control her career is that correct?”

            Johnny: “how do you think she got Aquaman, sir?”


          3. A Victor says:

            Haha, @Witch, that’s great!

  20. alberdina74 says:

    Thank you for the phenomenal content HG. Long term fan of the blog and the banter, often comical, betweem regular contributors which is also entertaining and thought provoking.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome and at long last you issue a comment!

  21. antoinettenovella1011 says:

    Thank you for your brilliant content yet again HG. Very much a fan of Johnny Depp. The hairs on the nape of my neck rise like a red flag whenever I see or hear of Amber Heard or Jada Smith. Just ewww.

  22. BC30 says:

    It’s wild to me that she really thinks she is the victim, like yeah we know she’s vindictive or whatever, but she also thinks she’s the victim.

    (That’s not to say he’s perfect, but relationships are complicated.)

    1. A Victor says:

      BC30, alright, Johnny is perfect. I have to defend him….🥰💕

  23. Pete says:

    Grabbing a woman by the hair and throwing her to the floor is quite sexy so she’s lying about that being assault

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      It can be sexy if she consents to it. Did she?

      1. BC30 says:

        Yes, with enthusiastic consent, that can be fun.

        But here…?

    2. Truthseeker6157 says:

      Wake me up when he’s gone. He’s boring me already.

    3. Violetta says:

      The hair is absolutely off-limits. Mine’s been fragile crap since I broke my foot.

      Bodice-strings, however, can be sliced with a cutlass, but if he damages the bodice itself, he’s toast. Those things can take months to piece together yourself, and are frightfully expensive if you have them properly fitted by a sutler/corset-maker, especially the boned ones.

  24. Pete says:

    For men female narcissists can be worse because they can be in their life for years. A male narcissist can be sniffed out a bit easier, if I have ten normal friends and one is a bit off, its not hard to just hang out with the healthy ones. When in a marriage or relationship with a female narc theres always the feeling of ‘if only i did this she would come around’ if the man doesnt know what he is dealing with. This is like chivalry, there’s always the instinct to see a woman as adorable and emotional creatures who are just reacting out of emotion.

    The male narcissist I knew was a lesser or lower-midrange and was easily exposed with evidence, he didnt cover his tracks or try to be subtle too much.
    The female I knew was quite cunning , so mid- or upper mid. She wasted years of my time, and inflicted more torture due to me being stuck in the house with her, she knew me inside and out so she could torture me real good.

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      “For heterosexual men…”

    2. Asp Emp says:

      Pete, RE; “the female I knew was quite cunning” – I think that is a point that some other people have discussed on this blog. I certainly would suggest that how you have used the word “cunning” is apt when it comes to female narcissists. There are some “adorable and emotional creatures” out there somewhere. Males, as well as females.

      PS: it does come across as rather ‘caveman’ (laughing) about the grabbing the hair of a woman and throwing her to the floor (ouch)….I do know what you mean though 🙂 (signing off this comment, slightly amused).

      1. Pete says:

        Yes aspEMP, the female had a great facade. She was the “hardworking innocent naive soccer mom”
        . Played it to a tee. Even though she regularly yelled at people for no reason. Her facade basically outweighed any yelling, so that was just seen as a character flaw.

        The ‘adorable and emotional creatures’ do seem to be absent in the circles I frequent. I ought to hang around the bars where the nurses go after work or something….(kidding)

        As far as the hair pulling goes, its good.
        I assume J.D. did that out of extreme frustration and anger….cos literally pulling someone to the ground by their hair is a bit too much.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          Well, Pete, she certainly sounds a real character (not). You can always get a pet 😉

          RE: JD, yes, he probably had difficulties regarding the frustration / anger – some people can be pushed too far.

          Yes, I had a maternal parent who did do that to me and she did not let go but continued to bang my head on the floor. I was 10. I’m ok talking about it.

          Hope you find the “adorable and emotional creature” you seek. Have you read HG’s book ‘Sitting Target’? That explains why narcissists target victims, what traits, character traits and locations ie bars ( 😉 ) narcissists look for. I found it very useful 🙂

  25. Sweetest Perfection says:

    I need part 4 or I’m gonna look for similar alternatives. Heroin may work.

  26. Sweetest Perfection says:

    AE, “comments on this blog suggesting that female narcissists are worse than male narcissists in the manipulations.” If coming from women, this is classified in sociology and WGS as internalized oppression. I don’t cater to women talking down about the ability of other women. Narcs are narcs are narcs are narcs. Not saying you believe in it, just setting these women straight. Same with “I prefer make bosses.” Allow me to vomit a little bit and come back in five.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      SP, interesting response, thank you.

      I suppose it depends on experiences of those people who have had female narcissists in their life having the biggest impact, especially the female parent since birth. There may be those that have similar thoughts / feelings towards male narcissists and may suggest that they are worse than the females. Experiences can ‘lead’ the perceptions and opinions.

