The Harpoon of Seduction

The harpoon. It is not a device you would readily associate with seduction. Indeed, it is not something you would readily link with anything pleasant nor subtle since it is usually used in the violent and bloody practice of whaling and sealing. Those who engage in those practices would, I am sure, regard it as a tool of the trade. A device that is used to sink the barbed point into the target and then haul them in by use of the rope or chain attached so that the prey cannot escape. It is a weapon and in our hands is just as deadly.

Our harpoon is effective but subtle. In fact, the harpoon of seduction is one hundred per cent effective in ensnaring our prey. Unlike the barbaric device used at sea, our harpoon does not wound or hurt but instead it makes you feel wonderful as the point is driven deep into your heart and the barbs take hold of you. Once our harpoon has been secured inside of you it is just a question of time before we have hauled you towards us and ensured that you are brought within our sphere of influence.

How does this harpoon work? It must be aimed at a target that will be vulnerable to its sugar-coated tip. If the wrong target has been selected then the harpoon will just bounce off and the intended target will wander away oblivious to what has just happened. This mistake might be made by a Junior Narc as he or she is working out the range and effectiveness of the harpoon. It is not an error that I will commit, nor many like me. We know which targets are susceptible to it. We undertake our preparatory work to ascertain that the target is one that can be speared in this fashion. This groundwork is essential because the nature of the harpoon of seduction is that it is only able to spear a certain type of person.

When the first shot is fired from the harpoon it must be able to pierce the outer defences of the target and then anchor firmly inside that person’s heart so that when we pull them towards us, the point remains firmly in place with no risk of slippage or extraction. The shot must be accurate and powerful enough to achieve these two pre-requisites, for if not, there is a risk that a second shot will be needed. This in itself is not disastrous but it expends additional energy, not something we like to do. Furthermore, there is the slight risk of the target realising that a harpoon shot has just been fire so that they shift position and make it more difficult to get that second shot away. If the target is a particularly juicy prospect this is most disconcerting.

The harpoon shot must also be the first shot fired in the attempt to ensnare the target. Yes, the love bombs will follow to ensure that the target has next to no resistance as she or he is pulled towards us. Their resolve will be eroded by our hand grenades of gratuitous affection and the machine gun spitting out flattery bullets, but all of that must come after the harpoon shot. If this is done before hand there is every likelihood that the target may dodge the onslaught or it will bounce off. The love bombing campaign must always follow the harpoon shot, not the other way around. So, how do you recognise the harpoon shot? Well, ordinarily you do not because the shot is so accurate and with such force it lands home and you have been snared. Now all we need do is pepper you with love and affection to keep you from resisting and realising what is going on and haul you in. Occasionally, a particularly astute target may realise something has happened but they will not be able to place exactly what it is. He or she will sense that something strange has just happened but they cannot put a finger on it. By then it is too late as the first salvo in the love bombing has begun to land.

The harpoon shot has to be powerful and accurate. Accordingly, the way to identify it , is as follows:-

  1. It must be the first act towards the target. It may be a gesture or words, usually it is the latter, but it must be the first thing we do towards you in terms of drawing you in. I do not mean ordinary friendly conversation and such like, but when we make that first move to draw you in, this must be the harpoon shot ; and
  2. To generate the power needed to sink the point deep into your heart the act or gesture must be significant. Indeed, if you look back to when your narcissist ensnared you, you will probably look at the harpoon shot and realise now it stood out a mile. At the time however it was greased with plausibility so it slid right in side of you, even if regarded in the cold light of day, it seemed over the top. A prime example of this would be receiving a text out of the blue from someone you know and may have done for a long time which professes, “I love you and I always have done.” That is a harpoon shot. You have known this person, you probably like this person but you never realised that this person felt this way. It seems over-the-top but you feel great as the harpoon shot slams into you and releases its euphoria into your blood stream, so this overrides any caution that might be ringing in your mind.
“I have wanted you for ten years and now is my chance.” Boom ! There is another harpoon shot.
“I have admired you from afar for so long but now I need to take this chance to make you happy. It is why I have been put on this earth.” Boom! There is another one.
“I was sent by God to look after you.” There is another.
 I am sure you can work out which was applicable to you.
Once it is in, the harpoon releases its charm poison, the love bombing begins and you are being pulled straight away into our fantasy. You are going to have a whale of a time aren’t you?

