Like Moths To My Fame

I am well known but the terms of my treatment mean I cannot reveal precisely in what way I am famous. Actually, scratch that. The multiplicity of talents that I have, I am a regular polymath, means I cannot identify precisely the one reason I am famous. What this does mean is that whenever I attend a drinks party for example, I find it exhausting. I attended one last night at the house of a close personal friend. He has a splendid house and it is near, but not equal to the value of my own. Anyway, whenever I arrive I am besieged by those seeking my attention. I find the first person I talk to wants to hear all about my achievements but I am conscious that I can see someone else glancing in my direction and no doubt wanting to listen to me. This makes for a dilemma. The person I am regaling is clearly entranced by my monologue but I see others want the benefit of my presence and I have to provide it to them. Sometimes, they make it easier and a small crowd will assemble to ooh and aah at my diatribe, but usually I have to move from person to person round the room. I often think I ought to carry a written bulletin of what I have been doing and distribute it. At least that way I can get around to everybody. I would hate to think that I would ever leave someone out. My girlfriend usually complains that I am talking to all the other women and not her, but she does not understand. She does not get the same attention that I do. That is hardly my fault is it? She even complained when she found me in the bedroom with a younger lady. We were only talking but along she comes checking up on me. She can be controlling at times and I have to put her in her place. I did when we got home, there’s no need for a dressing down in public. Still all was not lost by her interruption. I have the young lady’s telephone number and I have managed to find her on Facebook so you will have to excuse me as I have a fluttering moth that needs to be shown the light.



  1. Your “close personal friend”, are they on your radar all the time for fuel or just a backup for when you need the extra support/lieutenant etc?

    1. me too. “the terms of my treatment…” sure, I’ve heard of that treatment, where you have to surround yourself in mystery to whittle your unchangeable ego down to acceptable size. 😂 but the writing is insightful.

  2. How has the journey of writing about narcissism on narcsite coupled with commenter interactions affected/changed your personality and character, from this first article in August 2015 to now?

    1. Not at all. I may well be engaging in a diatribe against someone or something which is causing the listeners to ooh and ahh at what I am saying. The diatribe will be levelled against something external to those in the room and thus is consistent with the overall tone of the story. I understand why you wrote as you did and I trust that clarifies it for you.

  3. Hi HG! I thought I’d start at the beginning of your writing. Your Blog has come a long way! And your writing has evolved so eloquently. I see your 2 year anniversary is approaching. Planning anything special? Like a live youtube session???? No worries…. I’ll get Sitting Target tomorrow most likely. It’s fascinating to me to see the evolution of things. Especially artistic things such as writing and art. It’s similar to playing the compositions of Mozart from his youth til his Requiem. With each piece there is something brighter, something darker, more depth, more insight, more experience. I’m going to enjoy reading through these and getting caught up. I’m not sure if the fish lure was the first to appear? But for such a simple image, it truly captured the post. But these days, the artwork is simply incredible. I don’t know if it’s polite to ask, but how do you obtain those images? Do you create them with models or what? Anyhow, the images that accompany your writing are astounding in capturing your words.

  4. My how I denigrated this post for you with sheep jokes. Part of your fame, comedian. See now it offers a different side to you, you are welcome 😀

    1. My ex N called me silly, I found it sweet and endearing. Based on the times he used it. He never said it in a derogatory manner, or at least I never took it that way. He usually said when he was being silly too, it was playful with him. Anyways too much explanation.

  5. Thus hath the candle singd the moath.” Shakespeare

    Doesn’t your ” God ” status make you famous ? Can you give us a hint what else makes you famous….besides being a published author of many books?
    Women do love being put in their place, If so, I choose my bed please.

      1. No, it isn’t time yet for my place to be. So, football then, I am fully unaware in that area and if I tell you a team I like it may insult you. I know how serious such sport is. So I tread lightly in such arenas 😏

          1. Ha ha, I had to pick a team, that is only one I would watch, beside Arsenal. Middlesbrough wa so. My no list as ex was from there.

          2. Ah but it is near the beautiful North York moors with Helmsley, Roseberry Topping and Guisborough Hall. I am sure the residents of Middlesbrough will be please to see you visit. Now Stockton, that is a hell hole.

          3. I love the Yorkshire moors, Whitby an Guisborough and I especially fond of Ilkley moors though….it is good for the romantic soul.

          4. I was referring to the steady barrage of sheep jokes, that made me laugh, I have a corny sense of humour, I laugh at things most don’t.

      2. You travel frequently for football. Is that purely recreational? Or are you involved with security or something now related to sports? I remember you also saying one of your many talents is being a very accurate marksman?

        1. Don’t you know, Clarece? After all, you claim to be such looooong time friends with him.

      1. Me too. Gosh he’s grown in numbers and as an individual that we can take as serious. The banter lessen his creditable especially considering the sources. He’s earned the respect and is acknowledge as one of the viable options resources in NA victim recovery.

        I hope he will consider a 501 3c at some point in his next endeavors. Add a non profit arm. This will allow him to reach more people and potentially obtain funding

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