Sex and the Narcissist

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No holds barred and no strings attached

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform

Read about how the narcissist views and uses sex and how you are central in that

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2 thoughts on “Sex and the Narcissist

  1. lickemtomorrow says:

    Article in the Daily Mail, 5th July:

    “Time to take a long hard look in the mirror? Narcissistic men are more prone to premature ejaculation and difficulty reaching orgasm, study finds”

    Worth a read to get a take on what is referred to as “sexual narcissism” …

    My bet is they’re narcissists having sex and apparently the pressure is on!

    “If you’re a narcissist when it comes to sex, chances are you’re more likely to suffer some embarrassing issues in the bedroom.”

    Dr. Todd Grande (who I’ve listened to occasionally) shares his thoughts in a video. Mine tend to differ from the general gist of the article where researchers expresses confusion about why narcissistic men would have difficulty reaching orgasm. My guess is the ‘intimacy’ factor, which they include as one of the statements in their questionnaire – “Emotional closeness can easily get in the way of sexual pleasure.”

    From the article:

    “Narcissistic men also showed higher sexualisation overall, as well as a higher ‘autoerotic orientation’ – getting sexual gratification through stimulation of one’s own body.
    ‘Narcissistic men are strongly self-pleasure driven, deriving sexual satisfaction more from orgasm than relational interactions,’ the authors say in their paper.
    ‘They are also more prone to rapid ejaculation (presumably early in a sexual relationship) and to difficulty reaching ejaculation (presumably as relationship novelty wanes).”

    That last part was interesting about when “relationship novelty wanes”, aka devaluation where intimacy is often withdrawn and sex withheld.

    Patrick Bateman is mentioned so I guess they’re on the right track.

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