Knowing the Narcissist : 15 Seductive Spikes



Our seductive tendrils wrap around the unsuspecting and draw them into our false reality. We have many ways of effecting this seduction, from the outrageous declarations of premature love, to the excessive texting and messaging, from the gifts and attentiveness to the fantastic sex. There are many strings to our bow when it comes to seducing our victims. We love the allure of the triangle. Bringing someone else or something else into the dynamic between you and me generates endless possibilities for fuel, control and manipulation. Triangulation is seen throughout the narcissistic dance and appears more than you may realise at the outset of your relationship with our kind. Of course our most serious and intense seductive techniques are reserved for our intimate partners who become our primary source of fuel, but we triangulate everybody who we wish to draw fuel from. Whether you are a parent, a sibling, a co-worker, a boss, a friend or someone who is an acquaintance, we will triangulate you in some way.

When triangulation is used in seduction it will be done to portray ourselves as a good and decent person and on the receiving end of some unpleasant and undeserved behaviour from a different source, in order to make you admire us for dealing with this unnecessary attack or provide us with affection to make us feel better or sympathy in respect of our predicament. You are made to think that we are explaining our position and you are made to feel special because we are telling you about something that apparently is troubling us. The reality is that this is being done in order to draw an appropriate reaction from you for the purposes of gaining fuel. It is also designed to make you think that there is something you can do to assist us and help us and therefore gain favour with us through this action .Here are fifteen of these regularly used techniques which may be familiar to you or what you ought to be looking out for.

  1. My wife doesn’t understand me.
  2. My husband has no interest in sex with me anymore.
  3. My children don’t respect me.
  4. My parents expect me to be their full-time carers.
  5. My boss is a tyrant.
  6. My team are incompetent.
  7. My supplier is unreliable.
  8. My neighbour is inconsiderate.
  9. My partner never listens.
  10. My boyfriend spends all of his time with his friends rather than me.
  11. My girlfriend spends all my money.
  12. My friends expect me to be available all of the time.
  13. My partner just doesn’t appreciate what I do.
  14. My girlfriend would rather play Candy Crush than talk to me.
  15. My children never ring me to see how I am.

One thought on “Knowing the Narcissist : 15 Seductive Spikes

  1. Allison says:

    Number one is a classic. My trainer at my former gym who was a bag of undulating sarcomeres and blonde highlights used that one on me. No joke: his wife literally didn’t understand him. She spoke not a word of English and he didn’t speak Spanish. Turns out the marriage wasn’t based on deep discourse. And this made me feel even sorrier for him.

    Still, I found him arrogant, superficial, and simple, so he disgusted me as a person. Good trainer, though. That’s what I told myself. I also told myself I’d never, ever fuck him. Not ever. Not in a million years. Nada.

    But the look of his ass promised he could wield his cock like the jackhammer of my dreams. After he started flirting, I let him hit it before the month was out.

    Even screwing away, I still found him absolutely loathsome. Revolting. Vain. Mentally bland human corn starch. It was weird to me. On the one hand he had the body of mortal sin which turned me on, and on the other he was a moron of the type that made me want to vomit.

    The situation with his wife was so baffling and puzzling to me. One of my nicknames is alley cat (for ‘alli’ cat), and I’m almost fatally curious. One night I showed up at his place and she was there. Was she part of the party? What was going on? But she didn’t join, so maybe they really were crumbling as a couple? She sat there glowering as he made his moves on me, then she left the apartment in a flurry of door slamming and swearing. I don’t know much Spanish myself, but I’ve gotten some of the juicy words down. She was genuinely angry.

    The researcher in me led me to see my questions through, however. I had to fuck him over thirty times to try to figure things out. It took two whole weeks. I interrogated him with my most forthright reverse cowgirl to get at the truth of the situation. I was going to solve that triangle. Never did.

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