37 thoughts on “The Harpoon of Seduction

  1. Leigh says:

    I remember my harpoon shot. He texted me because he saw something in a local paper that reminded him of me. Then he proceeded to tell me he couldn’t escape me. A perfect shot. It landed and from that moment on, I was hooked. Ugh!

  2. Wounded says:

    It was when he called me his “anchor.” Fitting nicely with the harpoon reference no less. I sunk, no thanks to him.

  3. penny dropped says:

    Interesting stuff going back through some of your earlier articles HG. I always find the ‘comments’ interesting anyway….. but I almost went out to get some popcorn for this lot! 😉 😀

  4. Dan says:

    Watching Kat call a spade a spade is a wonderful thing.

    Your writing is brilliant H. I am enthralled. I can’t wait to catch up with your blog. Been reading up from the beginning and will get to the present one day.

    I have a weird infatuation with your kind. So unhealthy.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Dan and it is good to have you onboard.

  5. Magda says:

    wow tempting and juicy… I wonder how Yours would look like… oh… I already know…;)

  6. TimeHeals says:

    Thank you for your insight. I WILL be reading the books!

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hello TimeHeals, thank you. You are welcome. I hope you find them informative.

  7. nikita says:

    seems my comments did not go through and got caught at the filter of my office computer…….

  8. nikita says:

    This is really really a very good blog and the books are fantastic, so real without any psy theory. I would like to have more time to read and read and read . Congratulations for such great blog and books.
    I just hope that everybody who visits this blog could behave accordingly.
    I dont appreciate reading the F word and the S word and even if I dont want to, I come across such comments because I dont want to miss anything on this blog.

    By the HG are you not able to see our emails ? Ill soon write about my thoughts on Codepedant.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thanks Nikita, that is appreciated.

  9. survivor says:

    You know Kat I did not know that you are sociopathic for you really did not interested me at all so I missed that one. No I understand why you sound like a B###h on steroids. Did you take your pills this morning for constipation? You truly sound like you need some anger management or just a good s###t. You made me laugh so much now and its good for my heart and soul. Thank you.

    1. Kat says:

      You managed to surprise me, Survivor. I didn’t think you could get more disappointing.
      You call that an insult?

      “If they gave you an enema, what remains of you could be buried in a matchbox”
      See that? That’s a much better insult. I challenge you to come up with something that would make us laugh WITH you, not AT you.

      1. survivor says:

        Go play now your really annoying. Your like a fly very irritating. I am not your kind so please stop waisting my time and yours. Your low life insults are compliments to me so thank you. Love you to bits…

        1. malignnarc says:

          Aww, seems like some love is flowing at last. Isn’t it beautiful?

  10. survivor says:

    Do you even believe in God or are you actually pissed off that you are not God.???

  11. survivor says:

    I cannot believe you said that. You Evil piece of shit. Who do you think you are? You and your kind should be taken out like f##### animals that you are… go f###k yourself.

    1. malignnarc says:

      I know what I am. But do you know who you are? Truly? Other than a potty mouth.

      1. survivor says:

        Yes I know who I am. And my attitude depends on who you are. And I say it like it is.

    2. Kat says:

      I see you aren’t even capable of coming up with any new insults.
      When I asked if you could be any more boring or pathetic, it was RHETORICAL, not a challenge.

      Your (completely unfounded) sense of superiority and entitlement, combined with cognitive distortion, narcissistic rages, hypocrisy, blame shifting, pity plays and juvenile tantrums make it crystal clear that you are anything but an empath.
      My guess would be borderline.

      1. survivor says:

        Why are you still reading my posts Kat, if it does not do anything for you, it does for me. Go play along now or get a mouse to keep you busy. BORDERLINE shame on you. Are you a doctor to make any diagnosis? I think mister narc is fully capable of handling himself or does he need a mommy like you to defend him. Does he like breast milk or full cream?? Or are you try to impress him?

      2. Kat says:

        There you go with the juvenile tantrums again. Typical borderline narcissistic rage.

        I read your ramblings out of morbid curiosity.
        I already told you that I am narcissistic/ sociopathic. So when you insult HG’s kind, you are insulting me, you blubbering idiot. And I get pleasure from calling people on their bullshit 🙂

        HG does not need me to defend him.

