The Introduction and Fuel

Additional thoughts concerning fuel can be seen and heard at the following link



  1. I think it s ur projection, not reality. Regarding the sense of entitlment.

    Another topics: 1) btw how do u (for urself) distinguish between objective reality (if ur perception of reality is close to objective one) vs. Projected reality? Coz to make decisions u meed to understand where is reality utself and where is a diatorted reality due to ur projection of urself?

    2) which inputs are the base for ur conxlusion about 15%?


    1. I know what I think but through my observations and the work with the good doctors I have learned about how others think and how you regard my logic as the perceived reality and your own logic to be reality.

      It is not empirical but based on my own anecdotal observations of those around me.

  2. Dear defective person, am i right understand that if we detect (using all those tools you describe in your masterpieces here + our own regrettanle experience with MNcs) a MN as a business partner,
    It should be an alert and a signal “stay away as far as u can” coz they dont have any ethical “limitations” and in reality u cannot do business with them/ it s highly NOT recommended?
    Coz u cannot trust to any of their word in business environment the same as in private one?


  3. Ummmm.. a big market..
    Upto 15% of population is something considerable.
    Wow. Interesting idea. Growing market is always interesting.

    + taking into account high rotation of ppl with whom they interact (i can imagine they need to be very “social” coz nobody can tolerate them for a long time..).. it s another market.

  4. What i am doubting now is: is ot really correct that MN + sociopaths+ psychopaths r only 5% of the population?..
    It looks like more 🙈

    P.s. videos r amazing although the loud music instead of a background role for it there vs. Volume of voice is for irritating purposes? 😅😅

      1. Why to blame millennials for that? Coz of social connections/expanded in digital world or what do u mean?

  5. I am smiling this morning! So good to hear your voice, and the videos are done so well! I’m sure you will be responsible for healing and giving clarity to so many…. I hope that you gain some healing and peace as well…. Still smiling….

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