Amber Heard : Does She Know She F*cked?

2 thoughts on “Amber Heard : Does She Know She F*cked?

  1. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

    I think the first time she messed up – was with the article which has put her in this situation. I feel this is more about JD winning in the court of public opinion than anything – of course if he wins in court too it will be a bonus.

    He has done what he set out to do. Most people quite rightly see her for what she is. If Amber had been smarter, she would have known he would try to comeback and destroy her and clear the smear against him. Her actions let this happen. I expect she will never see it this way tho…

  2. Asp Emp says:

    Laughing…….at the title of this posting, HG…….

    The title of the video had me laughing as soon as I read the words. I thought to myself before viewing the video, the answer I would have responded with would have been = only for a second or two, before the narcissism ‘reacts’ by whatever assertion of control is required in order to achieve whatever it is aiming for, and thus, the beginning of whatever “behaviour” the narcissism “determines” that “fits” the LOCE it “thinks” is “appropriate”.

    The clip of Kate Moss and “She’s coming” is absolutely classic. AH is fked. She has fked up, over and over again. It’s laughable to the point where she is the CLOWN Narcissist of the year. Oh dearie me, MM gets the award for coming second this time round 🙂

    That’s it! Will HG issue a ‘The Narcissist of the Month Award’ and possibly one overall Narcissist of The Year Award? Round it off with a delicious and pure HG mauling of that narcissist?

    Oh, thank you, HG, brilliant work, it gets better and better. Educator of the Year = HG Tudor, for sure 🙂

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