The Sum of All Tears

I remember watching the memorable film Flash Gordon (the version released in December 1980) and Princess Aura sees Dale crying and asks “why is water leaking from her eyes”. I had always wondered what this was too. Ming the Merciless (a personal hero of mine but that’s for another occasion) explains :-

“It’s called crying, it’s a sign of their weakness.”

I was delighted by this enlightenment and pleased to have acquired this understanding. I don’t cry. Even as a baby I didn’t. My mother said that I was such a perfect baby. When I see someone crying I just do not understand why they are doing it. I mean, if they are supposed to be an equal and strong, there is no reason to do it is there? My ex-girlfriend, Kate, she said I made her sad and that was why she cried. I had to keep pointing out to her that I had done everything I could to make her happy and she had no possible reason to be sad. She would not accept this so I sat her down in front of my widescreen television and selected the execution scene. She watched and started crying. I said to her, “You are not meant to copy her, listen to Ming.” I’m not sure she could hear in between the sobs. Some people don’t want to learn do they?

2 thoughts on “The Sum of All Tears

  1. EyesWideOpen says:

    Interesting as always. My ex liked to make me cry. The first time I cried in front of him I apologized because I didn’t like being vulnerable in front of anyone. He tenderly wiped the tears from my eyes and told me it made him feel closer to me. As time went on, he would also tell me he was no good for me because he always made me sad, I deserved to be happy so I should find a man with fewer expectations/demands. However, if I didn’t show emotion when I told him I missed him or when he made me feel guilty over something that occurred, he felt it wasn’t genuine or I didn’t care enough which would lead to a whole line of questioning about the reality/depth of my love for him…needless to say, I very nearly cried every single day.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thank you for sharing that EWO. The demonstration of emotion is what we strive for and if you do not provide it then we are not getting out fuel, so we must do something to generate it by accusing you of hurting us. Crying fascinates me. I have learned to do it as a last resort measure to getting ym way but I do not like doing it. I would much rather one of my manipulative techniques bear fruit. As Ming the Merciless said, “It is a sign of their weakness.” I see you thought that as well.

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