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With the brief injunction from my mother to ensure I spoke up or suffer the consequences I returned to the consulting room of Dr M. We took our seats and he smiled before adjusting his suit trousers, pulling them up at the thigh. I cast a quick glance to his nether regions but no hole had yet emerged.

“Now Mr Tudor, we did not make much progress last week. It is of no concern. I wondered if you perhaps felt more amenable to speaking with me on this occasion?”

I started to nod and then spoke.

“Very well.”

“Excellent. What would you like to talk about?” he asked.

“Why am I here as in why am I sat in your consulting room,” I clarified before he started providing me with some smart alec response as to the meaning of my existence. I knew why my family had insisted that I see Dr M and more recently underline the necessity of speaking to him, but I wanted to know what he thought. That way I would be better prepared to deflect him.

“Why do you think you are here with me?” he answered casually. Marvellous. He was one of those people who answered a question with another question.

“I asked first,” I pointed out. He nodded.

“Your family are concerned about you.” I snorted which seemed to take him by surprise.

“Those bastards only care about themselves.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Dr M seizing on my remark.

“It does not matter, go on, you were saying.”

“Your family are concerned about you. I met with them and they provided me with background information. I am aware that you are a high achiever and have always been so. Your family are concerned however that you stop at nothing to get what you want, that you have disdain for most people and you leave a trail of carnage in your wake. I think that is a succinct way of putting it. They want me to discuss this with you and to receive my opinion.” he explained.

“It’s bullshit all of it,” I remarked. My voice was low but the venom was tangible. Dr M remained silent.

“I have no idea what they are talking about. I stop at nothing to get what I want? They have never complained about my achievements before. They don’t like it that I am outshining them. That is the problem here. They always do this. Try and make their problems my problems, I am sick and tired of it. I have forged my own path and done bloody well too and all they want to do is bring me down. It is jealousy. That’s why I have little to do with them. Did they tell you that? I bet they tried to make out that I am aloof and never attend family gatherings didn’t they? They never invite me to them. I keep in touch most with my younger brother and he tells me about these gatherings and I always find out after the event. Did my younger brother speak to you?”

Dr M nodded.

“Who else?” I asked.

“Both your parents, your sister, your younger brother and your cousin, Charlotte.”

“Huh, the usual cabal. All of them are liars. Do you have any idea what it is like having to put up with all of them? My god it is a wonder that I am a success. My mother is always trying to pin the blame for her shortcomings on me. She would love to plant a microchip in my head and control me. That would be ideal for her. She has controlled my father for years. He isn’t a bad fellow really but he fell under her spell and believes anything she says and if he dares not to well let’s just say he has suffered the consequences too many times before so he has learned his lesson. It’s weak of him and I hate him for being like that. He should stand up to her rather than be her metaphorical punching bag. Always tries to keep the peace at first and then takes her side. He is brainwashed and my sister is just as bad. Jesus she always defers to my mother, but then she could never make a decision for herself. So Charlie has weighed in as well has she? Do you know why doctor M? It is because she wants me for herself and I won’t let that happen. Bet they did not tell you that did they? She is totally in love with me and because I have rejected her this is how she goes about paying me back by making up lies about me. I would not put it past that harpy to try and section me you know. You don’t want to believe anything that lot say to you.”

Dr M was jotting down the odd note as I spoke. Yes, make some notes Dr M and you can tell them what I think of them. How dare they? How bastard dare they make out like I am the one with the problem. I should be used to it by now but it still infuriates me. I stood up, agitated at this unwarranted attack on me.

“This is what they always do doctor. I am the one who was suffered at their hands. Years of it but they twist it around and try to pin the blame on me. I have made the best of a bad hand and they cannot stand to see me doing well so they conjure up this. Liars the lot of them.”

I was pacing up and down in front of the fireplace and fighting to resist the urge to grab one of the logs and hurl it at the large mirror which hung above the fireplace.

“I wish they were all dead doctor, you have no idea. The times I have wished that they would get wiped out in some car accident or a building falls on them when they are inside. They have made my life hell and just as I am pulling free of them they pull this stunt. I hate them. I am surprised at my brother joining in with this as well, I thought he had some sense.”

“Your brother expressed considerable concern about you and wants to help you,” offered Dr M.

“I don’t need any help. I suggest you fill your sessions with them. You will have plenty of material for your shrink times or whatever publication you write for. My mother is a control freak with a drink problem,my father is spineless, my sister is a professional victim oh yes, ask her about her failed marriage but make sure you have the bleeding heart and violins to hand. My cousin, well as I said, she is a lecherous nymphomaniac and as for my brother, he has gone down in my estimation joining this cabal of perfidy.”

I spat the words out as I waved my arms around, windmilling through the air. I felt a little better for this explosion of annoyance and I returned to my seat and sat down. Dr M was still writing.

