Hidden Danger


The predatory lion will watch from the grass at the wildebeest gathered at the edge of the river of the watering hole. He is waiting for his moment to strike, to pick off one of the herd which has foolishly strayed from the protection of the herd. Once that beast has ventured into the range of the waiting lion its fate has been sealed. Much like the empathic individual who has recklessly wandered back into the sphere of influence of the waiting narcissist who is ready to perform a Hoover, the wildebeest is just moments away from being captured and meeting a grisly fate. The narcissist and the hunting lion share several similarities. We are predators, kings of our environments and noble. We have the edge on the lion however. He may be able to sit unnoticed amidst the dried out grassland, his coat blending in with the sun-scorched yellows, ochres and browns, but once he makes his move and breaks cover, his intended target has a chance. It may only be a slim window of opportunity to escape this savage beast but there is an opportunity nevertheless. I am sure the proud feline would welcome being able to stroll right into that pack of waiting wildebeest, mingle with them, move about them and then strike without any of the creatures noticing that one of their number has been taken down. He can wander freely around as he takes his prey and never break cover. That is where we hold the advantage over the lion. We are able to move amongst our prey, unnoticed and even welcomed as we study and observe, choosing our moment to strike again and again and again.

With such a spectacular cloaking ability we are able to choose the choicest environments in order to ensnare an empath, super-empath or co-dependent. Just like the wildebeest that congregate at a watering hole, providing a target-rich environment for the lion, we seek out those places where we know that we will find plenty of empathic individuals and thus our quest for prime, potent fuel meets with victory. Accordingly as an empathic individual you will be well aware of the places where there are many of your kind. Those environments which require those who care, protect and nurture are prime locations for us to infiltrate and gorge on the victims that mill around us. Charities, hospitals, schools, animal rescue shelters, homeless shelters and domestic violence refuges are just some examples of the places where we will worm our way in. We have little difficulty in doing this. As you know, we are masters of mimicry with our unrivalled ability to take on the traits and abilities of others. Although empathy is an alien feeling to us we are easily able to exhibit the ways of the empath. We spend so much time amongst your kind that we know what to say, how to look and what to do so that we pass unchallenged amongst your ranks. Moreover, the thrusting dynamism that we bring, our charismatic leadership and motivational skills are highly prized in such caring places. The hard-hearted captain of industry may see finance, law, accountancy, technology and the like as ‘sexier’ environments in which to prosper but all of the above places I have mentioned where one finds a higher proportion of empathic individuals than usual have their rewards. The executives of charities are well remunerated, the leaders of hospital trusts invariably have flittering CVs and various honours attached to their names. These sectors need thrusting individuals alongside the care givers in order to ensure that the organisation is effective. This suits us perfectly. Our driven natures, our sense of entitlement and grandiose behaviour is just what is required for those top roles. Couple this with our chameleon like ability to feign that we care and that we are empathic means we ease into the charitable and caring sectors with unchallenged ease.

These environments not only provide us with plenty of succulent empaths to feast on but they present us with opportunities for easy wins. We can dazzle and shine, using our ambition to progress where others are more concerned about the delivery of care as opposed to clambering up the career ladder. These organisations need a dynamic hand on the tiller (us) combined with the delivery of caring services (you). The fact that there are empaths on tap for us to hunt down is serendipity indeed. Thus, next time you look around the management at your hospital or you are sat in a meeting with a committee of trustees for your charity there is every chance that one of our kind is sat there, lurking in the grassland, sliding a forked-tongue across those sharp, sharp teeth.

15 thoughts on “Hidden Danger

  1. HG has a sense of humour! Yay a happy little vegemite! Yes, I miss home when I am away and when I am home I miss away 😀 I believe the U.K. is hooked’ on a program I have never had time for :p Often sitting in my living room at 3.00am and Skippy the bush kangaroo is off helping Sonny track down crims and that’s pretty rank but sure is more amusing than Home and Away!

  2. wpkepkw says:

    That picture of a assault rifle shaped like a shark looks the bomb!

  3. Of the several narcissists I’ve known you distinguish yourself with a singular, quite remarkable subjective clarity.

    For example, I had fallen deeply in love with a model who, during our year together, never once sought employment. When I mentioned this as delicately as possible – need I even continue – she exploded in rage followed by a three day silent treatnent.

    I was naive enough to believe those three days might include contemplation but there was no reference to my inciting breach of explanation for locking me out of a room in my own house.

    We all know some version of this endlessly tiresome story and, I hope most if not everyone reading these words has escaped the beige hell of repetitive punishment following the crime of good intentions.

    This girl – wherever she is now – will likely never find a molecule of worth in criticism, only the spark that ignites a raging flame.

    My question: how to you find the resources for subjectivity you lack more than most – which must burn you to recognize, let alone articulate?
    And are you not in some way tempted to gather this trusting herd and in a slow, barely perceptible way, lead us all into the very hell we’re trusting you to help us escape?

    I find your work generous and very helpful – but I also know these words mean nothing to you aside from the momentary fuel they provide.

    I understand you have bartered your honesty for freedom but is it not tempting to assure yourself of a doting herd awaiting your inevitable release?
    If not, why? And if you were to devise a long range plan to cultivate from us a fuel rich future, how would you go about such a thing?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello FNLN, I have no need to gather the “trusting herd” as you describe them and lead you into the hell form which you are seeking to escape. The reason for that is because I am able to create the hell for those from whom I shall gain the most fuel, in my life outside of this arena. The people I interact with her are not known to me and therefore the fuel that I do obtain is far lower, consequently, there is very little to be gained by leading them into hell and more to be gained by applying the five rules and engaging with them in the manner that I do so.
      I understand your point about the attraction of ensuring a doting herd, but again, I can more readily achieve that through my work outside of the blog.

      1. Thank you for your generous reply – and for the insight you provide. I look forward to reaching out soon. FN

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome FN.

  4. HG there will always be exceptions to the rule 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsqRuWsn8HI

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. HG you know what really gives me the proverbials? ‘

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Vegemite? Missing Home and Away ?

  5. Smoke says:

    Funny you mention hoovering prey HG. Mine hoovered for weeks and I broke no contact. Just to have him not respond. What was the point? To take the control back? I wish I would have read this first!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed Smoke as explained in a separate answer to your other query, thanks for asking.

  6. Cara says:

    Sure, look around at your meeting…you MAY spot one of us, but it’s very unlikely

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