      It may depend on the parental narcissist(s) having the most influence on the child, the amount and the type of abuse.

      I have had both male and female narcissist ‘bosses’ – yes, they both used manipulations yet there are differences in what they do towards those that they pick on (victims). I have no specific preference (ie male or female), only that I would prefer a non-narcissist boss to work for and not use / abuse me to pass off my skills (or under-use my skills) as their own. Nor would I appreciate my work being copied / used and my name not being applied as the author of that piece of work. My direct line manager liked my work but her boss “didn’t”. These two women used different types and levels of manipulations. Yet both ‘affected’ me in similar ways as the majority of victims may feel.

      The majority of my life-long friends are female. The narcissist/ic ones do not ‘impact’ on my life.

      There is also a difference as to whether misandry or misogyny is evidenced, should this be ‘applied’ as in general (ie as a whole), then maybe this is considered more on the ‘oppression’ as you may be referring to.

      Let’s take two female narcissists – Jada and Meghan, one is very successful and the other, well, nothing has ‘materialised’ as such. I can ‘relate’ to their husbands and I am “Team Hubby” in both of these narcissistic ensnarements. But, I am only on the side of the male victims in these cases because I am an ACON myself.

      Granted, there are narcissists that do ‘good’ for the world and are successful at it (male or female) but their proximate victims, we can only imagine what they are going through.

      HG’s work on these specific famous people so far, I can see, has created much discussion and in some cases, increased ET.

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        Yes AE, I referred to that, you’re totally correct “but their proximate victims, we can only imagine what they are going through.” To me gender is not a differential marker when dealing with any narcissist closely. School and cadre are. For example, I was commenting with a friend the other day that, although I suffered recently close experiences with three different narcissists (two males and one female), gender had nothing to do with how unbearable they were. Two of them are somatic, the other is an elite. The elite one is extremely more interesting and I could be conversing with him for ever, but out of the three, he’s the only UMRN. He is a haughty, callous, cold asshole. The other guy is the infamous somatic ULA I always laugh at here, he’s just a clownish asshole but he was fun. The woman is a MRN asshole, she’s just obnoxious, like listening to Rimsky Korsakov’s Bumblebee composition non stop.

        1. Violetta says:

          Korsakov isn’t annoying enough to capture MRN arsehole-ship. Have you tried “Island Boys”?

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            OMG Violetta that is a major headache!!!

          2. Violetta says:


            The best part about the Island Boys is the expressions of gratitude in the comments: beloved relatives recovering from comas or returning from the dead just to turn the music off; suicidal people rediscovering their will to live on realizing they would never perpetrate anything as bad as that song; parents thanking the Island Boys for teaching their children the horrible results of doing drugs and/or marrying first cousins. I read the comments when I need cheering up.

          3. Viol. says:


            Because we can all use some humor in these tough times, here are the latest comments on “Island Boys”:
            Thank you island boys! You’ve shown me that I can now legally park in handicapped spots whenever I play this in my car.
            Even the police won’t come near as long as this s***’s playing

            Thank you Island boys, you’ve inspired me to start a tattoo removal service

            I have been constipated for 3 days. After listening to this song I copied you and produced a huge pile of ****! Thank you Island Boys!

            Have so much gratitude for the island boys. I stopped my drug addiction after seeing the long term effects it has caused you both. Thank for being open about your brain damage.

            If Will Smith had to smack somebody, why couldn’t he start here?

            thank you island boys, before listening to this song, my days were sad and lonely, now all my neighbors knocking on my door begging me to turn this **** off <3

            Thank you island boys, my brother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 8 and only had a year to live. The cancer kept getting worse. Luckily while I was scrolling down tiktok your song accidentally showed up. Somehow my brother didn't have cancer anymore. Turns out the cancer cells decided to kill themselves so they wouldn't have to listen to your song. God bless you

          4. Sweetest Perfection says:

            That’s so funny, Violetta. It’s definitely a nightmare of a song.

        2. Asp Emp says:

          SP, thank you for sharing more of your experiences with narcissists. I understand that the three you mention were recent? I hope the experiences did not impact on you ET / LT wise and that you are ok. It is good that you spoke with a friend about this 🙂

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            I did speak with a friend but most importantly, I spoke with HG (I mean, ND consultations).

          2. Asp Emp says:

            It means much more when there is a friend, or two, that believes what you have to share with them.

          3. Sweetest Perfection says:

            That’s totally true, AE. It’s not easy to find a person that believes you!

      2. Violetta says:

        Asp Emp:

        Speaking of the Megster, some of her worst critics (Wally, SueMe) were apparently offered multi-year contracts with Rainbow Radio. Some point out that this is associated with the Lincoln Project–for which Meghan was worked. There are suspicions on the blogosphere that this is a trap to silence them for good.

