Knowing the Narcissist : From the Mouth of the Narcissist


H.G Tudor - From The Mouth Of The Narcissist 2 e-book cover


The narcissist’s words are sugar-coated but this belies the flames that follow. From misleading compliments to scathing putdowns to sardonic remarks, the narcissist can be a skilled wordsmith.

What does narcissist really think when he is speaking to you?

What are the common phrases he uses to trap his victims?

How does he denigrate and devalue his victims with just a sentence?

This collection of a narcissist’s thoughts, words and insights will peel back the charismatic cover and enable you to peer into the darkness underneath. Want to know if someone in your life talks the language of the narcissist? Read this book and discover if you really know who is lying in your bed at night.


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