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KTN Empath Detector
Understanding the relevant school and cadre of empath that you belong to is an integral part of arming yourself so that you effect a GOSO Campaign (Get Out, Stay Out) with the maximum effectiveness. Recognising where you belong with regard to one of the four schools of empath and then the relevant cadre not only aids you in learning more about yourself and how your school and cadre attracts particular narcissists, it will weaponise you in your quest to GOSO and also assist you in evading narcissists in the future. This consultation is conducted through the provision of a protocol which is straightforward and provides confidentiality between the parties. A questionnaire is provided which elicits a broad range of information about you and your behaviours to enable me to then analyse your responses and provide you with an accurate and easy to understand response through an audio sound file.  
Ensuring you know what you are means you will avoid the mistakes that occur with self-analysis through lacking objectivity. It will ensure you do not embark on courses of action which are suited to different schools and it also enables you to plug the gaps in your own defences and achieve GOSO sooner and with less effort.

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5 thoughts on “Empath Detector

  1. Asp Emp says:


    “There are links between narcissism and sleep issues, yes.”

    “it’s the effect of the churning chaos and the ever present need for fuel and control to keep it at bay.”

    Can I ask, HG, whether this may vary on the school / sub-school of the narcissist; their life experiences that they may be experiencing at the current time ie depending on their perceived knowledge that the fuel sources are in ‘place’ and under ‘control’? Even if unaware narcissists are not necessarily always mentally planning ahead so to speak because they tend to act in the ‘now’ rather than base it on yesterday, or tomorrow?

    Having said that, from an empath’s perspective, they not needing ‘fuel’ and ‘control’ in the same way as a narcissist does, they may experience such insomnia, anxiety and so on – likened as to what you say in your article ‘Too Late To Sleep Too Soon To Rise’.

    Similar but from different perspectives, and for different ‘reasons’. This is what makes my learning about narcissism (and, thus, more about the human psyche) the more fascinating for me to gain understanding upon.

  2. Asp Emp says:


    Wow, HG. This is quite an explanation. Your comment here is suggesting that an empath is not ‘formed’ from an early age compared to a narcissist’s formation (developmental period).

    Can I ask, HG, using my life experiences / journey as an example, would my going to boarding school have had a difference in what I “formed” into, basically, a further ‘arrest’ in my developing into a formed narcissist?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Depends on how old you were when you went to boarding school and how long you were there for.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Thank you for your response, HG. My father’s passing was around 20 months; my grandfather’s passing was around 15 months before I went to school at aged 11 years old and I was there for 6 years. Then, unfortunately living back at home for a further 4 years or so. My education was impacted at the time of my father’s passing (through shock / trauma) as if my mind was set back about 2 / 3 years. Thank you, HG 🙂

  3. Asp Emp says:


    This thread has some very interesting comments that I considered insightful and informative for me personally. Thank you for reposting this thread, HG 🙂

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