Ten Seductive Sentences



The Perfect Ten Sentences of Seduction

What is really meant when we say these words.

1. I love you and I always have

My need to seduce you is considerable and therefore I will use language which will appeal to you and be so outlandish that it will blow you away. I do not actually love you. I do not love in the way that you do. I understand that the closest I come to it is infatuation. I am not in fact infatuated with you but more precisely with what you can do for me. My needs are paramount. Yours are largely irrelevant. I write irrelevant because I do take them into account during the seduction but after that they are thrown to one side. I love the fact you fuel me, allow me to steal traits of your for my own use and you give me shelter, meals and money.

2. We are soulmates

I know you are a big believer in emotional concepts such as love, spirituality and the soul. I need to tap into that and I need to do so quickly. I want to suggest that our love goes beyond this earthly plane on which we stand and it is something all the more ethereal and noble. That ought to impress you and cause you to become bound to me. I am not your soul mate, I am here to steal your soul because I do not have one.

3. I have not loved anyone like this before

There will be half a dozen willing witnesses who will testify to the contrary. In my world however I have deleted them from my mind (except when I fancy hoovering them and triangulating them with you for some extra fuel) and there was nothing like what I feel for you now. They are defunct and redundant, an unfortunate reminder of an abuser who trapped me. They do not matter now, you are all that matters to me now, your fuel, to be accurate, is all that matters to me now.

4. I want us to be together forever

There is no want about it. We are already locked together forever. You may not think this and indeed somewhere along the line you will want to escape me, although quite why that is when you are the problem, is beyond me. Anyway, that is for later. Right now you have agreed (although you will never recall having said such words to that effect) to remain my property for the rest of your life. This means that everything you own, have and are now belongs to me and I will deal with it in whatever fashion I see fit. I will use and abuse you over and over again as this is my right. Just when you think I have disappeared I will be back more. This is a life-long covenant.

5. We have so much in common

What a wonderful occurrence, such serendipity that everything you like I like as well. Even better, all the things that you do not like, I do not like either. It as if we are two halves of one perfect person. That is exactly what I see because all I will do is mirror you. I have spent time watching you, observing you, finding out about you from friends and scouring your internet footprint in order to learn as much as I can about you so that I can present myself as mirror image. I actually cannot stand listening to Coldplay but that isn’t going to stand in the way of my replication so I seduce you with incredible speed and ease.

6. I hate it when we are apart

A rare nugget of truth here. I do hate it when we are apart but for the reasons I have made you think. You think it is because I miss the wonderful, kind, humorous and delightful you. I actually miss all that positive fuel you supply me with when we are together as you are taken in by this illusion that I have created. Moreover I hate the fact that when I am not with you I cannot control your environment and I am concerned that with space to think and breathe you may just see through what I am doing or even worse, you may listen to one of your so-called friends who will be whispering in your ear and briefing against me. I don’t want your head turned elsewhere. I want it looking at me. Always.

7. Nobody can love you the way I do.

Amazingly another piece of truth. Nobody else can love you in this way because none of it is real. This is all made-up in order to attract you and bind you to me because if you saw what I was really like (not that I would ever allow that to happen) you would run screaming and never return. Accordingly, I will love you in a way that you are unlikely to have experienced before by deluging you with desire and then nearly destroying you through malice and vitriolic hatred. Told you I was special.

8. I can’t believe we have only just met. I feel like I’ve known you forever. Let’s live together.

It feels familiar to me because you are giving me positive fuel just like your predecessor and the one before her and the one before her as well. I do not distinguish between you, not really, because you are all appliances to me which I want to ensnare and then drain as you pump out delicious fuel for me to consume. I say this though to make you feel special and because I am obviously so wonderful and brilliant you will be thrilled that someone like me wants to live with you. This will make you grab this marvellous opportunity before you lose it and then I have ensnared you.

9. I need you. I want you. I love you.

Sounds dramatic and romantic doesn’t it? Makes you feel as if everything is focussed on you and I could not live without you. Notice how many times I used the word “I”? That’s because this is all about me and nothing to do with you save for what you can do for me. I really mean that I need your fuel, I want your fuel and I love your fuel.

10. You have saved me.

Yet more drama straight from the romantic handbook. I know your type. That is why I chose you. You like to fix, heal and save. You will have plenty to do in that regard, believe me, but that will come later. For now what I really mean is that you have saved me having to look anywhere else for fuel. Time to feed.

18 thoughts on “Ten Seductive Sentences

  1. Nicolette Smith says:

    What about I own you? What does this one mean in detail
    Does it mean he will never let me alone?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Nicolette,

      1. The Narcissistic Relationship lasts until either one of us dies.
      2. You will never be alone, subject to the requirements of the Hoover Trigger and the meeting of the Hoover Execution Criteria.
      3. Our mammoth sense of entitlement means we consider you as belonging to us.
      4. Our inability to distinguish between you and us means that we consider you part of us, connected to us, until death.

