The Twelve Days of a Narcissist’s Christmas

I thought I would compose this little ditty for you all to sing in order to imbue a sense of festive cheer as we approach Christmas.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my narcissist gave to me

Twelve reasons why I am useless,

Eleven days of silence

Ten shifts of blame

Nine affairs so far

Eight different excuses

Seven times of gas lighting

Six temper tantrums

Five golden periods

Four frenzied hoovers

Three people in this marriage

Two black eyes

And a massive case of PTSD


8 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of a Narcissist’s Christmas”

  1. Agreeing with alexis2015s, the brand new and unexpected present for mr. Narc will be the discovery that there is No Contact implemented all through Christmas, New year’s and 2016😉

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