The 5 Central Questions – The Greater


The five central questions have been applied in respect if the Lesser and Mid-Range of our kind, but what of the Greater Narcissist? How do these five essential questions about the behaviour of the narcissist apply to him or her?

1.Do We Know What We Are Doing?

The Greater Narcissist is gifted (though of course his or victims will not regard it as such) with an awareness of what he or she is. The greater of our kind knows that they are different. They know that they have this insatiable hunger for the outpouring of emotion, whether positive or negative, from those around them. The greater knows that there is a feeling of emptiness which pervades. Whilst the lesser has this manifest as sense of unease and irritation, the greater feels a yawning chasm which must be filled. The lesser operates by instinct, a knee-jerk response. The Greater Narcissist also operates through instinct but there is nothing knee jerk about him or her. This instinct is attuned in the sense of selecting the victims who will haemorrhage fuel. This instinct enables the most effective seduction, the most devastating devaluation and the most callous of discards. The instinct for scenting fuel and those who will provide it serves the Greater Narcissist considerably. He has an instinctive knack for selecting the bets hunting grounds, an innate ability to target the most productive victims, a chilling capability to extract and exploit information and to cause people to think that what they are doing is a good thing and on they wish to take when in fact the Greater Narcissist is manipulating them. The Greater Narcissist is aware that he or she is different from other people. He or she knows that their emotional spectrum has been stunted or as we prefer to regard it, altered to achieve maximum efficiency in our machinations. The Greater Narcissist knows he operates in a different world to other people and revels in such a special status. He or she knows that they are superior, admired and feared.

  1. Do We Know We Hurt Others?

Unlike the instinctive response of the Lesser Narcissist or the considered but moderate reaction of the Mid-Ranger, the Greater Narcissist knows that he or she is an instrument that inflicts pain. Whether it is the withdrawal of something wonderful or delightful or the imposition of something unpleasant and hateful the Greater Narcissist knows that they hurt. They regard every action taken in this regard, every step, every machination as necessary for their survival and advancement. The Greater Narcissist fervently believes in the doctrine that the end always justifies the means. Pain, misery and hurt are by-products of the process which he or she must engage in. The inflicting of hurt on another person is regarded as a collateral consequence of the need to obtain fuel. The Greater Narcissist knows that during devaluation and the malign hoovers that the application of his or her behaviours is specifically directed to cause hurt. You will take the view that he or she does not care and you are correct in that view since the Greater Narcissist, like all narcissists is not created to care. What you ought to understand though is that this failure to care is actually secondary to the need to acquire fuel. If all that mattered was the inability to care, then we would administer hurtful behaviour all of the time. The reality is, the order of priority is that fuel must be obtained and during devaluation this causes hurt to other people and furthermore we are not designed to care about this hurt. By contrast, someone who is manipulating a dislocation back into place knows that pain will be occur but is a necessary consequence of the act. The difference is that this medic or doctor will care that the person is being put in pain and also seek to address that once the dislocation has been addressed.

  1. Do We Act Deliberately?

Everything that is done by the Greater Narcissist is deliberate. The lesser responds as a matter of course. The Mid-Ranger consider what action to take and do so with a sense of purpose but this pales compared to the behave of the Greater Narcissist. The actions that are taken are planned. The seduction is orchestrated from careful target selection, the reconnaissance of the subject and the gathering of information is organised and the seduction is methodical and deliberate. The Greater Narcissist does not speak without first considering how effective those words are. Are they to be used to elevate or denigrate? Praise or punishment? Elated or erode. Like some great architect in the sky the Greater Narcissist, in accordance with his god-like view of him or herself sees other people as chess pieces which are moved in accordance to his or her wishes to cause check mate. The Greater Narcissist purposefully manipulates everybody around him or her. Each person has a role, a position and a purpose. The Greater Narcissist acts with considerable deliberation and indeed this need to position and pose all the players in the narcissist’s world results in the need to control being overwhelming. To be this deliberate in manipulating other people requires a significant degree of control over other people and therefore the Greater Narcissist will exercise his or her skills to achieve that outcome.

  1. Can We Control This Behaviour

Not only is the Greater Narcissist an expert in the control of others he exerts considerable control over his own behaviour. His higher functioning allows him considerable latitude to pass the blame onto others and feign an inability to control what he does.

“I don’t know what comes over me sometimes.”

“It as if something else takes control of me.”

“I cannot help it, it just happens.”

“It is like there is some other force that makes the decisions for me.”

All of these comments are liars. The Greater Narcissist is able to direct his ignited fury to a level and extent beyond the capability of others of our kind. This is why often cold fury is exhibited by Greater Narcissists as we are able to control the ignited fury so that it does emerge as heated fury and rarely does it show in the form of physical violence. Such a reliance on such brutality through physical action is regarded as beneath the Greater Narcissist and is an insult to his Machiavellian mind. The Greater Narcissist revels in his higher function allowing him to devise and apply far subtler and rewarding manipulations. He or she is also mindful of the consequences of providing damning physical evidence of the abuse. The only time this formidable control weakens is when the Greater Narcissist is thrown into Chaos Mode as a consequence of a sudden and unseen cessation to his or her primary source of fuel.