      1. Jane Hall says:

        Yes hubby has said he will never let me go. That we are part of each other. As a Christian, the best thing about the next life – that is heaven – is there is NO MARRIAGE!!! Hurrah, 🙂 Hiubby looked very sad when I told him that there was no marriage in heaven. I grinned like a Cheshire cat. Thank you God.

        If anything happened to H I would never get married again.

  2. Not So Sad says:

    OOo don’t get me started on this .. I’ll be here all day .

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I think you should get started!

  3. noah80 says:

    Note this other sentence H.G. :”I want to live with you in my next life. We’ll be together because you are my true love.”
    I asked him “do you really want be with me?”
    His answer:”yes i want but just in thr next life, not in this.”
    He has already a wife, but i’m sure that if he was single maybe everything would be similar…in this life.
    What do you think about H.G.?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Noah80, he is seeking to draw a distinction between this life which he regards as unsatisfactory and thus beneath you and him, and the next life, where everything will be wonderful for both you and him, which you both deserve. He is not talking about the next life as in life after death, but is rather splitting off an old version of himself. Doing this is like a snake shedding its skin and once shed, he feels no accountability for the actions taken by him in that past life, but rather he can concentrate on the new life which is how he wants you and the world around him to see him.

      1. noah80 says:

        Thank you for your explanation, I’m sure that you can understand him better than me.
        His next argument (almost funny) on our next life was: “i will be an eagle and i will tear your head for fun gliding from above on you (i told him that i would be a parrot and travel around the world with him). It is my nature, the eagle makes it. If you want to follow me around the world you will need to born eagle like me.”

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You should have told him you would be a pigeon as they shit on everything.

      2. noah80 says:

        Ahahahah 😂 you’re right! You made me laugh! He is a stupid pigeon that believed to be an eagle. Unfortunately for him, he don’t understand that a pigeon is a prey … maybe he is the real big prey of himself. He shits on the good things and in the end all that will remain is only his own shit.

  4. Darkness Falls Again says:

    These never worked, he had to be inventive and he was
    Having a hard time imagining you always using the same thing, being One of a Kind.

  5. Seduced says:

    Someone will have to think very hard what to say in order to make me believe next time… because hearing these will trigger my “freeze or flee” reaction if I heard them…I love that writing. Listening to Your interviews all over again to sweeten my day x

  6. Matilda says:

    very painful read… I heard all of those. I was quite inexperienced in earthly desires when I met him, my heart overflowing with love for him, pure and fearless… I have not touched another since, and I don’t know if I ever will.

  7. OMG, HG! I don’t know if I cry or if I burst into hysterical laughter! My ex used to tell me absolutely everything you wrote, using the same expressions. It’s so creepy. And sad… It’s good to understand though what you are thinking the you say those things. I do like the explanation for “I have not loved anyone like this before”. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s important to learn all this.

    1. Jane Hall says:

      Marcella – me too………when I met my husband as a young 21 year old….he declared his love for me so quickly. He told me he would die without me…..he would weep….he would say we were soul mates…….then not so long after – once he had me in his web – he would tell me to F off….then come back to hoover me up.

      Years later…after trying to escape many times……one time…I was determined..and he appeared at my bedroom door with sad weepy eyes…telling me he loved me and would be nothing without me….he was sorry….so sorry…it was just blah blah blah…….and I wanted to believe him…I felt sorry for him. It was my sympathy for him that suckered me in time after time after time.

      Eventually I did break free. Mentally. Emotionally. I knew I didn’t want him. I saw him for what he was.

      He is still in my life….but for the past four years he has been a different person – burnt out..or changed…..he comes to church with me and find his hope in God? But I still have trust issues.

      He currently want me to (we have sold this house) move back to his old town (I left there when we split up four years ago) but I am near family here and reluctant to move back. Or move away from my family

      I think HG is spot on and I wish I had read these articles years ago. Would have saved me so much heartache.

  8. 1. Every
    2. Last
    5. Last
    6. One
    7. Now
    8. I’m
    9. Truly
    10. DONE!!!

    And I have won!

  9. The Punisher says:

    Nobody can love you the way I can. None of it will be real. It is all made up in order to provide you fuel and make you feel in control. Accordingly, I will love you in a way you may have never experienced before by understanding and accepting everything you are and then unmasking you before you realize you never held me prisoner. Told you I’m special.

  10. 1jaded1 says:

    Let’s play 7 lies, 2 truths and one scary fact.

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