“So Dr M there really is nothing to see here. I know you will want to make some money from us and I respect that, you are like me, you see an opportunity and exploit it. Nothing wrong with that. Let me give you a tip. You need to suggest working with those liars and parking your involvement with me. You have nothing to achieve here but as for them, well you will make a fortune sorting out the quagmire that is their lives.”

I sat back and smiled as Dr M continued to write. I had spoken up just as she had urged. I had done as I was told. Again. This time though I was fighting back.

8 thoughts on “The Key To Entry

  1. ReformedPolitician says:

    I took your empath detector test, and I will not share the results here except to say that I am, according to you, an empath of x school and y cadre.

    I suspect I have strong narcissistic traits, of an order that I worry greatly about the kind of person I’d be without the empathic ones to balance things out. I went supernova once. Only once. I know what kind of monster lurks inside. It wasn’t messy; it was methodical, complex, effective. When it was done, it was done.

    I worried for a long time if that monster would come back, if I had permanently and irreparably poisoned myself. Your work on WHY empathic persons do this was a huge reassurance. In the end, he finally left to go make someone else as miserable as himself (lower mid ranger), none the worse for wear.

    In my professional life, my skills are benign at worst and benevolent at best. I no longer worry as much.

    All this to say that reading your post makes me think two things:

    1. In itself, it is an empath test. I have empathy for you that is misplaced, unwanted, unnecessary. A narcissist would read this and be unmoved. An empath reading this, myself included, hurts for you.

    2. This is bait. You have set up an incredible series of baits and traps for empaths. They’ll answer your siren’s song with ears and heart open, and unlike Ulysses, will not bind themselves (even against your warnings, which is ironic).

    It’s not a criticism, a warning, or a call for validation. It’s late and I felt moved to send this out into the ether.

  2. Kitty kitty says:

    Here’s some absolute truth. Dr.’s are messed up in their own Reich.

  3. Asp Emp says:

    I love this article 🙂

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  5. Francine says:

    HG If you went on a job interview and you were asked tell me one of your weaknesses. How would you answer that question? I always thought it was a stupid question I would try to think of a way to answer to satisfy the interviewer however not give away any weakness. For example I would say my weakness is I obsess over the details. Because I really want to make sure the job is done right. So in actuality it’s not really a weakness it’s a strength. I always thought F you if you think I’m going to tell you one of my weaknesses so you can use it against me. I would imagine you would say I don’t have any weaknesses. And you probably wouldn’t be on a job interview anyway They probably would be offering you the job. However saying I don’t have any weaknesses wouldn’t fly. How would you handle that?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I do not go to job interviews.

      1. Francine A says:

        I pretty much figured you don’t go on interviews hence the word “if”. Also evident by the statement “You probably don’t go on job interviews they’re probably offering you the job”. However the point being what would a greater or ultra narcissist do when asked the question what are your weaknesses.

    2. Asp Emp says:

      Francine, when I read your comment, it prompted me to remember how my last job interview went with the higher-up at work, I also remembered how sh*t it was, how sh*t she made me feel, how inadequate I felt, how demoralising it was. The worst thing about it all? She had known me for 5 years by this point. She ‘dragged’ the interview on for 1.5 hours, despite knowing that it was overwhelming for me as it was to even attend a job interview. I’d raised a grievance about this interview afterwards because she failed to produce reasonable adjustments on two main disabilities, deafness and Aspergers. She knew my weaknesses and used them against me. She was “experienced” at interviews / meetings. At that time, I felt and thought it was deliberate on her part. Even now, I believe it was partly ‘planned’ and partly instinctual on her part. She displayed ‘The Narcissist’s Smirk’ several times.

      This particularly made me think back to how I felt at that time.

      It also prompted me to consider several aspects when it comes to job interviews. For years, I ‘omitted’ the information about my deafness because I wanted to be selected on my skills and abilities. In those days, employers were less understanding about disabilities and the Law did not really “cater” to the considerations that people with disabilities had difficulties with. Despite the changes in the Law, and some Laws / Acts created since, there will always be some people who will “ignore” this because it is all about having control over the person / situation.

      Another point that I raised my grievance about was the fact that the organisation’s own policies and procedures “talked” about equality, treatment of people and so on, yet, there were several breaches on that higher-up’s part. Additionally, she was the one that “oversaw” these policies in the company.

      Which, in turn, leads me to think, if people are to consider not sharing your **weaknesses because it can impact on and become ‘threats’ rather than become ‘opportunities’, despite having ‘strengths’, especially at job interviews, how are people ensured they would be treated fairly in this situation?

      **referring to HG’s article ‘The Narcissist Knows Your Weaknesses’.

      Also: the S.W.O.T Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Source:

      In my opinion, there is no other person, other than HG, who has the expertise to understand the human psyche and understand how circumstances, ie a job interview, can be difficult because a narcissist (at work) is more than likely to be present on the interview panel.

      So, how does one avoid giving away their weaknesses at job interviews without failing the interview itself for not answering the question?

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