5        Can We Stop It?

The Greater Narcissist could stop his or her behaviour owing to the degree of control that he or she is able to exert but whilst there is the capability to stop this behaviour, both benign and malign, the Greater Narcissist will not do so. Firstly, this is because the Greater Narcissist sees no need to. Why stop something that is highly effective and serves a purpose in allowing him or her to shine and function at some an impressive (to him or her) level? Why halt doing something which always deliver? Secondly, the Greater Narcissist will not stop this behaviour because the malevolence which runs through him or her will not allow him to do so. Why give up such a delightful way of manipulating someone? Why relinquish such power over an individual? Why stop flexing those machinations? Why stop doing something that is both necessary but also enjoyable. The lesser does because he is programmed to always respond in such a fashion. Choice has been removed from his thought process. The Mid-Ranger does because he realises it is necessary for his survival but there is not enjoyment or malice driving the behaviour. The Greater does because he or she can. The Greater does because he or she is driven by the furious malice which burns at the centre of the narcissist. This malice arises because the higher functioning Greater Narcissist is more aware than the others of his brethren just how unfair and brutal the world is. He is attuned to its attempts to depose and dethrone and he knows that engendering and harnessing this malice is entirely necessary for the purpose of protection. It is better to strike first then be struck. It is better to get the retaliation in first. He who dares wins. The Greater is a dangerous individual because not only does he regard what he does as entirely necessary, he is driven not only by the need for fuel but by the malice that is wrapped around his core. This means he goes further, longer, stronger and more often that others of his kind. He is the defiler, the punisher and the destroyer of worlds. Your worlds.

30 thoughts on “The 5 Central Questions – The Greater

  1. Anna says:

    HG you say you are an ultra. Will you please do a question the ultra? With information too like this on the greater. If you already have done where can I find it? I used the search function but was unable to locate it. Thanks.

  2. Hurt says:

    HG do you have respect for the doctors and have a trusting relationship with them or do you try to win and defeat them?

  3. Sweetest taboo says:

    Do you think Picasso was a Greater Narc? My narc idolizes him and I wonder if he uses that to justify his actions. Is this even possible that Greater has people he admires?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello ST, it is possible because Picasso is regarded as a genius in his field which of course is something that our kind would latch on to, placing ourselves on a par with somebody of that nature. As to whether he was a Greater Narc, I do not know enough about Picasso to make a judgement. Do you think he was?

  4. Forgotten says:

    Ok …this and the Exorcism book is like wake-up slap in the face… I need to rethink a lot… thank You dear G. for Your hard work n sharing this with

  5. ICGB says:

    Pls elaborate on the Character Strands re: a non-narcissist.

    I can’t fathom a non-narcissist would be IMpatient ) projecting the opposite of one of the Character Strands….

    I get it that we all have sone level of narcissistic traits, of course you know it’s called self-protection.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      ICGB this will be the subject of a further article so there will be the expansion you have requested in due course.

  6. Indy says:

    Hi HG,
    I am in a mood today, so I apologize if I seem sharp when I challenge you on some of these statements you made above (very well written btw!).

    1.) “Why halt doing something which always deliver?” This sounds like addict thinking, addiction to emotional reactions. Thoughts on this?

    2.) “The Greater Narcissist will not stop this behaviour because the malevolence which runs through him or her will not allow him to do so.” Wait, I thought you had ultimate control?

    3.) “Why stop flexing those machinations?” Because a life without manipulation is more genuine, real, it can offer experiences that you do not know. I know you are a smart and curious man, I am sure you would like to know what life is like without all these manipulations. For example, would they love you without those manipulations, would they praise you without you securing such…a test of the strength of a relationship is when it is not manipulated or controlled.

    I remember I asked you about cheating (like on a test). I asked, wait, don’t you feel more accomplished when it is really genuinely your work? I think you said no….is that still true?

    Best and thank you as always for teaching us, HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Indy, no need to apologise for being in a mood.

      1. Yes I am addicted. Addicted to the fuel and the power that arises from it and yes that means I am addicted to emotional reactions. I am always looking for them, wanting them, good or bad.

      2. Yes, I have the greater control of the three schools. This manifests in terms of controlling the fury, the calculating behaviour and the planning, but even us greaters are still beholden to the desire for fuel and the malevolence. Thus, I can keep a lid on my malevolence for so long, but it must have an outlet.

      3. Valid points but as I have mentioned in other answers Indy, I see a cost associated with that other route which, at present, is too great and therefore as an effective and efficient machine the better route is to rely on the tried and trusted method. The good doctors, as you would expect, are seeking to coax me towards an alternative route.

