The Girl Next Door

Following on from my illuminating discussion with my neighbour’s wife (she is called Fiona by the way) I decided that I needed to make my next move. We had discussed which gym she was a member of and that she liked to attend at 7am. This posed no problem as I am an early riser, I find the silence helps me think. I joined the gym that she had mentioned and paid for a year’s membership using the ex’s credit card. I made a note of the pertinent details before I sent her on her way. After the way she behaved it is the least she can do to pay for the membership. With that established I headed for the gym just before seven and spent some time warming up on the treadmill. Fiona arrived and spotted me and headed straight over. Honestly, sometimes it is just too easy. She hopped on the treadmill next to mine (I had ensured that two were free either side of me) and as she walked briskly we chatted.

I had spent some time going on line to learn about Dungeons and Dragons since she had mentioned she played it as a teenager. I also rang one of my nephews and pumped him for information as I know he plays it too. Armed with this information I asked if she was a thief or a fighter. She laughed and explained that she always played as a magic user since she was fascinated by magic and its effects. I listened as she went on about various spells she used in the game and then I steered it around to who she played the game with. She explained that she played with one of her brothers and his friends, all of whom were a couple of years older than her. Apparently, he had been bullied at school and she used this as a means of making friends, filling up part of her weekend and a form of escapism. I listened very carefully to all of this. It seems therefore that she felt vulnerable as a child and dealt with this by being whisked away to a fantasy land. Step this way Fiona, it is time for some deja vu!

One thought on “The Girl Next Door

  1. Michele says:

    Holy hell…. I’m over here dying from laughing out loud at that last line!!!!Step this way…. bahahaha

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