    3. Tonia says:

      Survivor I know you’re hurting sad and angry,but I do feel you’re directing it at the wrong person. Yes H.G. goes into detail of how and why he does things, and sometimes it triggers a emotion or memory of what’s happen to you. This is a time to learn reflect and to move on knowing that the knowledge you now gained will serve you to not be hurt again in this manner. If you use this to just vent your sadness hurt and anger on the person who did not actually abuse you. You will have wasted the chance to get it from the horses mouth so to speak. I like you have been hurt abused even. There are lots of articles from victims but not many coming the people that have these disorders. I beg you learn all you can, work through your pain and make sure you know the red flags so you never have to suffer again.

      1. malignnarc says:

        Thank you Tonia. You have hit the nail on the head.This is a chance to get knowledge from the horse’s mouth. It is also a chance to ask questions and to interact with others.

  12. Sari says:

    I am enjoying your books and posts very much…almost a lifting of the fog” has occurred… Thanks so much. I have much work to do ( on myself) my narc is still happily sending me love texts and pictures, while I was and felt tortured for the last year… I can’t do NC for reasons too elongated to detail in a post.

  13. V says:

    Are you saying the chase has to be easy? What are the qualities in a Mis- Target, or one you have misjudged? Could you expand more on that?
    Your Metaphors are spectacular.
    I’m on holiday and ordered 5 of your books. How do I address any questions associated with these books and not necessarily your blogs that I receive?

    1. malignnarc says:

      The initial chase will be easy owing to the groundwork,the selection of the target and the methodology applied. In terms of one that has been misjudged, do you mean ones that are not ensnared? Thank you for ordering the books and the compliment. If you have any questions you can ask them here or send me your e-mail address so we may correspond that way. Don’t be concerned about your e-mail being in the public domain, if an e-mail is placed in a post it has to be moderated so I will make a note of the e-mail and then delete the post.

      1. survivor says:

        And BOOM God is going to have no mercy on you and your kind.

        1. malignnarc says:

          God need not show us any mercy, we do not need it.

      2. V says:

        Yes, I meant ensnared, the ones you have decided not to pursue. What makes you decide NOT to pursue them. Just finished Evil. It was disturbingly great. At last I’m learning the real stuff and not clinical explanations. There is a lot that psy. and textbooks have nailed though.

        1. malignnarc says:

          In a sentence, their inability to provide any fuel or decent fuel is the deciding factor in whether I pursue a target. I expand on this in a forthcoming book “Target : Why the narcissist chose you” so I think you will find that of interest. Thank you for the comment about Evil, I like that “disturbingly great.” Thanks for posting.

  14. Mills53 says:

    The harpoon: He said he had prayed to God and God gave him a sign that I was the one. silly me, i fell for that one.He then started the love bombing but i recognized it immediately. I am not one to stay on my phone all the time so when he started with his incessant texts and calls, I called him out. Of course I was the selfish one because “I think of you every second of my life and when I am far away the only satisfaction is hearing your voice. You are too damn selfish to realize that.” You and your kind have a way of twisting things around.

    1. malignnarc says:

      It is interesting how often God is used in the harpoon. It equates to power and omnipotence so involving the big fellow is always a useful way to fire the harpoon. Yes, the inevitable twist and blame shift. When you called him out about the texts and calls what did you say to him?

      1. Kat says:

        Aaah yes, the harpoon…
        You have quite the way with words, HG!

        My ex tried to hide behind New Age spirituality. He would talk non stop about love, truth and beauty.
        Once a month he would perform a New Moon ritual, involving tarot cards, where he would read the fortunes of very special people for the coming month.
        It was incredibly clear to me that he was simlly telling people what he thought they most wanted to hear. Used these readings to try to manipulate them as he saw fit.

        I loved getting my readings. It gave me a great indicator of what he was thinking.
        For example, he would “predict” that my husband was hiding something from me. That truth needs to come out for me to have peace (trying to get me to become suspicious and start fights with husband).
        And look at that, the tarot says I will have big changes in the coming months. Whilst the runes say that there is someone near me who offered me perfect love and understanding…but I must be bold and brave, chase that love at any cost, or I will miss out.

        It was hilariously obvious and I used it against him quite nicely, but the other women lapped it up. “He’s so deep and spiritual! What a wonderful person he is!”
        He used these women for fuel and as his flying monkeys, even as he privately referred to them as his retards.

        A mask of spirituality does wonders for narcissists.

  15. Taken says:

    I recognize now. It was, I’m angel sent to help/take care of you, can I take my wings off and stay awhile. I said, yes, yes, yes. How embarrassing now cause it was so corny. What grown man says that? A fucking predator.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hi Taken, thanks for sharing that classic harpoon shot there.

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