Johnny Depp – Empath or Narcissist Pt 7

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  1. Duchessbea says:

    HG, pure class. You have analysed a lot of information so far and you have broken it down so well. Aligning what you have discussed so far with what Johnny himself spoke about in relation to his upbringing, life, and relationships, I am inclined to think that Johnny is someone who has codependency tendencies and he is an Empath. I think he was attracted to Amber Heard because as he said himself she reminded him of his mother. I think Johnny has spent much of his life as an unaware Empath. He has used drugs and alcohol as a kind of a crutch in dealing with his confused feelings. I think people have taken advantage of Johnny Depp’s kind and generous nature and when he has had enough and was fed up of being used by people, when he said enough was enough, Amber Heard accused him of DV and made him out to be an abusive man. I think Johnny is much more aware of narcissism now and I very much hope he is dealing with himself in a more respectful way and not being so self destructive. Johnny’s biggest downfall was marrying the wrong woman and letting the wrong people into his life. Hopefully he will make better choices and be more aware in future.
    HG, brilliant series. Listening to your analysis having seen the testimonies given in Court by Depp and Heard puts this series in a whole different light.

    1. Wendy says:

      Hi Duchessbea, that was a great response to HG’s assessment! His analysis is absolutely “pure class.”

      HG did a masterful job of breaking down. Depp’s life events and his relationships. I still at this point think Johnny is an empath with codependency issues and/or an empath with very diminished empathic traits as a result of the use of substances and the abuse from Amber over time.

      I am a little concerned about how fast Johnny jumps into relationships and how he goes over and beyond with his generosity for so many people. Although generosity is a very good thing, is the motivation empathetic and heartfelt or is it a means of control and for praise? Those are definitely some red flags but still not enough for me to think he is a narcissist. I feel the root of the generosity is his need to be accepted and liked by others.

      Amber Heard did him very dirty and he had to try and clear his name. I hope as you mentioned that he can move on and heal from this and that he will put the substances behind him once and for all like he promised his children he would do.

      I can’t wait for the final assessment! I’m glued to the edge of my seat!

      Wonderful analysis HG. Thank you!


      1. HG Tudor says:

        Thank you albeit I’ve not finished publishing the analysis.

      2. Duchessbea says:

        You raised some great points. I also hope that Johnny Depp will put the substances behind him now and move on and heal from this. I feel sorry for JD in that his generosity and kindness have been used and taken advantage of for too long. First by his ex manager, and then his ex wife, and her friends. I agree with you that perhaps his generosity could perhaps have been rooted in wanting to be liked and accepted by others. You can kind of see the co-dependency at work there. I think Amber Heard was the biggest wake up call for JD in his life. I hope he learned from that relationship with Amber and hopefully in future he will still be an open man, but in a more cautious way, about the people he will have relationships with and allow into his life. I also cannot wait for the final assessment. HG is masterful at keeping us all glued to the edge of our seats. Brilliant series. Really gives an in depth and detailed meaning and explanation to narcissism.

        1. Wendy says:

          Hi Duchessbea, great to read your comments! I absolutely agree with you and now that we know the final outcome of JD and what he is I have to say I am a little sad and a little happy!

          At least he’s not what some said he was! I think this has been such a great learning experience for all of us. I have learned things from this that I never even thought about before and it gives me a new understanding of narcissism and how it plays out in the lives of others.

          I really did not know there was a category of just “narcissistic” that can be attributed to someone. I only recognized empath, normal, and narcissist with varying degrees. I thought if someone was narcissistic they were a normal with either higher narc traits or higher empathic traits. So, I learned something new!

          HG is brilliant indeed and we are a lucky bunch of Tudorites to have made his acquaintance thru this blog and his masterful work! I feel stronger and more in control than ever as a result.

          Very best to you,
          Wendy 😊

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