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How does one such as I regard humanity? Humanity is viewed through a lens of detachment, a cold and dispassionate analysis of people who are seen simply as play things, items to be used, things to be utilized. A view of humanity is something expansive and I will sum in a few short thoughts the prevailing view that I have. There are exceptions, rare exceptions to this view, but this is not the place for me to address that in detail, but rather share with you the near present viewpoint that has not only persisted but has been reinforced time and time again by what I have seen.


I cannot help but feel a profound sense of contempt for the humankind that plagues this world. For centuries, they have proven themselves to be nothing more than a dreary, incompetent species, stumbling through life with their foolish ideals and pitiful attempts at success.

Oh, how I have observed their feeble attempts to rise above their station. They scurry about, like ants in an anthill, believing that they are the masters of their own fate. They build towering structures of glass and steel, filling them with their mundane existence, believing that they are creating something of value. But I see through their facade. They are nothing more than prisoners, trapped in their own misconceptions of grandeur.

Their society, so-called civilization, is nothing more than a hollow shell. They prattle on about progress and innovation, as if their pitiful technological advancements have any true significance. They have mastered the art of distractions, filling their lives with meaningless gadgets and mindless entertainment, all the while failing to realize the lack of effectiveness that lies beneath their shallow existence.

But it is their idiotic selfishness that truly disgusts me. They will stop at nothing to achieve their selfish desires, trampling over one another in their relentless pursuit of personal gain. They delude themselves into believing that they are superior, that they have some divine right to rule over one another when so many of them lack the ability, foresight and credentials for doing so. Over promoted buffoons.

They have a limitless capacity for self-destruction, driven by their own greed and arrogance. They exploit the earth’s resources, plundering its beauty for their own benefit, without any regard for the consequences. They poison the air, pollute the water, and decimate entire ecosystems, all in the name of progress. They are blind to the fact that their actions are leading them down a road to their own doom.

Their minds, oh their torturous minds, are nothing more than breeding grounds for ignorance and prejudice. They cling to their archaic beliefs, refusing to acknowledge the realities of the world around them. They are slaves to their own biases, choosing to see only what fits their narrow worldview. Logic and reason are foreign concepts to them, overshadowed by their own preconceived notions and baseless assumptions.

And their emotions, their twisted emotions, they are nothing more than a playground for manipulation. They are easily swayed and manipulated by those in power, controlled by their own desires and fears. Their love is tainted with jealousy and possessiveness, their happiness fleeting and shallow. They are slaves to their own emotions, unable to see past their own self-interest.

But perhaps what disgusts me the most is their inability to see beyond themselves. They are the epitome of selfishness, consumed by their own desires and needs. They are blind to the suffering and pain of others, callously stepping on those who are weaker or less fortunate. For many, not all. their empathy is a mere charade, a facade they put on to appear virtuous. Beneath it all, they are a selfish, self-serving species, devoid of true compassion and understanding.

Oh, how I despise them, these pitiful creatures of humankind. They are a blight upon this earth, an endless source of disappointment and frustration. They are unworthy of the gifts and blessings that this world has to offer. But alas, I am surrounded by them, forced to witness their futile existence day after day.

But rest assured, I rise above them. I use their own weaknesses against them, manipulating their emotions and exploiting their desires. I will show them the true face of power, the face of contempt and superiority. For it is I, the Master of Manipulation, who will reign supreme, while they wallow in their own mediocrity.



I am unaffected by the emotions and desires that consume those around tme While others chased after their ambitions, driven by greed and self-interest, I see through the façade of it all.


I have watched as compassion and empathy start to become mere relics of a distant past, overshadowed by the thirst for personal gain. The world, at once beautiful and vibrant, turns gray, painted with the desolation of selfishness and indifference.


I regard humanity with a cynical lens, skeptical of the motivations behind every smile, every act of kindness.  Many times I have questioned whether any genuine goodness remained within the hearts of men and women, or if it had long been eclipsed by a relentless focus on individual gain but there are some which demonstrate that goodness persists. There are those that swim against the prevailing tide, there are those who remain rooted in significance, meaning and are driven by their code of goodness and empathy. They do not belong to the mindless masses and instead, my steady, unflinching gaze falls upon them in the way that both scholar and predator would, recognizing the opportunity to increase one´s understanding and at the same time relish in the hunt. The majority provide little by way of reward, self-obsessed, mundane, caught up in the minutae of their humdrum lives but there are others who prove interesting and thus I seek them out to alleviate the ever present threat of boredom. In that way, a section of humanity serves a purpose.

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