A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 17

Dear Narcissist,

I have decided to end our relationship due to the preposterous state of it/them.  Having entered into a unilateral agreement for behaving masochistically I have decided to correct this error within myself.

Your kind always accuses our kind of all sorts of, well many things, but in particular of having no emotions which is in reality simply your kind projecting. It’s really a confession – you absolutely tell on yourselves in this respect.

Your kind function in reptile mode having readily adapted (due to early limbic system atrophication or vestigiality whatever is the case) to reptilian brain functionality where as neuropathological and empathic people use their mammalian brain.  Well adjusted neuropaths and empaths can reason.  Both of course use their neocortex but I digress.

From what I understand by observation and being on the receiving end of your kind is this – you always function in survival mode. That is exactly how reptiles function.  No reasoning with crocodiles and snakes is there?  They may make nice pets (for some) but as for lovers, friends, or family members they simply don’t cut the mustard.

Because your kind functions in survival mode you have to make sure you keep us in survival mode too – in order to make you feel better to avoid the precipice, in other words your kind has to bring our kind down to your level in order for you to function.  I’m afraid I am simply unable to make that adjustment.  Therefore, I am now going on strike in relation to this function.

To add insult to injury and to aide in your riposte, your kind use covert manipulation in order to keep us in a permanent state of Stockholm Syndrome. When your kind are attacking, slandering and maligning us it costs you nothing. It does not tax your energy at all because it is how you naturally and comfortably operate. On the other hand it has the reverse effect on us. If we defend ourselves or try to vindicate ourselves it costs us a great deal – this is a sinkhole for our energy. The longer we stay involved with your kind the longer we subject ourselves to emotional deprivation and acute energetic depletion. This must stop so I have decided to put a stop to it from my end.

There is a simple solution to this nonsense you see. People just need to be able to recognise your kind the minute you approach and know without reservation or ambiguity one’s own limitations, vulnerabilities and blind spots.  Fix those, “know the narcissist” and you’re home and hosed almost anyway.  Remove the core programming that allowed us to draw you in the first place and it could very well be game, set and match.  Once that has been accomplished your kind will find us unpalatable due to poor fuel provision and are likely to hunt elsewhere.

Unless we set loose our own narcissistic qualities after being pushed into Supernova status without consent of course, and decide to have a bit of fun at your expense for a change.  That would be somewhat rewarding for some I suppose but as I personally do not suffer immediate self gratification, nor seek revenge nor predisposed to narcissism myself, I will abstain from such a practice.

I am officially a narcissist “no fly zone” all thanks to your kind :-


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