Shell Shocked Silence

  I was in a consultation with Dr E. We had been discussing the various methods by which I obtained fuel and the conversation had largely been given over to the question of the methods of obtaining negative fuel from those that I had ensnared. “Tell me,” continued Dr E, ” about one of your […]

The Princess Empath and the Hurt

There once was an Upper Mid Range Narcissist who called himself Prince (not the deceased pop star) but rather because he decided he was a Prince amongst men. He decided it was time to find a Princess. He had plenty of these Princesses before, after all, with his good looks and keen mind, he was […]

5 Reasons It Cannot Work With the Narcissist

  Five reasons it cannot work 1. Nothing about the golden period is real It feels like every day is summer doesn’t it? Warm and wonderful. No rain clouds anywhere, just a cornflower blue sky. Not a cloud to be had. Everything is fantastic. We do everything together. We match on every conceivable level. I […]

Q&A 24th May 2020

    Book your place now! Time to flex your Truth Seeker traits! Want to understand more about your ensnarement with the narcissist? Want an accessible way to get answers to your circumstances? Keen to learn accurate information about narcissism? Want to know more about the man behind the mask? Want to understand more about narcissists […]