      1. Indy says:

        Thank you, HG. I wonder if the contrast in your interactions and experiences here versus real life is used in therapy sessions. For example, is it pointed out that there are positive aspects here that exist (in you and the interactions) that do not require full on HG in the sociopathy piece? And how it feels to be more truthful to you, as to who you are…I know, you do not show all of you here or we all would be treated to the full extent, abuses and all, but you are indeed more honest. I’m curious how that contrast is processed by you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Hi Indy, the good doctors are looking to create through habit, a form of restraint and understanding on my part when I engage with people through the blog and associated communications. It is their hope that I can use this restraint and learned habit to expand it from this designated environment into more and more of my daily life so it begins to snowball. I have pointed out however that this arena only works, so far, because I am still able to do what I do outside of it and if I could not, then I would struggle to apply the five rules. They understand this and therefore are looking at ways to accommodate both, with an ultimate reduction in the realworld behaviour. It is a work in progress.

  7. MLA - Clarece says:

    HG, are you already planning out scenarios for the devalue phase even when you’re operating in the seduction phase in the event she “let’s you down”? Lining up your ducks in a row. Or does that conflict with when you say you truly become infatuated for a period of time during seduction and really hope there won’t be a need to devalue and discard?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Good question. No, everything is wonderful when the seduction occurs. There are no thoughts of devaluation at that point. Once the devaluation has been decided on there may be that ‘neutral’ period i have written about where we become someone else. This is when then devaluation is being plotted. As a Greater the time needed is not as extensive since we can rely on our higher skill set to achieve what is required sooner and recall what has worked on previous occasions.

      1. MLA - Clarece says:

        I see. So in that “neutral” phase is that when the malign or twisted thoughts occur with the information you collected about the primary person in the course of getting to know them?
        For instance, if you know they are self-conscious about a scar from a surgery, would you tend to poke fun or act repulsed by it now? Or, say they struggle with social anxiety but keep it under wraps. If you go to functions with them, you would mingle off on your own and let them fend for themselves with the crowd? Do you start to pre-meditate those kinds of actions being a Greater? If so, do you talk to the doctors about that, and do they try to counter to have you change tactics to not be hurtful towards someone else?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Yes I tell them about this. We have yet to embrace the counter techniques.

          1. MLA - Clarece says:

            Lol, you have yet to embrace those techniques. The doctors would be jumping down overjoyed.

      2. HG,
        After u figure out the primary is on her way out is this when you start to think about who the replacement will be? Or do you have in the back of your mind who could take her place all the time? If you are in the devalue stage do you think of dating the replacement As a test run and if you won’t get better fuel from her you will instead work it out with the original primary? If so, have you always had overlapping relationships? Making transition without a break in fuel?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Once the devaluation commences this is when the search for the replacement begin. There is no sense of trying to make things work with the existing primary source during devaluation. There will be respite periods during devaluation but it is headed in one direction. A potential replacement may not prove to be the anticipated find, so they are jettisoned and a new one is sought instead. Thus we stay with the existing primary source, the devaluation continues and we engage a new replacement. Invariably the relationships will overlap to ensure there is no fuel break as you identified.

  8. Sarah says:

    So cold it burns…

  9. Snow White says:

    I loved this article. I am fascinated with the mind of the Greater. How you plan out every little detail and make your moves from the beginning. I have been able to see how and why she chose me. All of it was planned and I passed every test she gave me. It all feels like an actual game board and I just kept advancing. I wish I could see her game plan for the rest of my life.
    She used all of the comments above.

    1. Sarah says:

      OMG!!!! Snow, do you think HG BEGINS with the END in mind? HG? If so are you free from the constraints of time itself???

      1. HG is a time lord from galifrey? I knew it. He has no boundaries of time and space. Take me to the tardis!

  10. Lisa says:

    Crikey! Aint that the truth!

  11. T. says:

    HG….sometimes, I just don’t know what level my N’s were on….
    I loved N1 and N3 the most….and they slipped from Greater to Lesser behaviors often. Perhaps the were Mid Rangers? I think so….They KNEW something was wrong w their emotions…but I don’t think they knew what they were….

    N2….I think he knew…he was a Sociopath I think…

    My ex-friend..a female that killed our friend and injured me in an MVA…she KNEW what she was….but she had a hard time keeping her rage in check. She’d lose her cool CONSTANTLY!

    1. Sarah says:

      T. I absolutely love your descriptions…and it got me thinking…what is the different between a Greater Narcissist and a Greater Narcissist Sociopath? Is it violence?

      1. HG Tudor says:

        There is no difference. A Greater Narcissist is a narcissistic sociopath.

        1. Sarah says:

          HG, Thank you – I did not understand that exactly till just know…if you would be so kind…what added elements are inherent in the sociopath than the narcissist? Is it more pf a physical thing or…?

          1. Sarah says:

            Thank you.

        2. Anna says:

          This is very interesting. There is a difference between psychopath and sociopath. You said you are a narcissistic psychopath, is that correct?

          So if I understand correctly

          A greater is a narcissistic sociopath and an ultra is a narcissistic psychopath?

          What about pure psychopaths and sociopaths? What is your view on them?

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