Knowing the Narcissist: Logic Bulletin : The Smear Campaign


This Logic Bulletin provides you with clarity, understanding and a further foundation in the creation of your Logic Defences so you reduce your Emotional Thinking and achieve freedom from the narcissist and narcissistic abuse.

This Logic Bulletin covers :´

  • What is the purpose of a Smear Campaign?
  • Who uses the Smear Campaign?
  • How are they used by Greater Narcissists?
  • How are they used by Mid Range Narcissists?
  • How are they used by Lesser Narcissists?
  • What prompts the Smear Campaign?
  • How your behaviour relates to the Smear Campaign.
  • How your actions will assist you in avoiding Smear Campaigns.
  • How you are actually overly concerned about the Smear Campaign when you need not be.
  • How smearing is used against the IPPS and Former IPPS
  • How smearing is used against the Shelf IPSS or DLS
  • How smearing is used against NISSs

This detailed Logic Bulletin is provided as an audio file which is emailed to you and only costs US $ 19.99 .

A very small fee to enable you to gain peace of mind and understanding.

Obtain your copy today using this link .

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