Lucy Letby : Serial Killer : Why Did She Kill : Part 6

One thought on “Lucy Letby : Serial Killer : Why Did She Kill : Part 6

  1. Asp Emp says:

    What adds to the horror of the whole case is the fact that Lucy would have had specified training in how babies need to be handled, including specific ways of avoiding transmitting any potential bacteria from other areas of her work, from one baby to another etc. She would have known specifically how much medication (ie insulin, if required / specified), how much liquids (water, milk etc) as per weight of each baby, the list goes on.

    A hospital environment may be different from ie a private residential care home and I am sure people have heard of such mistreatment of residents that have been highlighted in the news over the years.

    In actual reality, nothing much has really changed over the years ie from the Victorian Workhouses of the past……

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