Tom Bower On Meghan Markle – The Revenge Excerpts With Explanatory Commentary About Narcissism

4 thoughts on “Tom Bower On Meghan Markle – The Revenge Excerpts With Explanatory Commentary About Narcissism

  1. Enthralled says:

    This is only a reflection of my own inner conflict and places no criticism on the material.

    I think this will be the last one I watch of these. Not because they are not good or informative. I see too many possibilities beyond the narrative and they make me have sympathy for Meghan.

    I see scenarios beyond these facts, which do not make me think narcissist. This account is from one prospective (the reporters) and I always try to look beyond and weigh up all motivations and whilst none of these may be actually be truth. I do see each in several possible lights and not all of them lead me to the conclusion of narcissist. Not everything is black and white.

    Is it then fair on this lady to judge her on these things if I am able to see alternatives? If she is a narc and I contribute – then is my judgement a reflection of me?

    Small example; Putting myself in the shoes of the person in this scenario = (other internal ones are not as flattering).

    ‘I am in love!’ I want to shout it to the world and all who will listen. Hold on this is a reporter and Harry has already expressed reservations about the interview. I agreed to keep a low profile about it for now, hmm. Need to change the subject quick – not what the interview is about.

    Oh no… What will Harry think? How could they make it about our relationship? I need to do something about this? Harry is not going to be pleased.

    I want to be recognised for my accomplishments in my own right – beyond that of my husband. What do you mean I have no right to expect that? Are you saying my identity is only an extension of him? I should play the role expected of me and not get uppity? Know my place? Does wanting to do so make me a narc?

    The reporters account will not be flattering and his perceptions coloured by her criticism. He wanted the details about the relationship (that is a story).

    Other thoughts = Did Harry marry her knowing she would not be accepted? as an extension of his own grievances in the area of his mother. I cannot rule out this possibility.

    Childhood memories = Quote

    And our memories aren’t just suspecetable to suggestion. We are all unreliable narrators of our own stories as we go through life.
    “Memories are malleable and tend to change slightly each time we revisit them, in the same way that spoken stories do,” says Loveday. They are influenced by our perceptions, state of mind, knowledge and even the company we are in when recalling events, which can lend us a new perspective on a familiar life event. “A memory is essentially the activation of neural networks in the brain, which are consistently modified and altered,” she says. “Therefore at each recollection, new elements can easily be integrated while existing elements can be altered or lost.”

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:

      Hello Enthralled,

      I think you make valid points here. Empaths think in shades of grey. The possibilities of an external influence, a mistake, a biased opinion or viewpoint, ordinarily all of these should be considered when evaluating the behaviour and character of an individual.

      Perhaps an external stressor caused a person to behave in the way they did? Maybe the comment was misinterpreted? Maybe we misinterpreted? Did we overthink? We were told many times that we overthink or “You read too much into things.” Things are rarely black and white, more often they are grey with us. This grey thinking and this empathy for the situations of others is valid, it is an integral part of the empath. It is also why many of us were ensnared for too long instead of pointing to negative behaviours, calling them by their name and simply getting out.

      The thing with Harry’s Wife is that the in-depth analysis has already been undertaken. HG analysed her behaviours in detail using a variety of sources and evidence and determined her to be a Mid Range narcissist. She crossed the evidential threshold. She is a narcissist.

      From that point on, once identified we can look at the past, current and future behaviours of Harry’s Wife only through the lense of her narcissism.

      Your questioning of her behaviours, your consideration of a viewpoint, an author or a source would be valid for any person falling outside of the narcissistic group. Once the narcissist is identified though, these considerations can be set aside and we then look at behaviours as having only one motivation, ‘The Prime Aims.’


  2. Truthseeker6157 says:

    I think this is excellent. There’s so much learning packed into these episodes and it’s directly relatable to our own personal experiences.
    Episode 3 was sensitively handled and the choice of accompanying images was perfect.

    Tastefully done and much appreciated. Thank you HG.

  3. Asp Emp says:

    OMG, I am not surprised that Harry’s wife “brags” that it was her “influence” that caused Proctor & Gamble to change the wording on their advertising. “a class project” – completely different. Besides, I suspect that many 11 year olds would have kept the letter, if any, from, say, a President’s wife, even had it framed!

    The part about the spices reminded me of a narcissist at work that made (for the staff) a banana cake! WTF?!

    Reading HG’s words on this video reminded me of the image on his article ‘The Unbelievable Behaviour of the Narcissist (And What You Can Do About It)’. And another article that HG wrote ‘Something Does Not Feel Right’.

    I’m enjoying this series, I really appreciate your time on these, HG, thank you 🙂 xx

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