Responsibility is the Price Of Freedom

Responsibility is the price of freedom. Dr E said this to me. I told him that Elbert Hubbard had said this. Dr E was suitably impressed. Hubbard was a writer, artists and philosopher. I told Dr E that as well. Dr E asked me if I agreed with this statement. I like it when he makes a statement and invites me to comment on it. He clearly values my opinion. I said I disagreed with the statement for two reasons. Firstly, freedom is the absence of responsibility. That is why I am free. I am not shackled by the conventions of responsibility, that would inhibit me too much. My excellence at my job cannot be constrained by such a notion, that is why the legwork must be done by others. I am the creator, the genesis of the big idea. I am not responsible for others, they must lead their own lives. Yes I try to ensure they follow the right path, I guide and direct but I am not responsible for the outcome. That lies with other people. I must be free to do as I want otherwise how can I function? I cannot be kept caged. My freedom is paramount, it is my right. Dr E asked me what the second reason was. I explained that one cannot accept such a statement made by a travelling soap salesman, what would he know about the subject?

2 thoughts on “Responsibility is the Price Of Freedom

  1. ST says:

    That was brilliant! You deserve more comments on this one. I give you an applause.

    You are correct that freedom in its purest form is free of all responsibility.

    However, true freedom in societal form requires the utmost personal responsibility. If people are not personally responsible then society has to group together and start enforcing responsibility and that takes away freedom.

    With that said, I don’t think you are free at all. I think you are enslaved to the need for obtaining and maintaining control and power. These two things rule your life. You are a slave to them. With true freedom you are a slave to nothing. You just wake up and happily go about your day with no worries.

    But some people would distinguish a child from an adult based on responsibility. A child from a good family depends on the family to take care of him so he just lives happily with no concerns, but as he matures he wants responsibility. He wants to take care of himself and others. It makes him feel like a man/woman rather than a dependent child don’t you think.

  2. Gary Spotts says:

    I like how you intentionally misattributed the quote! I’ll bet you laughed inside that the doc bought it! πŸ˜€

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