Johnny Depp -Empath or Narcissist? Pt 6

4 thoughts on “Johnny Depp -Empath or Narcissist? Pt 6

  1. Fieke says:

    Why is this called JD empath or narcissist pt 6? I can’t find pt 1-5?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Because it is the sixth part. Try
      1. The search facility
      2. Looking at recent uploads
      3. The Depp Heard playlist
      And you’ll find Parts 1-5, it’s not difficult.

      1. Fieke says:

        I understand. And did. On my Iphone it is not there. Intro may20th, followed by prt 6,7,8,10. 1-5 ( as in title) and 9 not there when I look at chronological uploads. And also with search on “ Depp”. On narcsite. I will try youtube channel , maybe thats what I am doing wrong? Didn’t look there yet.

      2. Fieke says:

        Found them on the YOUTUBE channel! Sorry I always use this site. But can’t find them all here.

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