        If so, her efforts to control not only what is being said/written about her but even what is being thought about her have reached 1984-levels. Busted for thoughtcrime and a trip to Room 101 if you don’t love Megsy.

    2. BC30 says:

      Narcs gonna narc. They’re all basically the same, as HG has pointed out time and again.

  27. Sweetest Perfection says:


    1. BC30 says:

      Since day 1 😍

    2. A Victor says:

      Yes!!! I love that guy!!!

      1. Rebecca says:

        I’ll say what I said in the beginning of the trial. I think they’re both narcissist. I guessed Amber correctly, now it’s Johnny’s turn. I can’t wait to hear what HG has to say about him!

        1. A Victor says:

          Hi Rebecca! Haven’t seen you around for a few days, missed you! Yes, I think you’re correct, I’ve made guesses in a couple of places and my why’s got my guess about Johnny last night. I got right Amber also!! Woohoo! Since I’ve been so bad at guessing the narcs, that’s a win for me! Good job to you also!

          1. Rebecca says:

            Thanks AV! I’ve gotten good at seeing the narcissist, even in my every day life too. It’s almost become a game to me now. Who’s what and why? Good job on spotting Amber and I think we’re both right about Johnny….he’s not the spotless angel he’s trying to project to everyone, those aren’t wings I see. 😉 Thanks for missing me, I’ve missed you too, and a few others from here,but I have been on the live chats here and there. I’ve been dealing with family issues and enjoying the Paethon forum and just got the Knowing HG series….just expanding my knowledge with narcissism. I’ve been sucked deeper into the darker side of Knowing HG. 😆 I’m still here too.

          2. A Victor says:

            It is fun to be able to see behaviors isn’t it!! So exciting! I’m really torn on Johnny, I think he is a very good actor. One reason i lean narc is that I’ve always found him so attractive, and I think he’s extremely charming. But, I guess only HG knows for sure, I can hardly wait to find out!! 😃 I’ve missed some live chats, work has been busier than the winter months. Have fun with the dark side, it was a bit too dark for me, for now anyway. I cried when I listened to KHG, of course I was crying all the time back then, but it’s just so hard and I guess I’m a wimp. I’m glad for all of you who enjoy it. See you around! 🤗

          3. Rebecca says:

            You’re not a wimp,everyone handles trauma in their own way. I had my moments of tears and low points too. I kept calling myself stupid and feeling stupid, during the worse of my own fight with myself and the LMRSomatic I knew. Thankfully he’s out of my life, where be belongs.

          4. A Victor says:

            Hey Rebecca, I just found this comment from you! Thank you for the encouragement, I did actually go back because you sent me a comment and I couldn’t see it without joining, haha, but, I can’t make a habit out of it, only here and there. So, see you around here and there! 😂

  28. Asp Emp says:

    No doubt this will be another series where we are given insights into the behaviours of two individuals in a hot / cold dynamic.

    Interesting to note that there has been a couple of comments on this blog suggesting that female narcissists are worse than male narcissists in the manipulations.

    No doubt that the narcissist’s manipulations would be similar to those as classified by HG in his work. It will be interesting to see if there are variations in the intensity of such ie Jada Smith and in this Depp v Heard series.

    Thanks, HG, for another series into a different famous couple. I look forward to seeing the process as you go through it 🙂

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      Having said that, I’m team Johnny Depp. Being a feminist doesn’t make you blind to narcs. Amber Heard is a piece of caca.

      1. NarcAngel says:

        “Amber Heard is a piece of caca”

        Yes, and in a grand gesture, provided both confirmation and the gift of ever-presence by leaving evidence on Johnny’s pillow. Allegedly.

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Exactly NA. I said it on purpose, she literally is.

        2. Presque Vu says:


    2. Joa says:

      For me personally – female narcissists:

      1. They are more difficult to detect, because they have a tighter veil. I am not sure for a long time, I hesitate with my opinion. As long as I hesitate, I justify them. As long as I hesitate, I cannot effectively defend myself and attack (I’d rather be hurt, than unjustly hurt someone-give back).

      2. There is a lack of male-female interactions, that allow to coexist at some level with a male narcissist – eg at work.

      3. They act mainly through their followers, henchmen, lieutenants, slaves, defenders, aura-infested fools and oppressed women. They rarely attack directly.

      4. A man cannot publicly afford to a woman (me) as much, as a woman can afford to a woman. Such an attack is much more difficult to counter – when it comes to the public arena.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Thank you, Joa for your comment. Interesting to read your views. Yes, I agree RE: female narcissists. A few months ago, one became friends with someone I knew and that person no longer interacts with me, so I presume that the female had probably said some things. I still have her blocked so she cannot see anything I may post. I had considered posting HG’s video called ‘The Karen’ 🙂

        1. Asp Emp says:

          I did post that particular video. Those in the “know” of a certain person that we all knew aeons ago responded…..dum de dum.

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