No Good Advice

  Relationship advice. The internet is awash with it. Sites, blogs, question and answer sessions, videos on YouTube there is a plethora of advice about how to deal with the problems which arise in intimate relationships. I decided recently to have a good look through many of these sites and gather together the common complaints […]

Something Does Not Feel Right

  “I am left feeling I am not good enough” “I am always waiting for him to call.” “She never seems to listen to me.” “I feel like I always have to respond straight away.” “I do not feel settled.” “I always feel like I am being scrutinised.” “I feel like I am out of […]

5 Myths About the Narcissist

There is too much incorrect information about narcissism. It is misleading, incomplete and often even dangerous. I  read views propounded about me and my kind, with interest but a weary familiarity with regard to the common errors that will be made. There are some intelligent and well-reasoned observations about what we do and why we […]