Johnny Depp Narcissist or Empath Part 16

16 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Narcissist or Empath Part 16

  1. Viol. says:

    Verdict in. As someone who encountered the “No! You’re the crazy one!” routine through most of my childhood, I find this so satisfying.

  2. Duchessbea says:

    Ooohhh, HG, you called it. Johnny Wins. He is narcissistic, but I am glad he won. Amber Heard couldn’t get out of that court quick enough.

  3. Asp Emp says:

    WAY TO GO, Johnny! He won! Yaaasssss!!

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    1. HG Tudor says:

      It wasn’t. Read the rules.

  5. In so many words says:

    Am I the only one who changed my mind after HG’s analysis? I originally thought that Johnny Depp is narcissistic, but I am now convinced that he is an empath (co-dependent empath, with a strong super-empath element because of many narcissistic traits, and part contagion empath because of how he inhabits his characters and struggles with fame). And an addict. It would not make sense that he would maintain such an elaborate facade with charities and treating partners well, and then blow his facade by trashing hotel rooms. It does make sense that his addiction, ADHD, and exposure to Amber Heard were the main causes of bad behaviors. His issues with money and inattention to money are consistent with ADHD. His generosity to his own detriment is consistent with him being an empath. His fights with Amber Heard and calling her names to friends were likely a supernova.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      ISMW, no, I don’t think you are the only person who has changed perceptions about what Johnny is. HG has done a brilliant job in his extensive work on what is Johnny. I think very few people can relate to Johnny because of their own experiences as an individual. Anyhow, we will know for sure later today 🙂

    2. haha I am still on the fence. Either which way this goes I do not think a super empath would have put up with the abuse for so long. I know I would not and I doubt I would be classed as a super. IF he is an empath than I would think the drinking and drugs would be the cause of narcissistic traits.

      He is doing a great PR job to convince people that he was the victim and there is no question Amber did use physical violence. How much of it was provoked? I remember being provoked into saying things I later regretted and I think I am quite laid back – well for the most part.

      There is a narcissist who comes across as shy, reserved, vulnerable and giving. They seem to care about people, feel guilt and shame. They are always a victim and do not take responsibility for their actions. They present as empathic and caring.

      I do not see much difference between JD saying he medicates due to the pressures of fame and my ex saying it was because an ex cried all the time and he needed to escape. Neither put systems in place to help resolve the pressure felt. Both cases put them as the victim.

      In many of the problems JD has had – seems to place him as the victim in one form or another. Even when this is found to be a situation of his own making and he was not actually the victim.

      IF JD is this kind of narcissist – they are very good at provoking our empathy. Of making those around them to want to help and support them. They are highly sensitive to criticism and making people walk on egg shells – so not to hurt their feelings.

      I think tonight is the night HG reveals his analysis xx

    3. Just another thought;

      One thing which sticks in my mind is the finger incident. She came in finding him drinking. She was angry (he states he only drank a couple – so which given his tolerance by now – he would have been fairly sober ish). She chucked the bottle which went past his head. He went and got a larger bottle – poured a drink and downed it This is not someone trying to de-escalate. It was designed to provoke further. He than wrote on the walls from the bloody finger. Remembers all this – but does not remember how the TV and window got smashed..

    4. Emc2gion says:

      I have a feeling Johnny Depp is a Contagion Empath with a small Super Empath element. He uses drugs and alcohol to cope with the energy onslaught. He uses music and art to diffuse energy. In acting he becomes the character he plays emotionally. He has that loner, deep, mysterious element. His eyes reflect this. He is attracted to Narcs. He mentions that he needs “SPACE” a lot, another contagion sign. I also think the behaviour he exhibits at times is a scattered diffusion of narc energy. I don’t feel malice off Depp, anger at times but not true malice. Just my thoughts and feelings. I may be wrong. I look forward to HGs conclusion.

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    1. mollyb5 says:

      HG..this is the last video available to listen to. The streaming one , the finale one isn’t available on this site ?

      1. HG Tudor says:

        The conclusion via livestream is available

        1. mollyb5 says:

          YouTube ! Thank you .

        2. mollyb5 says:

          HG ..thank you 🙂

        3. mollyb5 says:

          HG Can’t an empath get sick of people . Specially when they are people who believe lies from a narc. Can’t an empath become so disillusioned by certain people in society such celebrities etc that the disgust or disdain comes across as hatred ?

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