Knowing the Narcissist : Red Flag


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Know the signs so it does not happen again.

Know the signs so others are not ensnared.

Know the signs before it is too late.

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2 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist : Red Flag

  1. Leela_Z says:

    This was the very first book I bought and read. It was very helpful because back then I got caught into the web of a Middle Mid Range Type A Elite, an “overwhelming angel”, who is definitely more on the cerebral side of the elite-spectrum. For a long time, I couldn´t point my finger on what is wrong there, I knew something was very off, but what? I only knew the Somatics, had no idea about the Elites or even the Cerebrals and a “False Angel” is very hard to spot anyway! This narcissist was indeed super hard to spot, not the one of the “I´m too sexy” and “hey, wanna f`**?”-Type. In contrast: Not super well-groomed, sporty, didn´t care too much about looks, lots and lots of cerebral activities, religious and asexual (not using sex for fuel). I went through the Red Flags in the book and found a couple of them! I remember reading the article about the “False Angel” for the first time and then asking for an NDC. And there I had it! I was indeed dealing with a “False Angel”!

  2. Asp Emp says:

    I have just finished reading this book. Good to read it because I gained some new ways of looking at some aspects where narcissism is concerned. Of course, this is the whole point of HG producing his massive ‘encyclopedia’ of narcissism, from different angles of looking at the same subject!

    I liked the use of the words “mask carousel”, exactly like the Slide Projector Carousel! It comes in handy, especially on occasion when the narcissist is “experiencing” a ‘404 glitch’ (hahahaha), not that the unaware narcissist actually “knows” the availability of the carousel as such (laughing).

    “you can pre-empt the situation by creating a situation”, I had instinctively done this for quite some years, now I know why did (do) it 🙂

    The part about ‘lots of mirrors’, I found interesting. No wonder some people may “insist” that I am a narcissist, simply because I chose to have a lot of mirrors in my homes – purely to reflect light back into the room, not because I want to look at myself every minute!!!

    The Cerebral liking to talk to themselves (or their reflection) in the mirror, I don’t do that and I have not observed anyone else doing that. I have, however, observed a number of people over the years that would constantly look at themselves in the mirror, including those that do the ‘preening’ (ain’t I gorgeous kind of self-appreciating). Yes, I have seen people using a piece of cutlery, or, even, a stainless steel kettle to “check” their reflection.

    “Foreshadowing”. MRN did this as a means to either ‘test’ me, or, sharing some “truths” about himself ie not feeling anything (regarding emotional empathy) around 3 to 4 years into the “entanglement”.

    Interesting book.

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