The Narcissist : Mixed Messages Part Two

One thought on “The Narcissist : Mixed Messages Part Two

  1. As well as fitting into the narcissistic dynamic, this information also seems to fit some of the difficulties men and women have in relationships generally, where the expectation is the other should know or understand what is needed due to their care and concern. In other words, I don’t think this type of miscommunication is just limited to narcissists. I am reminded of John Gray’s -book – Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – as a way to understand the different mindsets of men and women, and how miscommunication can occur because of these different mindsets. It’s not deliberate, but due to differing perceptions and thought processes.

    The other thing I am wondering is if an empath has been subject to narcissistic gaslighting, and passive and aggressive behaviour, they may not have learnt to communicate in a more assertive way, asking for what they want or need. This could also apply to various forms of neglect or abuse. It was not OK to ask for what you needed, or you were ignored if you made your needs known, worse still, punished. This then eventuates in passive, passive-aggressive, or aggressive behaviour. So an empath could still find themselves miscommunicating in the same form as a narcissist because that is the type of behaviour they have been exposed to all their life.

    It’s a very interesting topic and useful to get the narcissistic perspective of the same.

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